How To Shift Your Money Frequency - Levels of Money Vibration (Series 5 / 6)
Written by Scott Haug on June 30th, 2021
How To Shift Your Money Frequency - Levels of Money Vibration (Series 5 / 6)

In this video, Scott will show you what are the levels of Money vibration so you can start to shift your money frequency to manifest more money into your life!

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Full Transcript

How does shift your money frequency part five of the six part series here that we have going on for your money manifestations. Hey Scott Haug here with the manifestation accelerator, where manifestations and results are made easy and today's video, we are going to go through part five. We are literally going to go through understanding of the abundance frequency and the lack frequency, how to avoid that lack frequency, and really zone yourself in and aligning to the prosperous, the abundance, all that good stuff that you're looking the key to money success is that feeling. And that's really what vibration and frequency really are. So as we get into this video here, it's part five of the six part series. Okay, you're going to want to watch all the other parts are one through part four as well, because these all chain linked together. This was a part of our two hour money elite masterclass.

I did with only my clients in members, never before I've ever put this on the YouTube channel where you can actually take a sneak peek into all of these different value points and videos that we go through when you become a customer, a member, and a client of our manifestation or personal development courses and coaching and all of that good stuff as well. All right. Part five. You're going to love, it's really starting to dip into the alignment of who you really are, and as you do that, money manifestations become rapid. All right. So let's go ahead and jump into part five of the six part series. Make sure in the description below as well, you'll see all the different parts and there's going to be links above to click the where those other parts are part 1, 2, 3, and four before doing this part five.

So go ahead and jump into it again. Everything's chain linked together. You're going to love it before you jump into it as well. Make sure you click subscribe so that you are notified when we send out other great money, manifestation, how to content meditations methods, techniques, all of that good stuff as well. All right, let's jump into part five here. It's going to be also stay tuned and take some notes while they're going through. It's going to be really helpful. And maybe in the comments below taking notes in there as well, take a virtual digital notes, and then he can always copy them, paste them into a word document or a text document to save those notes. But it's a space of below in the comments to really start taking some notes as he goes through. All right. Let's jump into part five here.

Anyways. All right. See a bunch of aides coming through here. Everyone's ready to rock and roll and good to go. And again, it is 15 minutes in here and I'm very well aware that everyone is still here, cranking out and attending. So definitely if you need to move around and shake it all about, go ahead and do so just to keep yourself focused and here in now, what is money anyways, as we go through these key points. So first and foremost, we want to ask ourselves, what is money throw into the chat box? What do you think money is? There's no right or wrong answer. As you know, our manifestation family here is so incredibly supportive. Nobody criticizes nobody judges. So nobody's gonna say, oh my God, do you think money is this? Oh, Mike, that's preposterous, right? Nobody's going to say that everyone's going to be supportive and it's actually going to help out because the more people we have in the chat box saying, what money is the more you're going to see different viewpoints around what that is.

Ask yourself. What is money? Really? Go ahead and write that down for key point. Number one, already write down, ask yourself what is money? Most people never do that. And it even sounds crazy to ask about, right? Let's go through some of the answers that we have here. And by the way, if you're watching the replay, go ahead and write down what you think money is. Danielle said an extension of source. Good one there. Sue says energy. Melissa says energy, Jerry. Great. See Jerry said energy. Phil says money is energy with tremendous use value. Great one there. Jill says freedom sharing freedom. Keith freedom. Sarah says money is freedom. Ash says my desire. Robert says freedom. Money is freedom, energy vehicle to bless others by Donna. That's a superb one. Great says money is an energy flow and freedom. Great. We have lots of, lots of answers coming through here.

We want to understand that a lot of you have many viewpoints and they're all correct. Money is a beautiful energy. Cash is a physical representation of money. Great thing for key point number two, cash is a physical, a physical representation of money. Gold diamonds, jewels gems are all possibilities are possibilities. They're representations of money as well. If I trade this glass of water for the cell phone, okay. Maybe somebody in the desert really wants the water instead of the phone, right? So they trade it and use value. Those are forms and exchanges of money. Cash is not money itself that we don't define cash as just money. Same thing goes with your bank account. I want you to think about, it's just a digital number. Did you know, you can alter that digital number and that really most likely the bank that you have bank of America and whatever other bank they have city bank, that bank probably doesn't even have the cash representative of the money in your bank account right now.

I mean, that might sound well. Where's the money. Where is your money in that bank account? You have a bank account online. It says a specific number in there. Where's the money. Do you think they have just a Stackhouse of the cash? Or what about, you know, it used to be a gold standard, right? So we only had the amount of same amount of gold with cash value and all that stuff, but that doesn't exist anymore. So I really want you to think about this. Where's the money actually in your bank account. What is it that might sound a little crazy to think about, but really when you think about it, it should feel enlightening. It should feel like, wow, that's right. If money is just a number, it's just an energy. Why would I ever have a control the way I think, why would it have the control the way I feel?

Why would I control my actions based on money? We all have done it before. At some point, maybe you've really conquered that changed it. Now you control your own money, your thinking around it, your feeling around it, but really what is money since money is an energy. It's also a vibration. And if we live in point key point number three are gonna wire down. We live in a vibrational universe in energy based universe. Therefore there must be different levels of vibration around the money and abundance vibration, a lack of vibration. And also another thing to write down and I'm going to write this one down with you here is feeling is vibration feeling is our awareness of the vibration.

So if I feel that money is frustrating, I know the vibration I'm in around money. If I feel it's challenging, if I feel a certain way in a negative attitude around money, I know the vibration I'm in and whatever vibration you in you are attracting on a daily, consistent basis. If I feel money is awesome. If I feel money is freeing. If I feel money is abundant, I know the vibration level I'm at according to money. What vibration are you at? Now? You want to be very truthful about this because most people will say I met abundance vibration, right? They just say it instantly because they want to be there. The question is not, where do you want to be vibrationally? You say, how am I feeling around money today? The more truthful you are, the more you'll understand why the money is the way it is in your life and how to change it.

You might feel, I feel good around money, money days, but sometimes I do feel off. I feel great around money when I listen to personal development material. But sometimes when my bank account gets a little too low, I feel off. That's an okay thing. We can change it then. So be truthful, throw in the chat box. If you feel open to it, what do you feel around money? Because feeling is vibration. So again, if you feel bad, you know, you're in a bad vibration around money and there's no really good, bad vibration. There's empowering disempowering vibration energies that you're in around money and really bad or good. But we know what we're talking about. If I feel an abundant frequency, if I feel a button around money, I know I'm in a vibration going to attract more of it. Don has a great one there, Don, thank you for being so truthful. You said stress.

I appreciate that, Don. I appreciate that. You willing to really go within and speak the truth. Very, very awesome. Laura says, honestly, I've had a difficult time lately raising my vibration around money. Another very truthful one. Now a lot of you also mentioned power. It feels powerful for you. So you've really felt that, right? So if we feel any of these little things out of alignment with where we're at emotionally, we understand we need to change our emotions. We need to change how we're feeling around money. And as you start to change how you feel, things are going to move. Okay. So key point number five here. It's the understanding shift my feeling. I shift my money destiny.

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