How To Manifest BIG Things QUICKLY
Written by Scott Haug on July 12th, 2021
How To Manifest BIG Things QUICKLY

Do you ever get stuck on how to manifest your "BIG" desires quickly? 

In this video, Scott shows you how manifesting your dream car, dream home and dream income has more to do with the energy game your playing and how to master it!       

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
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Scott Haug
Full Transcript

How to manifest big things quickly. Hey, Scott Haug here and welcome to today's video, where we're going to be talking about you manifesting those big things, that dream home, the dream cars, the dream income, whatever it is for you that you want to manifest. That's quote unquote, big. Now, really? What is big anyways? Right? What I consider big in my life for dreams and different things might not be big to you or vice versa. What I'm dreaming of might be huge compared to what you were dreaming of. We want to understand that when we're trying to manifest anything, if we're already calling it big, if you will, we're going to already start to put tough frustration into the equation. And we want to remember manifestation is an energy game. So let's start from the first fundamental and we're going to go through each of them in a row. You definitely want to listen to this video, jot down some notes as you're going, because that's the way to apply all of this great material. And by the end of this video, you're going to get more than enough to start manifesting anything that you want to that's big. And we're going to start bringing that into your life faster and faster before we do for accountability. Go ahead and put in the comments below the thing that you want. That's big and put into the present tense. I just now manifested blank and comment that below. Okay?

Because these videos are useless if you're not applying it right, and we want to change your consciousness. So go ahead in the comments below, I just now manifested blank and put something that you think is big amount of money, that dream home dream thing, whatever it is. Okay. So do that first and foremost. Now let's go through fundamental number one and we already discussed it just a bit big and small. Aren't really big and small, right? If I said, uh, you want to manifest, or I want to manifest a condo that has 2000 squares right now. That might be big. You might've never done anything like that before, but why are we calling it big? Because our thinking is making a big as called relativity, right? So maybe I've always lived in small apartments that are less than a thousand square feet kind of in the middle of the city or away from town or, you know, whatever it is.

That's a little cheaper in price, right? But then when it comes to more expensive, it might be five times the cost five times the space, or at least double the space in this example, right? Our mind starts to think this thing is big, right? And fundamental. Number two, after we start thinking whether things are being in small fundamental, number two is once we think something's big, we almost always associated with harder to do, takes more time to do right. And all of these different emotions also associate with that. Right? So as soon as I think it's big, I feel, wow, it's going to take a lot of time. It's going to take a lot of effort. It's going to take a lot of work, you know, whatever that is, and then fundamental number. If I'm already thinking it's big, I'm already feeling like it's going to be really hard.

Fundamental. Number three is I'm going to manifest circumstances that prove that this is a difficult scenario. It's a difficult situation to attract the dream home, to attract the dream income. It's going to feel like everything is against me. And that's how manifestation goes, right? Because if I'm thinking and feeling it, I ultimately in sending that energy out and that's what I'm beginning to attract through the bridge of happenings, or we call the bridge Vincennes. We're going to align up circumstances that attract to us to prove the energy that we just sent out. So how do we start manifesting big things we just got to do, basically the opposite. Number one is, instead of thinking, this thing is big, make it small.

Now, if you're doing this dream home that you want, compare it to something much larger, not the smaller version that you've already experienced. Okay. So compare it to like a 10,000 square foot mansion sitting on a waterfront that is massively expensive and maybe it's $40 million, $30 million. Okay.

That compared to your condo that you want, that's 2000 square feet. It's pretty small in comparison to this gigantic mansion. That is very, very pricey. That's on the water. You see what happens there. So immediately we started thinking the thing that we want a small, maybe you want to earn a million dollars in a year where you, or maybe just your first six figures, a hundred thousand dollars a year, right? Make that number look small by thinking, well, a hundred million dollars in a year is way harder than just a hundred thousand dollars in a year, right? So instead of comparing, based on my life, past experiences and memories, right? If I've only earned 20,000 hours in a year and I want to run my first six figures, it seems so far fetched. It seems five times my income, how is that going to happen? Where's it going to come from?

