How To Achieve Your 2019 Goal In 6 Steps
Written by Scott Haug on January 16th, 2019
Scott Haug
Is there a system to achieve your 2019 goal?

You sure bet there is!

In the article I wrote on Monday, I mentioned that I just attended "The Art of Goal Achieving" seminar with Bob Proctor over this past weekend for 3.5 days.

As a gentle reminder, here were the 5 big takeaways we covered:

✔️ #1 - Only work on 1-2 small changes in your routine right now
✔️ #2 - Do "gratitude breaks" throughout your day
✔️ #3 - Get uncomfortable every day
✔️ #4 - You are a spiritual being, living in a physical body, and have a mind
✔️ #5 - Do the illogical

Now, let's get to the 6-Step system to achieve your 2019 goal!

These steps were created by BOB PROCTOR himself with the Proctor Gallagher Institute and have been proven over and over to work perfectly.


1️⃣ STEP #1 - Where am I going?

Map out: Where do you want your life to go? What do you want life to look like?

The key: Be dissatisfied with the way things are! That is a built-in motivator

Remember: Put no limitations on yourself, just think "Do I really want this?"

Also remember: Think big, stretch yourself, get uncomfortable


2️⃣ STEP #2 - Who am I?

Map out: Who are you? You are a spiritual being, living in a physical body, with an intellect

The key: Really understand that you have so much potential and power locked up within you

Remember: You are a mass of energy and you function on frequencies

Also remember: Perception, Reason, Will, Intuition, Imagination, Memory = 6 mental faculties


3️⃣ STEP #3 - Where am I now?

Map out: What habits are keeping you stuck? (mental thought habits or physical habits)

The key: "Take an honest look at where you are... you will know what has to be changed"

Remember: Repetition of a new idea over and over gets you unstuck

Also remember: Change 1-2 habits at one time only (mental thought habits or physical habits)


4️⃣ STEP #4 - My critical choice

Map out: The ONE goal you will go after right now & the ONE or TWO habits to change now

The key: "Want is the only prerequisite to your critical choice" not what limitations exist

Remember: Go after something you really, really want

Also remember: Everything you want or need is already here and comes closer to you


5️⃣ STEP #5 - Paying the price

Map out: What things are you willing to do to manifest your 2019 goal?

The key: You must study every day, must do affirmations every day, must get uncomfortable

Remember: You must pay the price of working toward your goal in an effective manner

Also remember: Goals take time, stay persistent and feeling good


6️⃣ STEP #6 - My commitment

Map out: What your commitment will be for the next 60 days

The key: Use "accountability" to supplement your goal & action commitment

Remember: Ask 1-2 people you respect to keep you accountable every day for the actions set

Also remember: Stay true to your word to yourself and your accountability partners


I just love these 6 steps!

I would suggest and encourage to keep these 6 steps in front of you every day, study them, and implement them every week.

You will start to see very clear progress towards your 2019 goals for this year.

My favorite two steps are:

#2 - Who am I
#5 - Paying the price

Do you have any questions on how to implement these 6 steps?

We implement these type of steps in our program & weekly coaching sessions (in one form or another).

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have or if you are looking to get some coaching as well.

You can contact me within the "Contact" tab at the bottom-left of this page or also schedule a call with me at my Calendar page.

My free mindset training can also be found right here on my website:

Scott Haug

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