GRAND FORMULA for Law of Attraction [FOLLOW THIS!]
Written by Scott Haug on June 9th, 2021
GRAND FORMULA for Law of Attraction [FOLLOW THIS!]

Usually, most people use this formula backwards which prevents manifestations from coming into their life so you'll want to make sure this isn't you!

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Full Transcript

The grand formula for law of attraction and manifestation. Hey Scott Haug here with the manifestation accelerator, where results in manifestations are made easy in today's video, we're going to go through a grand formula that if you know it and understand it, and then go ahead and apply it. All the areas of your life can increase results wise, financially results wise in your relationships, results wise in the material, things that you manifest in. And he used the law of attraction for. Okay, just before we jump into today's video for our, like on the video as you do. So it's going to send out to a lot more people and together we can raise the consciousness of this planet. Also click subscribe to the channel and then click the bell icon. So you get notified when, when we send out other great manifestation law of attraction, how to content meditations methods, techniques, all of that good stuff.

All right. So let's get into today's video that grand formula is be, do have, and most people have a completely backwards. That's why they're unhappy. That's why they don't have great results. Okay. Instead of B to have, they have, have, do be right, they won't want the money, then there'll be happy. They'll get there. They want the business success. Then they'll do the actions, right? It's the opposite. I'm going to translate over to my laptop screen here, and we're actually going to go cover it visually. So you have some words on the screen, you have a couple of different formulas on the screen that will provide you immense clarity and goodness, moving forward. Let's go right over to the screen now and start discovering that grand formula. So remember, we're trying to transition from on the left side, over to the right side. Now you might not be on that left side, you know, might not be in that mind to praise him, especially since we've already been in the program for 60 plus stays now.

Okay. But we're trying to discuss this. Most of us in this world will be stuck at some, some sort of point. And the reality is most of us will get stuck every few years, not in a bad way, but we'll, we'll be so attuned to say, even having a hundred thousand dollars per month coming in, or you'll be so attuned to having this beautiful lifestyle that you're trying to get to the next level. And you're just unaware of how to get there yet, but you work towards it and then boom, you're unstuck and you're onto the next level earning a million dollars a month or, you know, whatever your desire is. Okay. So how do we get from the left side to the right side, throughout our lifetime so that we can always do this nonstop and be the creator first and foremost, this module 5.1.

We understand the grand formula for all manifestation and knowledge of the six mental faculties. Okay. Let's go right into it. Let's get to that form. Yeah. B do have, that's it, I'm going to discuss this very detailed here and what each of these mean and why it's so important. Now, when you look at this little a B do you have, you could say, oh, well that's why is this so important? Or a, yeah, I already knew something of that nature. Is this really that incredibly life-changing absolutely. Because if you go back to this formula nonstop, every single time, you're trying to manifest a relationship, a lifestyle, a money business, you name it, any sort of manifestation you want in this lifetime goes with this formula.

Most people are doing the opposite and that's why they not getting anywhere they're doing Have, do be explains a whole lot. Now, just before we go into the actual, uh, understanding of this, because you're going to absolutely love the formula. That was okay. You do have, okay. Do you do have. We must become our purpose, vision and goal. We must become a vibrational match to what we desire. We must embody the feeling as if that desire were already physically real. We must align with our higher self. Everything we do in this program is based on the B and the do to have the outside results. Okay. So we must literally become, I say literally, because we have to become that higher version of ourselves and that makes us ready to receive and have our desired results. If we expect to have something before we change it, doesn't come. And I'm explain that visually on why the formula have to be is actually backwards. And that's where most people are. 97% of the population, okay, let's keep going. Do. And from that alignment, we take positive inspired action. We must seek to give service to others before having our desired out outcome or income. Um, you know, for that monthly income that we're desiring, we must do the work required and take the changes necessary in order to have what you want.

This is really good. Solves the piece of the puzzle for most business owners when people are not getting ahead, income wise, they're so puzzled. It's because they're trying to have before they've ever become the vibrationally matched to what they desire. And they're expecting income to come in without 10, X-ing their service. You have to give before you get every time, how do you give for income? Does that mean that you need to give all your money away? Absolutely not. You need to give your service and how do you get to service? Remember, we've already covered this. That's why all the lessons so far in thinking of results, 2.0 are so perfectly lined up for you. We covered it in lesson two and lesson three, right? Service is getting your product or your service, whatever that may be out to people who are ready for that thing and getting them enrolled, or having them buy your product to people that are ready. And they're of course a match to that product or service

We are giving out, okay, Then you can have, then we can have whatever we desire. We can have the life we desire to live. We can have the magnificent income. We can have the awesome lifestyle. We can have the beautiful relationship that, that, that. It is only when we first become it. And then we start taking action towards it. Then we can have it really good explains all self-help material explains. Every teacher in the world explains every religion in the world explains every philosophy in the world. It's self-mastery self-mastery is complete thought and feeling takeover and control within that's the being. And then the doing it's the actions and behavior within yourself. That's expressed outside of yourself.

