Tap Into Infinite Power - Part II (Manifesting Secrets!)
Written by Scott Haug on June 16th, 2021
Tap Into Infinite Power - Part II (Manifesting Secrets!)

Have you recognized that you are being an extension of source energy every single day?

If you don't know then you'll want to listen in to this video to become aware of it so you can start using this power within you to generate greater results?

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Full Transcript

Tap into infinite power part, number two, allowing yourself to tap into this infinite universe, extension of source energy that you are a part of. If you haven't actually jumped into part one of this three-part infinite energy series, I encourage you to go there first, go back to part one CA and be there with it. Then go to this video here, part two. And if you click above, you'll see the little notification that shows you where part one video is part two is going to get a little bit more in depth about being an extension of source energy. Allowing if you are aware of it and aligned with this idea, allow yourself to generate greater and greater manifestations, greater and greater results from here. As like I mentioned, part one, if you haven't already subscribed to the channel, this is your go-to channel for everything you're ever going to need.

Where on manifestation, how to methods, techniques, manifestation of meditations and everything else you're ever going to need around following through with not only spiritual mental results, but also the physical and monetarily results that follow let's jump into part two of this video series. It's again, going to be on the whiteboard. We're going to jump into that. Allow yourself to visually see everything learning and then apply it. And in the comments below, show your accountability by saying a money amount that you want to activate by being in tune with the universe, say a comment like I'm so happy and grateful now that I'm in tune with the universe and just manifested $5,000. All right. So go ahead and comment. Something like that below, and you can change out the number 500 bucks, 10,000 bucks, 20 it, whatever it is that you desire to manifest, let's go over to the whiteboard here in part two of this three-part video series, allowing yourself to tap into the infinite energy that you are already connected to.

I want everybody to think about that for a second. Your thought right now is the connecting link between the infinite, the universe and who you are on the physical plane. So in conclusion, how do we tap into your original question, Amy? How do we tap into this infinite power? We do it on proper thinking that allows us to open the inflow of that same power. Let's try an exercise. I've heard on the, I would suggest trying it out. We're always experimental in actually proving this stuff correct. And doing it rather than just knowing it. I want you to close your eyes and repeat within yourself. I am connected to the infinite storehouse of energy. I am connected to the infinite storehouse of energy I am connected to the infinite storehouse of energy. Repeat that in your thought for the next 30 seconds.

Last thing here. Keeping your eyes closed. Now visualize a blue or lavender purplish energy funneling into the crown of your head. It's extending from the sky. That just keeps going up and up and up. But it's connected to the crown of your head going into your body and keep saying the same word and phrase over and over again. Due to the infinite storehouse of energy.

You might have felt a little lighter. You might have felt like little, um, sensation in the, in your head. Similar, just like a little bit. He might've felt a little bit of movement and energy in your body. He might feel like you're just slightly more awake. You're not like he just drank a red bull and you're ready to rock and roll and run a marathon. Okay. But you might be a little bit more awake. You might be a little bit more aware. Let me know in the chat box, Amy, especially, did you feel a difference after repeating that thought?

Trevor said it was like a calm presence and excitement. Anybody else feel anything? Come over now again, it doesn't have to be something ginormous that happened. It could be just a little thing. Like you just felt like a little tingling. He felt like a little bit more present, a little bit more aware when Linda said [inaudible] energizing. Beautiful. That's really what happens. There's a small shift in energy. Anybody else feel that? And Sanders has common phone energy. Amy, did you have anything come up for you? Okay, I'll come. That's how you tap into the infinite power, the infinite power again, how you do that? How do you tap into it? Well, you have to know that tapping into it. You're already an extension of the energy we recognize. I am that. And I match my thought, the most pulling energy on the planet earth. As we know it so far that this, between the physical and I want to connect to that storehouse it's through thoughts.

You connect it with proper thought. You disconnected through improper thought, how do you do this a little bit further. It's using the further understanding that everyone knows here. The I am statement and it's the name of God itself. I am as a name of the universe itself. I am is the divine nature. So if I, how do I do a proper thought to connect with this storehouse? You put an, I am statement, defining the level of thinking and connection between you and the source. Use the I am. When you say I am not, or I am something you don't want to be your disconnecting net link because source also we want to realize is perfect. Love, joy, all good.

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