Why Money Concepts Are Your Master Key To Money Manifestation (Series 6 / 6)
Written by Scott Haug on July 2nd, 2021
Why Money Concepts Are Your Master Key To Money Manifestation (Series 6 / 6)

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Full Transcript

Why money concepts are your master key to your money? Manifestation series six of six. This is a final video in this six part series about mastering your money manifestations and bringing your money game to that next level. Hey Scott Haug here and make sure you've launched the five parts before this as well. We've got part one through five already out there for you. Okay. So if you're watching part six and you haven't watched those other parts, you can watch part six first that's okay. But then go back to the other five parts as well. Those are going to be huge because everything is chain link together perfectly. Okay. And this is really a part of our elite money masterclass series that we put out only for our clients and customers and members that never before we put this out on our YouTube channel. So make sure you click subscribe as well to a YouTube channel so that you're notified when we send out other series like this, since this is part six of the six in our series here, we're going to be sending out.

Other series is well, you're going to want to be notified about you're going to want to click that bell icon. So, you know, when we have those next series out all about all the great manifestation methods, techniques, meditations, everything that you need, your go-to channel for manifestation. All right, go ahead in the comments below and do your accountability. Like this is day number six for you. This is, you know, you've watched this for a couple of weeks in a row, and now you're on day six. Let us know in the comments below low accountability and consistency of where you're at in the six part series here, let us know if you finish all five parts or this is the first part you're watching, then you're going to go back. All right, money concepts are a thing that's going to blow your mind. I mean, this is the quickest thing to get your money manifestations going.

And everyone that we provided as to clients, customers, and members, okay? All of them were able to manifest $500 to 5,000 upwards of 50,000 hours in a 10 day time period. Even though it might sound crazy or Jurassic or anything like that, that's the results. The results prove themselves. All right, follow through on the six part series here, if you really follow through on all of these, including the money concepts, things are going to change and shift in your life. Very, very rapidly, very, very quickly. All right, let's go head over to part six video here right now.

I shift my feeling. I shift my money that's to me. All right, let's go ahead and go down to our exercise and what we're going to be doing here. Okay. We're going to be covering three big concepts. Okay. And I'll tell you what a concept is here. Just go ahead and write these down for now. Money is energy and I am an energetic being. Money is energy and I am an energetic being. So we're going to call this concept. Number one, concept. Number one, money is energy and I am an energetic being. I'll let you know what we're going to be doing with this. And the directions are shown in our 10 day accountability, what we're going to be doing with this, but concept number one, money is energy and I am an energetic being concept. Number two.

Okay, go ahead and move this over. Phrase it, to get a little bit better. I am unlimited. Money is unlimited. I am unlimited. Money is unlimited. These are facts of the universe. We go to the infinite storehouse of riches is what we call it. I am unlimited money as unlimited. Did you know, there's trillions of dollars that exist on this earth. And actually it really is unlimited. Now sometimes when you hear that and you feel frustration around money, it's like, what the heck that's preposterous will give me my chair. Right? Why can't, if there's billions of dollars, trillions of dollars out there, why can't somebody just give me some money, right? But we want to understand you can attract it no matter how many times you've tried before. No matter how frustrating it is around money. I know I've been there. It can be a very, very tough road to be down when you don't have it. Right. It's kind of a catch 22. Like, well, if I had money, I'd feel better. Right? But that's just not how the universe works. If I feel better, I'll have more money, right? So we just want to understand concepts and I'm here to help you. No matter where you're at feeling wise around money, whether you feel empowered or frustrated, we can help to change that. Stick with me with this concept. Number three, I am a spiritual being, living in this physical body with a mind that can influence my future money. Manifestations.

We'll go ahead and spread this out a little bit. So you can read that better. I am a spiritual being, living in this physical body with a mind that can influence my future money manifestation. Ah, go ahead and write that down here. I'm going to write, I'm going to actually say something and I'm going to write it down here because this is very, very important. A concept is everything that I accept and believe to be true about myself and about money. So we're going to say this, Hey, money concept money concept is everything that I accept and believe to be true about myself and about money. It's what I believe to be true on how much I believe I can earn. It's what I believe to be true about how much I think I can attract. Okay. It's what I believe to be true about my universe and what money really is right.

By the way, I know it got just a little bit louder with the construction outside. Uh, we'll just have to bear with, if there's a little background noise, just bear with it for a few more minutes. I'm sure that there'll be changing them. But if I change the way I feel and believe to be true about myself, my earning capabilities, my manifestation capabilities, I'm going to change the game for myself. One of the easiest ways to free yourself from money limitations is believe in change. One concept you believe rather than feeling like I only earn five figures a year. If you change the concept you say it's easy for me to earn six figures a year. If you change that one idea and yourself, you'll start to free yourself from so much limitation around those thinking around money and earning in our exercise. I'm gonna explain this in the 10 day accountability plan, but what we're going to be doing is saying these affirmations, these big concepts out loud for 60 seconds straight to allow ourselves to actually feel the difference.

And we're actually going to apply this here and now together. Okay. So go ahead and make sure you have a screenshot of this. When I reshare my screen, those words aren't on there since I just wrote them out by hand. So go ahead and pull your phone out here. Take a screenshot, take a picture from your laptop, whatever it is to make sure you have concept one, two and three down. Okay. Money is energy and I am an energetic. I am unlimited. Money is unlimited. I'm a spiritual being, living in this physical body with a mind that can influence my future money manifestation. So go ahead and take a screenshot of this here. Now, for example, just taking out your phone camera and going like this, taking a picture and that's it. Now we're going to turn the music back on and then change up the song just a bit.

You're going to take concept number one for 60 seconds. You're going to repeat it out loud, over and over and over money is energy and I'm an energetic being if for some reason you're in a place where there's a lot of people around you and you don't want to say it out loud. That's okay. Uh, you know, say it in your thoughts or whisper it. That's okay as well. But go ahead and say this out loud with as much power and feeling as you can, money is energy and I am an energetic being. Okay. So you're going to say this again out loud for 60 seconds, straight with the music.

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