Tap Into Infinite Power - Part III (Manifesting Secrets!)
Written by Scott Haug on June 18th, 2021
Tap Into Infinite Power - Part III (Manifesting Secrets!)

Do you know how to align yourself with being involved into the Universe itself?

If you don't know then you'll want to listen in to this video to become aware of it so you can start using this power within you to manifest all of the goodness into your life!

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Full Transcript

Tap into infinite energy part, number three of this three part video series. Hey Scott Haug, how care with the manifestation accelerator, where manifestations and results are made easy and today's video it's part three of our three part series of tapping into your infinite energy, your infinite power. If you haven't actually jumped into part one or part two of this video series, click above, and it'll be brought to that part one video in the part two video. Okay. It's going to make a lot more sense if you do all of them all at once, all together, all right. Part three is digging even deeper into the feeling and the alignment of being involved with the universe itself. And as you tap your energy into the universal involvement, again, results are going to come flow, happiness, more satisfaction. All the goodness that you can ever imagine is first started with tapping into who you really are.

As you recognize and become aware of more of who you are at the deepest level, you're going to become aware of the goodness that you have within you, and really start to change the game for you spiritually, mentally, and physically, financially wise, in the results that you attract into your life. Make sure you subscribe to the channel. If you haven't already and in the comments below, let us know, showing your accountability that I've listened to day one, day two, and now I'm onto day three. Okay. Show your accountability. Go ahead and comment below in the box. So you can be there in the essence of making sure this video three-part series is completed. When you're done with this video, let's jump over to our whiteboard here with the final part of this three-part series, allowing yourself to attract more, attract the more good in inside and start to really be involved with your alignment with the infinite. Good. Let's jump over to the whiteboard right now.

So if I want to disconnect from source, think bad, imperfect thoughts, unloving thoughts on joyful thoughts about yourself or another situation to tap into the infinite power. You put statements that are in harmony with I am perfection. I am love. I am joy. I am all there is. I am all good. Right? So the proper thinking defines the tapping into, or untapping of the infinite power lack going on there. Amy, does that make sense so far? Hey, jump on. Yes. So, um, would you say that we connect the higher power is through our conscious mind, but some people also said that we connect us through our subconscious mind. Okay. Great question.

Really? What what's going on here is the mind is really one entity. Okay. Just in mind, the subconscious mind is the automatic extension of the university. You could call that the universal mind itself, the conscious mind is the filter, as you already know into that, that part of you. So really what goes on is that conscious unconscious is all connected really to the infinite source. But what we're here is dropping the thought from the conscious down into the subconscious, but really what that is, is conscious to universal mind. It doesn't have to just be a stick figure where you think bottom to top, and then it goes through the body really also that subconscious mind is connected to the universal already. So when I emotional [inaudible] and I am statement, I am putting the presence and energy of my being into that side. So it's really one or the other. It's really both happening at the same time, but that's why I want the, I am statement to feel true. Cause when it's felt to be true, then it's subconscious universal side of us. And that's really where the ultimate connection is.

Um, any other followup questions from that? Amy? That is a very, very good question. Okay. So how do we tap into the infinite power of wealth, infinite power of prosperity, any of those things? That's one, that's like a couple of the modules and phase two of the manifestation accelerator. What we do is we construct a mental images of wealth and I am statements that align us with the proper tapping into the infinite. Okay. That's a lot of words. It sounds complex. What are we really doing? Entertain positive mental images of UN possession of wealth while matching our inner speech with I am statements that are positive. I am wealth. I am connected to the infinite storehouse enriches. I am all there is, I am an infinite being. Okay. And then remember in some of the modules in phase two of the accelerator, if you've been there so far is really what you're doing is tapping into feeling the presence of all the money you ever need.

That's how you're tapping into it. So you entertain positive mental image of wealth, feel it to be true. And then things move from that place. You, you tap into the infinite power of love, same idea, and from the power of health, same idea that infinite storehouse or riches technique that we go through is so powerful because really what you're doing is you're seeing yourself in total abundance, physical, you can see lack not enough to go around this, that whatever it is, right. But if you see in the infinite, there is no end, then you feel there's no end within your being. Anybody else have questions on this? I mean, Amy, huge question. I mean, it's awesome.

Anybody have any follow-up questions with us? And a couple of ideas from that slight warmth on top of top of spine, back of head tingling, sub so subdural top of the head. Beautiful. It's exactly what you want. So you could tap into this every day. And what if you said that all day tapped into the infinite source of riches, I've now tapped into the infinite source of energy. I'm now tapped into the infinite storehouse of the energy. You're repeating that in thought, guess where that's going to go. You're going to really open. We only close ourselves through proper thinking. Unloving thoughts about myself on loving thoughts about another I'm loving thoughts about my situation. This is frustrating. This sucks. This is happening. I don't like this, right? Those thoughts are what disconnect us, which close the channel.

All right, we're going to move on to our next question here from Rick. Last whole thing. No worries. Remember, Hey, attention to everyone's. I am statements. If you live with a partner spouse, some sort, whatever. If you live with a friend, if you, uh, don't live with anybody, you live by yourself, but you are around anybody at any time via phone call, zoom in person. Notice how they use the, I am statements. I am tired. I don't feel so good today. I am this. I am that notice, but if you get into the same, well, I'm getting better. I am improving my circumstances, right? You're properly using the power, a little self-awareness thing. It'll help enlighten the mind even more by noticing how other people are doing it as well.

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