Now let's compare the formula backwards. Most of the population, including myself, before I knew this information has a formula backwards, have do B first thing, want things to change, then they will do things differently. Finally, they can, they can be happy. They can be free. They could be not depressed. And so I almost, nobody changes. That's why almost no circumstances change. I was there for so long until I knew this. I was just ignorant. I didn't know. And maybe you were following that boat, just like I did for a while that you just didn't know. You were unaware. Think about it. You see it every day. If you do a little introspection, you'll see it. Maybe within yourself sometimes you'll see it. Maybe in your close family, friends, whatever it is, they want to be rich. They want to be wealthy, right? Then they will change their life. Then they'll change their old habits to new habits. Then they'll clean the house. Then though, then they'll start the business. Then they'll do stuff. Then they can be happy. Then they can feel free. When they have the money, then they could feel not so depressed, you know, in different things as well. It never works. I may have to show you why it doesn't work. Visually. It's usually pertaining to income.

I see it. Sometimes when people just enter the program where they are internally, they want to have the income. Then they'll do more of what they love, because then they'll, you know, help people every day. Then they'll do free seminars. Then they'll do the stuff. Then once they have the money, then they'll say, now I can be happy. Now I can feel relieved. Now I could feel ease. Now I could feel flow because I have the money. It's the opposite. I remember the feeling is the vibration. So if you don't become at first and you just want it, that's why people get so frustrated. They have goals. They have, you know, people set them out. They've written their resolutions for the year, but they didn't do the changing within necessary to be ready for the desired outcome. I'm taking some pauses. I'm taking some time here for a reason. I hope this is soaking in big and it hits it big in a good way. Be happy.

Now. Find other reasons to feel ease around to money. Now feel the relief. Now you'll match the vibration to what you want. You'll be ready to receive whatever it is. You're on the frequency of it. It'll come naturally flow to you. You're giving out great service. Then you can have everything you want in this life.

Now last little part before we go into the visual part, most people at this point will say easier said than done. Okay. Absolutely absolutely is easier said than done because we've been programmed to live in the way that it's easier to try and have things before you need to do all the internal work or programs that way as a society. Okay. It's really not that hard though, to do the opposite be do have, and you just have to have the knowledge number one, and then number two, you need to implement all the action items we've covered in this program. And that formula B do have, will become your habitual way of living. So it's not actually easier said than done. It's actually very easy and very simple to be. Do have we just have to reprogram ourselves to be in the habit of doing that rather than the other way.

It's just a way of living. And when you start to embody this program and all the action items associated with it, you will automatically be, do have, that will become who you are. You will be filled with. Self-mastery okay. So I know I used to be there. I was like, well, that sounds way easier than what you're saying. Well, it's actually very simple and easy. Okay. So keep following step-by-step and you will become the new way of living. So let's go to this from here. Self-mastery throughout the ages, okay. Let's go right into it. Be all throughout the ages, people have been trying to develop what we call self-mastery with the ability to control their thoughts, feelings, and actions and results within the be do have grant formula. We understand that we must go within now without to change our results.

And that is one of the most exceptional things to understand at this point here and now in lesson number five in this module, in this moment, okay. People have been trying to do this for thousands of years self-mastery and the people that were open to the idea that said, all right, let's do that. So let's be it first. Let's do it. Then let's have it. Those are the people that you see in the news in a good way. The good news, not the regular TV news everyday, but the people that you read in biographies, the people that have been world changers, the people that have done something significant in this lifetime, you see, they exactly embodied this information. So we want to control our mind. We can not let outside people or circumstances control what we think and feel easy to do. Like we've been saying not at the start, but it gets a lot through practice and strengthening our six mental faculties and muscles.

We are programmed during childhood to allow everything outside of us to control what we think and feel. If it is hard for us to control everything within, we may just have weak muscles, mental muscles that truly need to be exercised and strengthened. Okay. So maybe the first day, maybe you don't have that huge change until you make that decision, but it will get so easy to live that way. Okay. Becomes habit. Okay. On the bottom there. I just want to give you that little visual that we've covered actually covered it a little bit more in less than two and more so and less than three. Okay. So everything and we've talked about so far, is this be, do have formula. Okay.

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