5 Tips From Bob Proctors "Art Of Goal Achieving" Event
Written by Scott Haug on January 14th, 2019
Scott Haug
Take a look at these 5 key tips below:

I just attended "The Art of Goal Achieving" seminar with Bob Proctor over this past weekend for 3.5 days.

Here are some of the biggest key points that you can use this 2019 year to achieve your ambitions and a couple of suggested ways to "APPLY" these key points:


#1 - Only work on 1-2 small changes in your routine right now

Sometimes we want to change everything at one time - all of our mental habits, physical habits, beliefs, actions, etc. - but almost always we fail because it's too much to change at one time.

Instead, we want to look at 1-2 habits (mental thought habits or physical action habits) that we can change right now.

How do you know which ones to change?

APPLY: Go through this sequence:

(a) Look at your current results
(b) Look at your desired results (your goal)
(c) What one habit could you change to move you from (a) to (b) fastest?


If your goal is increasing business results: Get in front of a prospect by 9am every morning

If your goal is increasing money flow: Affirm 20x / day "Money is very good and flows to me effortlessly"


#2 - Do "gratitude breaks" throughout your day

Many of us know that expressing gratitude is a powerful process.

But sometimes we forget to express it with all the daily "things" going on every day.

By expressing gratitude for the things that have been in the past AND for the things that are coming to you in the future, you put yourself in harmony with the abundance of the Universe.

Gratitude is an emotional state... and so is complaining.

Gratitude lifts your vibration so you can attract more good (in the future).

Complaining pulls you down so you attract more of the same or more bad (in the future).

APPLY: Every 2-3 hours, write out or say out loud 5 things you are grateful for



#3 - Get uncomfortable every day

Bob mentioned from stage, "If you are not scared every day, you're moving sideways!"
Remember, "feeling is our awareness of the vibration we are in." So 'feeling' comfortable tells us we are in a familiar vibration. And 'feeling' uncomfortable tells use we are in a new, unfamiliar vibration.

Our goals and ambitions are on that new, unfamiliar vibration.

SO... we must do uncomfortable actions every day! Those actions will help us grow into the person we need to become in order to attain our goals and ambitions.

When you're uncomfortable, you are probably both scared and excited...

...scared because of the uncertainty, unknown, etc.
...excited because of the growth possibility, your goal attainment, better results, etc.

APPLY: Map out 10 uncomfortable actions to take in your business by the end of January 2019.



#4 - You are a spiritual being, living in a physical body, and have a mind

Who are you?

Most people say their name... "I am Scott" ... "I am Bob." NO! That is their name.

Then they'll point to their body and say, "well, then this is me." NO! That is their body.

They are NOT their name, they are NOT their body... then who the heck are they?

Bob went through this sequence with us during the seminar. Now, many of us "know" and have learned that we are indeed a spiritual being, living in a physical body, with an intellect or mind.

That's cool and all to know, but what does that mean for us?

It means you have limitless power within you.

It means you have so much potential... your goal is actually already a possibility within you.

It means we are all connected, it means you control your power by controlling of your thoughts.

It means no circumstance around you is in control of you unless you let it be.

APPLY: Affirm 20X every day:

"I am not this body, I live in a body. I have limitless power within me. I control and direct my power when I control and direct my thoughts, feelings, and actions. I have a spiritually perfect DNA. I am awesome, I am incredible, and I matter highly. I am damn good at what I do and getting better every day."


#5 - Do the illogical

Logic is dumb!

Did you know what you and I find "logical" is controlled by our mental programming?

What does that mean? ... well the mental programming we have is from our parents mental programming, the schools we attended, the people we are around (until we change it).

SO... what we find logical isn't even logical at all! It's someone else's perceived logic, what they believe is possible for their own life, their mental limitations given to you! (again, until we change it)

If we do the illogical, we'll come to find out that it was always the right path to go.

We'll find out what we thought was "logical" was only our own mental limitation.
Doing the illogical puts you in touch with who you really are, it puts you in touch with your creative power, it puts you in touch with YOUR 2019 GOAL!

APPLY: Brainstorm one HIGHLY ILLOGICAL thing to do in your business, then do it!


Following any one of the 5 tips above can absolutely help you accelerate your 2019 progress forward tenfold.

The biggest challenge most people have is they don't apply any of this. They read books, watch countless YouTube videos, go to seminars, listen to three podcasts... but never apply any of it.

No amount of study will ever produce you results without doing something with the knowledge you have gained.

The most important point here is to apply at least 1/5 things in this message.

If you just apply 1 thing, you will see changes!

I'm so certain about that because I experience it and watch my clients do the same.

Apply one thing this week and then another thing the next week.

Soon enough you will be crushing it bigger and better than ever before!

Scott Haug

Scott Haug helps people create financial abundance, make a massive impact, and unleash their true potential.  He is an expert at helping people make permanent changes in their life and making things super simple to understand. If you're interested in sky rocketing your own results or understanding of the mind then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
Scott Haug
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