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Scott Haugs Coaching Story
Hi, I'm Scott Haug, and I'd like to share with you a little bit of my story.

I grew up in upstate New York and was on track for the "average life" leaving high school.

Meaning, the path of "go to college, earn a great grade-point-average, and get a well-paying job."

I did just that. Since I was great in math and science, I went to school and got a degree in both Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering. Upon earning that great GPA, I landed a job in a pretty distinguished engineering company.

I thought and felt like a "success", as I did everything I thought I was supposed to do and thought life was pretty well set...
Bob Proctor and Scott Haug
Bob Proctor and Scott Haug
Something felt out of place
As soon as I started that first job, I felt completely lost inside.

And I had no idea why...

After several months of going to that job every day, I felt like something was dying within me. I couldn't explain what I felt or why I felt it, but it was there eating away at me.

I started to express what I was feeling to others and they thought I was crazy... "just give it time," "it's just because you are new"...

But I couldn't stand it any longer.

I worked up the courage to resign and leave the job even though it paid very well, I was in a very pretigous leadership program, and everyone thought I was throwing my career away.
Fast forward in time
Once I left that job, I knew I needed to change something. And a series of events took place:
  •  I secured a new aerospace job!
     ...then the position got cancelled 5 days before my start date
  •  I tried network marketing! ("the dream passive income!")
     ...I didn't make a dollar and hated the products I was selling
  •  I built a business of "odd jobs" and "tutoring / sports coaching"!
     ...I made just enough money to support monthly living
  •  I created a martial arts training business for actors!
     ...I trained a few actors only to again cover some monthly living costs
  •  I designed a Udemy course with a few close friends!
     ...only to have us not understand how to market the course

I mean this cycle of business failures went on and on and on...
Bob Proctor and Scott Haug
Bob Proctor and Scott Haug
Finding the light
I was reading the self-help books, watching the YouTube videos...

Trying to understand how to apply Think and Grow Rich...

I knew what I was doing wasn't fully working, I needed help...

Enter Bob Proctor.

I sold my truck to go to a seminar he was having in Los Angeles, CA.

That seminar changed my life entirely. From the moment Bob stepped on stage, to the moment I decided to get coaching and invest my money into getting into a program he created, everything changed from that point.

I finally started to understand how to apply all the personal development knowledge and have coaches helping me along the way.

Results started to come with rapid speed, I finally was on track. I went from being stuck and frustrated to flowing with ease and happiness.
Quantum Leap
Quantum Leap seems to be an understatement:
  •  Turned my annual income into my monthly income
  •  Earning high 5-figures per month
  •  Become a top 10 coach under Bob Proctor in less than 1.5 years
  •  My body in the best shape it's ever been
  •  Friends around the world, strong connections and relationships
  •  Extremely successful mentors flowed into my life
  •  Living a life fulfilled, full of ease, joy, and fun
  •  Knowing exactly how I became successful & how to teach others
Bob Proctor and Scott Haug
If you'd like to get some help, join us on our next online webinar. It's free to you!
My encouragement to you
No matter where you are, no matter how hard life is, you can win.

You have the power to live the life you have imagined.

Keep persistent and the golden key for me was: Invest in programs & mentors

There are other people out there who have figured out success, you don't have to figure it out.

Keep persistent and eventually you will have everything you ever wanted! And more.
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