Manifesting Money The Right Way (Series 1 / 6)
Written by Scott Haug on June 21st, 2021
Manifesting Money The Right Way (Series 1 / 6)

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Full Transcript

Manifesting money the right way series one of six. Hey Scott Haug here where with the manifestation accelerator, where results and manifestations are made easy in today's video, we are going to go through a series, six different videos, all published for you all about attaining a lot of money, manifesting a lot of good into your life. Never before have I unleashed in brought this content and value to anybody on my channel here, it's always been just for my clients and members that we have in our courses. So during this video, you are actually going to be provided some golden nuggets that one of my clients actually attended this two hour elite money master class, not too long ago, we had people in individuals manifesting $500, $5,000 all the way up to upwards of $50,000 within 10 days of following the principles that we have outlined and structured, step-by-step right in these videos for you.

Okay. You're about to get all of that. So today's video is going to be part one of this series. You can listen to each one of these videos as they're published over the coming weeks, or if you're listening into this video and all six have already been published for you. Go ahead and take a Friday night, a Saturday night, something like that. Go ahead and throw on all six videos and really take a lot of good notes as you're going through it and look to apply the content in the best way that you can. All right, you're going to get an enormous value about what you're about to get and what you're about to see on these videos. All right, let's jump into part one here. Definitely listened into this video every single day and in the comments below, if you're excited for part number two, throw a yes in the comments. So I know that we're going to be scheduling these out quicker and quicker if you want them faster. All right, let's jump into part one here right now.

Let's launch right into page number two and actually get into what we're covering today. If you're ready to go put a number four into the chat box here and let's rock and roll with the primary and getting things starting to move forward. All right, let's jump right into it. As we get into this key notes, we're going to talk about here is really what do you want to manifest? Okay. Key point number one, two and three here. Number one, you're going to write this down cause we put the blank stare. It's the idea that you can have anything you want. As long as you follow a proven process. Again, you can have anything you want as long as you follow a proven process. Okay? So go ahead and write that one down. I'll write that with you. So you have that in text. I can have everything I want. As long as I follow a proven process, I can have everything I want. As long as I follow a proven process. Yes.

The idea of this is it's all possible for you. Money is an energy, and we're going to talk about that in the section. Number two, this element number two of our two hour masterclass here, but money is just an energy. It's not anything else besides that. It's an energy. If we consider it an energy, that means we can attract it. That means we can change our reality around it and we can change the fabric of our experience. But we've got to remember, I have to follow a proven process. I can't just think about money and it's going to come. I have to really deeply understand that I have to follow rules. I have to follow staying in faith this entire time. I can have everything I want. As long as I follow a proven process. Next point number two, everything I believe. Is true.

Everything I believe is true. If you believe you can manifest an extra $500 in 10 days. So be it, it will be, if you don't believe it, it's not going to happen in your right. You say, I can't do that. I don't know how it's going to happen. You're right. If you believe you can. You're right. And if you believe you can't you're right. If you believe the world is a miraculously wonderful miracle, you're right. If you believe it's a horrible place where there's always bad going on you're right? Because whatever you send out is what you get back. The truth is in the belief. So whatever you believe you make it true at the fundamental level. Now the outside experience will tend to prove our beliefs and we can prove things like, see, I told you the world's a great place where say, I told you the world is not a great place. I can prove what I believe because the belief creates the fact not the other way around everything I believe is true. Key point number three, money is just an energy. Nothing more, nothing less

Money is just an energy. Nothing more, nothing less. Now we're going to go through this deeply. If you really get this, now I'm not talking about just knowledge on a surface level or you hear in our accelerator, anything like that. Okay? I want you to know it at the deepest level. I want you to live it. I want you to live that. Money's just an energy. That doesn't mean you lavishly spend any time you want. What it does mean is that money doesn't control your thinking and feeling. You control money. Many people when they don't have a lot of money in their bank account, they feel off. They feel that money is hard. They feel that money is not a good thing, right? They let money in their bank control how they think and feel. If you control the money of energy, you start to control your world.

And that is a very important part that you got to live it. If these three, three key points so far makes sense or a number five and to chatbox as we go forward, we've got one more thing just before we jump into element. Number one here, see a bunch of fives here. Ricardo, Donna, Gary Ash, Steven, Pamela, Sherry. Hey, Sherry petty, Sharon NOI, grace, Jill Celeste, the Allen Kim Lucy. Awesome. We have lots and lots of fives coming through here. Okay? If you miss any of these notes again, this is recorded. So you can go back to them.

Now let's scroll down here to our three desires before we can manifest anything. We gotta be clear on exactly what you want. I want you to write down three money amounts that you want to attract and manifest in the next 10 days, three money amounts. That could be a $500. That could be $10,000 and it could be $1,500. Now we're not clarifying just one money amount in 10 days, like a sum total of 20,000 hours. Because what we want to do is put faith in many different intentions that we send out. And as long as that comes back to us, who the heck cares if it's one lump sum or 3, 4, 5, 6 different lump sums coming towards us or sums to create a lump sum at the end of the 10 days, I want you to think through three things you want to manifest money-wise and we're going to write down those in the present tense.

I just now received $500. Or if you're in Europe, 500 euros or 500 pounds, if you're in UK, I mean use your currency of course, or Canadian dollars. I'm over in the U S and Miami, Florida. So I say us dollars, but change it to your currency and that's okay right down. I just now manifested three mounts. Now, usually it comes up as like, how much do I ask for, do I ask for a ton? Do I ask for a million dollars? Do I ask for $10 million? Right? You want to ask for what you really want? They want money. People don't want $5, right? They're like, who cares if I have $5? And they also don't really care for $500,000. Now that may sound preposterous. They say, who doesn't want to manifest some more money. Right? But really they say, no, really what I want is an extra $20,000 to pay off my credit card, put 10 K in savings and go on a nice vacation.

That's what they want in 10 days. They don't really care if they have 500 right thousand dollars, they might want it, but they really want the 20,000. So ask and write down for the amount you really want. It's usually in the middle it's way down low. It's not $3,300 million. It's what do I really want? What can I handle in these 10 days? Go ahead and write that down. There's no, right. There's no wrong because guess what you manifest the next 10 days. Guess what you can do October 11th through October 20th, you redo the 10 days that we have here in yes. For more money. Okay. So there's no right. There's no wrong. Go ahead and pick three amounts there that you choose and throw them in the chat box as well to keep yourself focused.

Wow. Three money amounts. Would you like to manifest in 10 days? And by the way, if you hear some background noise, they're doing a little minor construction outside of my building today. Good timing. Okay. Uh, and if you hear a little bit of crackling in the background, that's what that is. Okay. So go ahead and write down, maybe in the chat box and write down in the workbook, what would you like? We have Ash asking for 20, a hundred euros, 4,000 arrows and 5,600 euros. We got Jill looking for 18,000 and we got filled 30,005,000, 10,000 Gary, with 30 to five 30, we got tons of great numbers coming through here. We got, um, Sue with 7, 10, 10. We got, uh, Robert with 2,500 and others coming through here. We got Bryce in 500,000, 1500. We got many, many coming through here. And again, if you want to actually be accountable to everybody in the group, make sure you click all panelists and attendees, all panelists and attendees you want to do. And Christine, great to see on here as well. You're looking for that a hundred K business launch and no doubt about it. And Ellie, great to see on here as well. You got 10 K extra coming in as well. All right. Great. Now, great quote from Jim Rohn here has never wished life were easier. Wish that you were better in how true that is.

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