Tap Into Infinite Power - Part I (Manifesting Secrets!)
Written by Scott Haug on June 14th, 2021
Tap Into Infinite Power - Part I (Manifesting Secrets!)

Do you know that you are always tapped into the infinite source of power? 

If you don't know then you'll want to listen in to this video to become aware of it so you can start using this power within you to acquire all of your desires!

This is Part I of a three-part series! Make sure you subscribe now to know when Part II and Part III is released!       

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
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Full Transcript

Tap into infinite power part one of a three part series, Hey, Scott Haug here. And in today's video, we're going to be going through a process part one of three, that if you follow it, recognize it and become aware of it. You can start actually using our manifestation power to acquire all of your desires and manifest the results you are looking for. Again, this is part one of a three-part series. You're going to want to watch part one and two and three back to back to back each day, to allow yourself to tap into the infinite source of power that you are a part of before we jump into the training of part one of the series today, throw like on the video, because as you do, so it's going to send out to a lot more people in this world and together we can raise the consciousness of this planet.

Also click subscribe, and then click the bell icon as well. So you're notified when we send out other great manifestation, how to methods, content meditations as this is your go-to channel for everything you're ever going to need around manifestation. So let's get into training. Today's training is going to be on a whiteboard. I'm going to actually be filling you in on a lot of things visually in front of you and tapping into his infinite power. Again is tapping into who you were truly born to be an extension of who you really are. The universe is itself, and as you do so the promise result is you're going to start to getting a lot more flow. You're going to generate greater results in greater manifestations. Let's go ahead and transfer right over to the whiteboard right now. And let's get started with part one of the training.

Number one is what is this infinite power? So the question is again, how do we tap into that? Infinite power? Not only wealth is our infant sources play in the universe, but also a love. There's an infinite source of supply of love and infinite source of supply of good of health, of everything, including energy. So this infinite power, okay, let's write down a couple of things about it. It is all there is, it is energy. It is limitless. It is all powerful. At the basic level. Everything is made up of it's stuff. It's the source from which all is made.

We can also call it universe God or any other title. Okay? We've all heard, stuff like that before you want to take it from the intellect now and tune it into the intuition. We need to feel it. You know, when you love something or somebody or something, right? It's it's like somebody like, how do you explain that? You can't really explain everything intellectually through the words created by human beings to express. There's also an expression of inner knowing and intuition. You want to feel it. You want to feel the presence of that and there's those different levels. And when you understand it intellectually and you understanding at a feeling level, those are two levels of understanding that are very different, but will help with this infinite power. So, number one is understanding what that is. Number two, recognize you are an extension of this source, infinite power.

Here's a great question and answer in the chat box. We think if you were by the ocean on the beach and you had a tail or a bucket and you scooped the ocean water with the bucket, you got a whole scoop of the ocean water and put it into the bucket and he walked away. You left the beach. Is that water still the ocean? What do you think? Throw it in the chat box saying yes. Yes, yes, yes. So that's a great analogy to understand that we are the same thing. There's an infinite source called the ocean. I mean, there's an unfathomable amount of small little water droplets in the ocean. Can anybody guess how many water droplets are in the ocean? You can't, you can't guess there's no intellectual number to put that on. Right? It's almost infinite. We are like the bucket of water and extension.

What already is that infinite source, but we're an extension of it now to kind of go into a secondary spot of this bucket. If we took that bucket of water and we didn't nurture it, meaning we didn't put a little more ocean water in it, keep it in a cool place. So maybe it didn't evaporate as much. And we left it, we left it outside for months and I dried up it's the ocean water still there? Yes. We could see the remnants of the salt and the debris within there. Okay. We could see that ocean water was in there, but we dried it up. That's what happens when we are an extension of source still, but we've put up a barrier. We've put up a blockage to ourselves, not to have the energy come to and through us. It's rough. It's hard. It's turned off if you will. Okay. So we are an extension of this source, infinite power. Here's where it really answers your question. Amy thought is the connecting link between the source infinite power and us as physical human beings in this physical world thought is a connecting link.

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