Trying to make everything perfect BEFORE starting? Do THIS instead!
Written by Scott Haug on June 4th, 2021
Trying to make everything perfect BEFORE starting? Do THIS instead!

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you in perfection paralysis just waiting for the "perfect time" BEFORE starting? Don't fall into trying to be "perfect"! 

Watch this video all the way to the end so you can DO THIS INSTEAD!      

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Full Transcript

Trying to make everything perfect? Are you in perfection paralysis, feeling overwhelmed, trying to really get it perfect. Even before you start, Hey Scott Haug here with the Manifestation Accelerator, where manifestations and results are made easy and in today's video, I'm going to go over a technique and, and change in habit of your thinking to allow yourself to get out of that, trying to make things perfect mode, because when you're in that mode, you often procrastinate. You don't get results. You're just trying to make it perfect right over to really making improvements in their life, getting the progress for seeking and moving things forward. Just before we jump into training today, throw a like on the video as you do so it's going to send out to a lot more people and together we can raise the consciousness of the planet together. Also click subscribe and then click the bell icon as well.

So you're notified when we send out other great manifestation, how to content methods, techniques, meditations, all that good stuff. And also in the description below, make sure you're enrolled in one of our manifestation courses that will really help your results take off like a rocket. So let's jump into this. Why do people try and be perfect in the first place? Because it's a fear, it's a fear of not being good enough. It's a fear that, you know, if I put out a project that's not perfect. Somebody might think a certain opinion about me. So there's fear of judgment, fear of rejection, right? So when I'm trying to be perfect, it's coming from a fear really first, it's a doubt and worry, doubting my own ability, doubting other people's trust in me, doubting yet, you know, whatever I put out, I can feel confident by. And it doesn't matter.

Other people's opinion that doubt and worry yeah. About myself and about what others think. And everything else gets converted because it's emotionalized to fear. It's really, it starts as a doubt, worry. And then as you think about it, more and more, you start to feel, it becomes a fear. And that fear drives the action of inaction, right? Constantly, you know, if it's a book you're writing, if it's a certain thing that you're working on, whatever, you're trying to get it perfect before you're putting it out there. So the fear causes the inaction of actually putting it out there. Right. I'm trying to get it perfect. I need to tweak this every single day in order to have a perfect, right. So people take five, 10, 20, 30 years to do one thing that could take them one year or less, you know, maybe a couple of months instead.

So perfection paralysis is called paralysis for reason because it's inaction. You don't really get things moving forward can really kill your dreams and your progress. And I've certainly been there many times, myself trying to get things perfect until I learned from a mentor, the other side, and I discovered this process and I've used it to this day as well. Perfection doesn't actually exist from planet. Okay. You can't plan enough to create perfection. It's never going to happen. Perfection actually comes from steady steps forward tweaking to make the thing better, making it better, putting it out there again. Okay. So let me explain what that is. Kind of sounds complex there. So basically I put out something like if I'm doing paid ads for the first time, I remember this for me, you might relate if you never done it as before in your full-time job.

Okay. Just use this as an example. Right? I don't remember trying to sit there for hours trying to get my first ad. Perfect. Okay. I never done it as, before I was trying to get it. Perfect. Hours turned into days, turned into weeks because I couldn't have figured out I was in writer's block. I didn't know what to say as like the, you know, if I put this out there, people are going to think something of me, all the things I just mentioned right. Until my mentor said, no, no, no, don't do that. Just get into perfection or don't get into perfection, get into steps, moving forward, put the ad out there, see how it works. Gain feedback from the stuff that you put out, tweak it to make it better. And then you do version 2.0 for your ad thinking, dang, that's it. This person over here stuck on one point over chin, because they're thinking perfection comes from enough, planning enough, you know, just sitting there thinking it doesn't happen.

