Law Of Attraction SUCCESS STORY #6 - Lee Manifesting A Job Promotion & MORE!
Written by Scott Haug on June 7th, 2021
Law Of Attraction SUCCESS STORY #6 - Lee Manifesting A Job Promotion & MORE!

When you watch someone else's success story, do you feel jealousy or envy towards them?

Listen in to Lee Manifesting a job promotion & more and you can choose to increase your belief by celebrating him in the comments below RIGHT NOW!      

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Full Transcript

Law of Attraction Success Story number six. Hey, in today's video, you're going to hear from one of our members, Lee that has been able to manifest a job promotion, more happiness in his life, and a lot more good into everything from his life to his business, to career path and everything else today's video should help you increase your belief in faith. Sometimes it can be the opposite when you hear about a success story and it's like, Hey, what about me? You know, you feel some sort of jealousy or envious of the person's success, but really what that does is repel us, right? If somebody is doing good up here and we're down here and we say, oh, I can never, what am I doing when I'm envious or jealous? I'm saying that person can do it, but I can't. Why is it fair that, that person's there, but I'm not right.

We want to switch that and we want to raise to their level and say, if they can do it, I can do it. They're just doing the manifestation techniques and energy and different things that I'm also capable of. Right? So let the success story and increase your belief and faith that you can do it believe in faith, in the manifestation process, belief in faith, in the laws of the universe, that if it can happen for one, it can happen for many. All right. And the comments below also send a congratulations at good energy towards Lee to allow yourself to again, have the habit of whenever you see somebody's level of success, you can gradually, you feel good and you raise to their level, you vibrate at that level of frequency. All right. So go ahead and comment that below. And then of course, Lee is in our courses here. And if you want to get a part of that action into the course, click in the description below, and you'll see where to sign up for our courses and check them out. All right, let's go right over to, Lee's a testimonial here in success story, using the law of attraction, manifestation methods, and principles that you also have a gift to. Okay, it's going to really blow you away on some of the success he's been able to accomplish and really unleash in the manifestation game.

Hello, everyone. I I'm willing to submit this, uh, testimonial video for the, uh, Scott Haug, manifestation acceleration, uh, training course. I think it's absolutely amazing. And I, I definitely want to do this, uh, uh, for me, this, uh, manifestation celebration training that Scott put together, uh, for me, it's, uh, done, uh, some amazing things in my life, personally, uh, some major accomplishments I've, uh, increase my income. I've been able to manifest and increase my income. I've been promoted. Um, my life has expanded tremendously. My level of awareness has increased greatly, and I have gained a, a greater Daryl understanding of all the concept about manifestation and the ideals and the methods that Scott Haug has, um, uh, created, uh, come up with is, is well put together well put together. Um, another thing, the reason why I love the program, it's, I think it's, there are a lot of other programs out there, but I think God has really nailed down the meat and potatoes.

Uh, I'd say it's really nailed down the meat potatoes and put that in his course, uh, for anybody to learn and be able to implement right away. Uh, it started seeing results immediately. Um, it has helped me tremendously. Um, my life has expanded a great deal and, uh, I thank you for that. Thank you, Scott Haug and his team, uh, for, for doing that, the, uh, information in the program, the, uh, opportunity to be able to communicate with other members and also, uh, with Scott Haug personally, uh, is a tremendous value, uh, to have, uh, yeah, there are other courses out there. Uh, the manifestation acceleration course, this God has is, is truly a game changer and I'm very grateful that you put it together and, uh, studied everyday. I go through it everyday and I implement, uh, Scott in this team teachings, uh, to the manifestation, the acceleration and my level of awareness continues to expand.

And when that happens, you have plus some big surprises. Uh, so thank you once again, uh, allowed the program. It's a great program. If you're thinking about, uh, joining, getting a program, I recommend you do. Um, doesn't matter if you begin, or if you don't know anything about manifestation or any of the things that Scott teaches, or if you advance same thing, it's, it's, it's good. Information is great information to learn whether you're a beginner or whether you have fans manifesto. Uh, the information is great to have in your tools, in your toolbox as Scott say, sometime in his program. Um, so thank you as my testimony here, sending you all love and, and blessings, thanks.

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