How To "Activate" Money To You (Series 2 / 6)
Written by Scott Haug on June 23rd, 2021
How To "Activate" Money To You (Series 2 / 6)

In this video, Scott shows you how to "activate" money to you by giving you the exact technique you need!

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Full Transcript

How would it activate money to you? Series two of six. Hey Scott Haug here And in today's video, we're going to continue for an active leading money to us. Now, if you haven't listened into part one just yet, definitely do that first. Because every video in this six video series, it's actually chain linked together perfectly. So where you stopped with one, the other one's going to continue from there. All right. This video here activating money to you is going to really blow your mind on the process to really manifest money. That step-by-step system that you can use over and over and how easy money is going to come to you. Just like it was for our clients and members who actually attended this two hour live money masterclass, not too long ago when they were there, they were applying it and they were getting the results within 10 days or less.

All right, just before we jump into part two, make sure you throw, like on the video, it's going to send out to a lot more people and together we can raise the consciousness of the planet. Also make sure you subscribe to the channel and then click the bell icon as well. So that you're notified when we send out all the other parts of the six part series here. And then this is your go-to channel for everything manifestation meditation's methods, techniques, everything you're ever going to need to manifest your dreams into your life faster and greater than ever before. All right, let's start activating the money to you. Let's jump into part two here right now.

All right. Let's jump into key element. Number one here, activate or active the money to you. That's a low type of there. So you can actually put an activate the money to you, activate the money to you. Okay. We're going to go through our key points here. And as we go through, we're also going to go through our exercise right away here. I want you to think about for a second, what you really, really want. What does it look like for you to manifest those three different dollar amounts into your life? Okay. With element number one, here, start taking notes right away. Element. Number one is activating the money to you. We activate money to us based on what we're seeing and feeling in our mind. Now, all of you know, that five step manifestation process. If you just joined in our accelerator, you probably haven't gotten that far just yet, but our five step manifestation process, it's the process of actually seeing in your imagination, what you want, feeling it and allowing the universe to unfold, these happenings and events to actually help you reach it and receive your desires.

Okay? So our five step process is all about, there's really only two things that happen in manifestation. You want to write these down in the key notes here. That's all that's ever happening is anything I see in my imagination that I feel I am impressing upon the subconscious mind and that's being pressed out onto the screen of space. That's it again, I see in my imagination, something, something I do or don't want, by the way, I feel it to be true today. The feeling is the activator to put that idea into subconscious. The subconscious takes that image and puts that onto the screen of space. And by the way, your subconscious mind is connected to all people right now. So as you start to actually impress ideas into subconscious mind, you start to actually influence the channels at which your supply can come to you.

You might have an old client call you up that holds you money and pay in. You might have a new client sign up for your program. If you're in a client based business, if you're in real estate, you might have a new real estate deal pop out of nowhere. That was a referral from somebody you worked with five years ago or whatever that was. If you're in a job full-time job, you might receive a bonus that has never happened before. Almost never happens to anybody around to you, but it happened to you because that was the channel in which you receive. It might win the lottery. If you played the lottery, it might be gifted money of some sort. It doesn't matter where these channels come from. Your source of supply is the universe, right that down into keynotes as well. Your source of supply is the universe.

The people, clients business, job bonus lottery are channels through which the supply is received. The universe is your source of supply, everything around you, our channels in which you receive your supply. So we want to have that fundamental understanding. And if you've just studied that and he listened to this masterclass, that five minutes, I just talked about over and over and over. You're going to get the idea that that's all I have to do is see the money in my mind, feel it to be real, which puts the IBN to the subconscious mind. And as that happens, it actually sent out to all the channels. And I received through one of the channels, the supply, the $5,000 to 10,000, 20,000, whatever you've asked for through that channel.

Very important, because guess what? Most people are acting, debating, frustration, irritation, fears around money. What is that? Dude, that's going to manifest what they don't want. And they see it all the time. Think about what's going on. And they see their bank account. It only has a hundred dollars in there by the way I've been there. So I know the feeling, you have a hundred, a hundred dollars in that bank. Can you see it? You say, oh, no, okay. This can't be, I feel so frustrated. I've been trying so hard. That image that they're seeing is reflected on their imagination. I'm somebody who only has a hundred dollars in my bank account. They're so frustrated by the image back into her subconscious mind again, subconscious mind, doesn't say, oh, sky, you didn't mean that. We're not going to put that out there. No subconscious mind just accepts what you give it.

That again, it's impressed upon the physical view of space, this physical world, this place that we're looking at here, the physical world that we live in, it's reflected on there. And again, a couple of weeks later, they'll see it again, happen circumstances. People ask them for more money, they owe more money than they originally thought whatever it was. And they keep attracting things that make sure they only have a hundred dollars in their accounts. Now isn't that crazy. And they don't even know it. And sometimes they do know it, but they don't know how to get themselves out of it. You can do the same thing with any amount of money. I can see my bank account the way I want it. And by the way, you're seeing through the screen of your future self. If I start seeing myself with the extra $10,000, I want by October 10th, 2020, if I start seeing that in my imagination, my mind's eye awareness.

If I see through that, I'm looking through myself on October 10th, me on October 10th, you on October 10th, you're seeing through your future eyes and saying, wow, I now have an extra $10,000. And as you feel that to be true by looking at the Springer minds, you're naturally going to feel excited, feel thrilled, fuel possible, subconscious mind, and activate, activate some money and desire. And as it activates, you're now going to be led forward on bridge of happenings things happening between now and October 10th to allow the miracle unfoldment of the $10,000 to come in. So it doesn't happen tonight all the time. It doesn't happen within the minute you activate it, but you open your eyes up in, you know, I just activated the money towards me. If this is making sense, if something's hitting home for you toward number six into the chat box, we're going to go through some more key notes in the exercise because exercise is always the key to actually getting the results here, As I mentioned.

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