Exact 5 Step Money Manifesting Method (Series 3 / 6)
Written by Scott Haug on June 25th, 2021
Exact 5 Step Money Manifesting Method (Series 3 / 6)

In this video, Scott shows you how to "activate" money to you by giving you the exact technique you need!

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Full Transcript

Exact five step money manifestation method, Series three of six. Hey Scott Haug here and this is going to be a continuation of our six part series about manifesting money. And if you haven't watched part one or part two, I would do that first. So head over to, and there's going to be a link above for part one and part two videos. And you'll see that in the playlist as well. Just go ahead and watch those first because everything's going to be chain linked together here. These are really the money secrets. You need to manifest everything, your dreams, a lot more money, a lot more goodness into your life. In this video, we're going to go through the exact five step process that you can literally send out an intention and you will get it back predictably and consistently every single time who doesn't want that right?

A system and a process that works like clockwork over and over and over to bring in your intentions, your ideas, and manifesting them into the physical plane. All right, so let's head right over to part three here makes you subscribe to the channel. So you're notified as well when he sent out the other parts and all the other great manifestation, how to content meditations and all that good stuff as well is this is your go-to manifestation channel to get results, personal development, all that good stuff applied. So you get the tangible results you desire. Let's jump into part number three here in our five step manifestation process.

So the key points, there are anything I mentioned that hit home with you see tons of sixes coming through here. That's perfect. Let's actually apply this here. And now it's I mentioned this master class is different. There's not a lot of fluff. I'm not going to just go through endless knowledge and not tally you. How to apply it. You're here as a manifestation accelerator member, and that's why our members, all of them stick to the decision to stay to this program for life, because it's all about helping you apply the material. And that's all we're about here is actually getting results manifested. And as you really stick to this, that's when it happens. That's why we've had those members around for so long. Let's jump into the exercise here, exercise for element. Number one, you're going to write this down with me and we're going to actually apply it just as we do in our accelerator modules. And if you're just getting started the accelerator, you'll see it from day one in module one a we learn, apply, learn, apply masterclasses. Same thing today. It's awesome. Okay. Exercise for element. Number one is apply the five step manifestation process. And I'll tell you what that process is. If you don't remember, or I haven't learned HSE yet apply the five step manifestation process for all three desires.

Now, some of you are like, well, I've already learned the five step process. Why would I have to do again? You're going to want to do it for the rest of your life. You're going to want to do it every day, every week for the rest of your life. And by the way, elements two through four, five, you're going to start to really see different ways of thinking around. So we'll get there. We're going to be changing beliefs. We're going to be digging deep as we go throughout the two hours here. But our first step here is applying. Write this down with me, even if this is ingrained in your mind already seven number one is write down exactly what you desire to manifest in the present tense. And by the way, this five-step manifestation process is still mean. The only thing that I focus on on a daily basis, that's how powerful this is. Step number two, and we've already done seven or one here. Step number two is close your eyes and see a situation that would indicate you already have your manifestation. So you might see, for example, your bank account, with the extra amount of money in there, step number three, feel. Your image to be true today. Match your inner thoughts. Okay. And I'll explain what that is as well. Go ahead and write down. Step number three, step number four is let it come. Understand a bridge of happenings unfold. Step number five, repeat process for each desire.

So again, even if you noticed by the back of your hand, that can wake you up at 4:00 AM in the morning and you know, the manifestation process that well, okay, it's, don't want to write down the five steps. So what we're going to do is for 60 seconds, you're going to close your eyes. You're going to pick your desire. Number one, you're going to see on October 10th, a situation that would indicate your money, that you desire for desire. Number one will allow it to be in your mind to be in that possession of what you desire and by allowing yourself to actually be there, seeing your bank account increased on October 10th, you want to match your inner speech and, uh, and step number three here, you're going to allow yourself to say, thank you universe. I now have an extra $2,500. Thank you so much.

This is incredible process, right? So you're actually going to think as if you're in October 10th and every seed, your desire. Step number four is allow it to come in and we'll talk about that later. It's nothing that we need to do right now. Set in our providers are going to repeat for desire. Number two and desire. Number three, if you're, uh, you've already listened to this five step process before you know exactly where we're going with this. If you're brand new to this follow along the best you can. And remember, we're just practicing. Now, you're going to be able to do this during the 10 days of accountability as well. I'm going to put on music for 60 seconds. Go ahead and take desire. Number one, you've already written down your desired amount of money. I want you to go ahead and close your eyes and construct a scene, a situation in your imagination that would indicate you already have the money wrote down.

See your bank account increase. See a new client signing up, seeing an old client, paying you in a situation that would indicate you all ready have the amount of money that you are seeking. Match your inner thoughts. Thank you so much universe. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And then after 60 seconds are done, you're going to hear the music stop. We're going to come back together here and we're going to actually do our other desires. Okay? Even if you have that written down yet, I'm going to go ahead and reshare my screen. You'll get that. I'm going to proud of music. We're actually going to apply it here. And now on this masterclass, remember why you're doing it. Applying. You're actually going to get the results actually learning and applying right here right now is going to be keeping you accountable to making sure you are manifesting all the gold, all the goodness you desire to manifest in the next 10 days.

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