When's it going to even happen? Right? All those self-limiting thoughts and questions. Instead, compare it to something you have not experienced compared to something way out there. And it's going to, you're going to start thinking the thing that you want is very small in comparison. So it's gigantic thing. Remember fundamental number two is feeling it. So you're going to start to feel it's easier automatically by changing your thinking, you're going to start to feel well in comparison to a hundred million dollars, six figures is quite easy, right? So we start to feel easy. We are about the big thing. We start to put it into different perspective. It's going to start to lighten up the feeling, right? And then fundamental number three, you're going to start to attract scenarios and circumstances that prove the thing that you desire is actually quite small. Great thing for fundamental.

Number three is get a magazine or a vision board of some sort, right. And print out what you want and then print out something that's a hundred times bigger. Okay. So again, if it's some sort of dream home or whatever it is, go in and print out an example of what you want to put on your vision board, or if you don't have vision, vision board, that's fine. Just post it up on your wall. Okay. Then take another real estate property, whatever that is a huge mansion. That's gigantic and enormous. And also put that right next to It.

Now you're not going to manifest that right away. So, you know, we're putting on the vision board. It doesn't mean everything you're going to put on there is going to happen right away by any means, okay,

But what you're going to do, and then you want to look at that every day and you want to compare them. This thing is very small and easy compared to this thing. And we want to do this everyday for 30 days straight because it's going to get your mind wrapped around. The idea is that it's possible for me to do this thing. It's small, it's easy in comparison to the bigger things in life. So it kind of goes down there. So again, you're playing a different comparison game rather than most people in their imagination are doing that vision board right in imagination. And they're comparing this thing that they now have to, the thing that they want and they're feeling really down and out about it. Now, how do we manifest anything? Manifestation is happening all the time. 24 7. You manifested this video, you manifested where you're going to have for lunch or dinner, whatever time of day it is for you later.

Okay. You're going to manifest that. You're manifesting circumstances. You're manifesting conversations, you're manifesting happenings and events and things. Taking place, everything in one form or another it's manifestation, some are desired manifestations and other are not desired manifestations, right? So that's the only difference there empowering and disempowering manifests. So yeah, since we're always manifesting things all the time, it's really based on our energy. Everything is energy around us, including our being, who we are, a spiritual being, living in this physical body with a mind, right. That's who we are at the core level. So if I'm going to manifest anything, I need to actually put that out in my imagination. I mean, to impress my imagination with what we call an end scene is if I already had the thing I want, right. And since I had that thing in my imagination, I feel it to be true today. And since I feel the presence of the thing, I literally go out there and activate it.

As I activate the thing that I want, all moving pieces, the universe cooperates with me, co-create with me to place little things here and there or big things, whatever it is on my path to finally experience the thing that I've been seeing in my imagination. Because once you see an activate it and feel it in your imagination, it drops into subconscious mind, which is connected to universal side of you. And things will start to unleash. Things will start to begin. So no need to ask yourself, how's the big thing going to come. When's the big thing gonna come, or where's the big thing going to come from? You just want to stay in total faith and belief by seeing your mind feeling it today and doing comparison game with something much larger. Okay. Now this is going to have a profound effect on your life. Every client that it gives us to it immediately within 30 days, they start to see changes.

Now, you know, every one of my clients and members do, they always, you know, go out there and manifest this huge thing that quickly in 30 days. No, but they see evidence of things moving in that direction. You know, they might see randomly somebody talking to, Hey, this property just got available. How cool is this? Right? So they're starting to attract conversations. They start to attract a new money-making opportunities to have them save the money, to get the property right at all these little moving pieces, start to go in motion. And that's what you're looking for. Don't look for perfection. Don't look for the thing. 

Only look for progress. As long as you're making progress on the big thing that you want, you are ultimately moving forward towards that energetically. And it's moving towards you energetically now, physically energetically, and it comes together. And finally, boom, it happens, happened for me in the wonderful condo that we live in today is a magical place. Right. And my girlfriend and I, what we did is sit down and we visualized in and we're there. And you know, it's comparing those huge properties that we're looking at as well comparison. This one's actually quite small. Okay. And comparison. So you want to do that as well. I found the profound impact in my life and all my clients. I've gotten into all the hundreds of people I've worked with, do it for yourself as well. It's going to make total sense the energy that starts to transfer. It starts to move forward. All right. Again, make sure you have your comment in, or you have your activation in the comments below. Like she's sort of like on the video as well. Cause it's just going to activate more and more good in your life, more and more good in the world as we send this out to more people. All right. So try it out. Let me know in the comments below all of your evidences of things, move forward in the next 30 days as well. And you'll see the magic that starts to unfold.

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