About Scott Haug
Scott Haug started his life completely over after being an Aerospace Engineer, and in a short span of 1.5 years created a wildly successful consulting business in Los Angeles, flowed his life to the next level with total ease, and consistently earned high 5-figure revenue every month. He is within the TOP 10 coaches in the world under Bob Proctor.

Scott is a mindset and results coach who helps people create abundance and unleash their peak potential through Bob Proctor's Thinking Into Results coaching program. He has personally studied from some of the greatest thinkers in the world on behalf of his clients and has been able to consistently help those clients unleash their true power within.

Scott's clients understand how their mind works and he has helped them make permanent changes that last a lifetime.

Scott is also the author of "Don't Get A Job, Live Your Dream," a short motivational book that became an Amazon best-seller, as well as a fourth degree black belt in martial arts.
Bob Proctor and Scott Haug
Bob Proctor and Scott Haug