5 Tips From An 8-Figure Mastermind
Written by Scott Haug on October 11th, 2018
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5 Tips From An 8-Figure Mastermind Event

This past weekend I attended a 3 day '8-Figure Mastermind' event.

Everyone in the room had earned at least over $35,000+ per month.

Below, I've outlined 5 of the top tips we covered that were a game-changer for all of us in the room.

And these tips will be a game-changer for YOU as well...

Caution: long-post, I encourage you to read the whole post and take notes while you do:


(1) Be long-sighted

Everything in the world has a Cause-Effect relationship, and most times it's nonlinear.

Meaning, the thoughts, feelings, and actions we put out today have a compounding effect not only on today but EVERY DAY from here.

As human beings, we often only look at the near-term or how things affect us in this moment.

However, we must be aware of both the short-term and long-term effects of the actions we put out today.

HOW TO APPLY THIS: Take 5min today and reflect on your actions, be introspective, and ask yourself:

- What did I do today?
- Are my actions going to produce positive results in the future?
- What do I keep procrastinating on that I need to do now?


(2) Stay focused on what is important

Life: positive progress on your health / relationships / personal growth / happiness & fulfillment

Business: positive progress on your Mission / creating a positive impact / 10x the amount of people you help & 10x the income

All the other "stuff" is non-sense, for example:

🚫 building a really cool website
🚫 grocery shopping and doing errands
🚫 building 3 businesses at one time
🚫 going on social media every hour
🚫 "trying" to create a business

I know... most people will tell us otherwise...

But, a tall-tale sign of what works or what doesn't work is by looking at your results.

Are your income results at the level you want? If not, we have to change something and open up to a new way of doing things.

You could ask that question for each area of life.


- do LESS "stuff" and LESS "busy work"
- do MORE of the 'high-impact' actions I explained in my September 20th Facebook post


(3) Look at your average results, not your daily results

When looking at the results you have, look at 7-day or 30-day time windows.

Look at the average, rather than the daily results.


The Law of Rhythm dictates everything flows in and out - the same goes for our daily results.

Some days you will have tons of 'good' come.

Other days are 'setup' days where you see no results come.

The trick is to (1) understand this concept, and (2) keep going forward every day.


- No matter what, keep going and look at your results over a long period of time


(4) Crisp environment

Environment plays a crucial role in your results.

Your 'physical' environment influences your energy and thought patterns.

Clean environment = awesome results.

Again, most people will think that it is ridiculous to think that your physical environment plays a role in what you create results wise.

But... to the "Enlightened" it makes a lot of sense!


- Clean your workspace and organize
- Clean your home
- Clean your email (yes, your email - clear it out)
- Clean up your phone (yes, erase all the old apps and crap)
- Clean up your social media and laptop


(5) Be on a "Big Mission"

Your mission is what drives you, it's why you wake up every day.

You could call this mission "your purpose."

If you don't have a mission, what the heck is the point of having a business?

The money? If you focus on having a business just to have more money it literally never works.

The impact? Hell yeah! The impact you want to make in this world will drive you AND make you lots of money in return.

What is your mission? Is it big? Did you define it? Do you read it out loud before you start every day?


- Create your mission statement and say out loud every day


WOW! That was a lot to read.

But I hope you see how important mindset work is... it's everything.

We talked so little about the "technical" details in the business and talked so much about the "mindset" details.

Basically 3 full days of mindset 'tweaking.'

Try the 5 tips above!

Don't be that person that says, "Oh that was cool." and then move onto another video / post.

Actually implement the above knowledge and I know with certainty some things will positively change.

➡️ Finally, I received many messages this week from individuals wanting to work with Bob Proctor and I.

If you are open to receiving help, please reach out to me ASAP and schedule an appointment with me.

We have a mindset coaching program that may help you soar to the next level in life, business, and income.

Have the courage to do something different and message me - I will help guide you toward 10X progress, 10X income, and 10X growth.

Scott Haug

Scott Haug helps people create financial abundance, make a massive impact, and unleash their true potential.  He is an expert at helping people make permanent changes in their life and making things super simple to understand. If you're interested in sky rocketing your own results or understanding of the mind then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
Scott Haug
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