Like it, perfection comes from you put out a 1.0 version. Then you get the feedback. Are people saying certain comments? How did the ad perform? Did it get results? Did it get purchases? Did it get leads? Whatever it is. Right. And if it didn't okay, maybe I need to tweak the phrase. I need to tweak the picture. I need to tweak whatever. Right. So it's about tweaking making it better. So then you send out a 2.0 version. Now the 2.0 version. You put it out there again, it got a little better performance. Great. Okay. So, you know, what can I tweak to make it better tweak? We can make it better. Put out the 3.0 version. Okay. So really it's all about little steps up a staircase. That's how you get perfection. Let me do an example. Like the company, apple, iPhone, I'm sure you're familiar.

And in fact you might be listening into the video through an iPhone. Maybe not. It doesn't matter. Okay. But the apple company first came out with say iPhone four. Okay. If apple was trying to get it perfect and get all the way to the iPhone 10. Right. Trying to get it. Perfect. Trying to make the most advanced thing on the planet, never yet been discovered the technology or whatever it is. They probably would have never put out the iPhone four and they would have waited 10, 20, 50 years later in the company to actually put out that saying, therefore that means all these people will never be able to serve with the iPhone. They would never be able to purchase it. The company would have done so well, all those things, right? So there's negatives that come with that. Now what did apple do though?

You put out iPhone four, see how the users like it, figure out what tweaks need to be made, change the technology, make it better. Then you know, there's other ones I've worn iPhone, iPhone four S and all that other stuff. We'll just go numbers. Then there's iPhone five. Ooh, great. Okay. Even better screens, better technologies, better functionings, better apps, better, you know, whatever it is, iPhone six. And they keep moving it forward. Based on the feedback, based on the changes in, in what they do with the improvements and they make it better. If you're a coach and course creator happens all the time, you put out a 1.0, version, your best that you can do now gain feedback. You get better as a coach. And then you create your 2.0 version. Right? So again, it's not about getting the perfect thing out there because doing that.

Isn't how you get perfection anyways, as crazy as it sounds, it's counterintuitive. Okay. So I ended up thinking and plannings can get you there. What gets you? There is putting something out there, tweaking, making it better than put it out there in a different way, in a better way, but out there in a better way. But then, and this is really what we call it. An intelligent entrepreneur. This is how you manifest, okay. This is how you really get this stuff out there. Now I know we're talking a lot about business, but same thing goes with a job, right? When you're 18 years old, if you've got a job then, or 22, you know, whenever you get your first job, it could have been really early on or later doesn't matter. Okay. Did you look for the perfect job on the planet? No, probably you're like, I need some money I need to get started.

So you worked at the pizza shop or you worked, uh, you know, at a parent's business like I did, or you worked, you know, whatever it is, but you worked maybe from minimum wage. Maybe you start it a little bit more. It doesn't matter, but you didn't look for, you know, a 3000 hour per hour job right now. You say, I gotta get money going. I gotta get experience under my belt. I got to get things moving in some sort of fashion. Right. And every person's experience is different. So your mic yours might be very different from here's living scenario and everything else. Right. But it's not, you're not looking for the perfect. You just can't get moving. Okay. You know, it's the, do we prepare children to go into first grade, second grade? Something was knowing 10th, 11th, 12th, grade math. No. Right. You get them where they're at. They learn a little bit more and learn a little bit more, learn a little bit

More, prepare them for the next grade. Prepare them for the stuff now. Well, not really getting the educational system. Cause it could be way different and way better. But you see the gist here, right? So you want to think of perfection as a staircase, gotta move up a step, gotta move up a step, gotta move up a step, got to move up a step. And from that place, things really move. Especially if you're an entrepreneur trying to manifest clients, manifest money, manifests any of this stuff. It's about moving forward up the staircase. All right. In the comments below, throw a comment in there. Like I am actually going to move all of my projects, all my stuff, whatever it is, you dictate, whatever it is up. One step at a time to get to perfection. Okay. So you just want to declare it, put a declared declaration statement.

If you will. In the comment section that says, I will follow this, I will go up one stair at a time. Not trying to get perfect through thinking and planning and, and sitting there trying to make it better and everything else. I do the best I can. I put it out there, get the feedback, tweak it, make it better. Put it out there again. All right. So make your declaration and comments billows to really solidify that you're not just learning this stuff. You will do it. And you're giving your committed word to doing it as well.

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