The Golden Formula
Written by Scott Haug on October 25th, 2018
Personal Development, Thinking Into Results
What is the Grand Formula for manifestation?


The simple and effective formula that will help you manifest your desires with speed:


I joke with my clients that I will one day tattoo this on my forehead so that they can be reminded of the formula on every coaching call.

This formula is extremely effective.

Most people go the other way around:


🚫 They want to HAVE more money and business
🚫 Then they will DO more of what they love
🚫 Finally, they will only then BE happy

I used to live that way... but it's a losing formula. You lose every time.

It's like when you go out and buy things on whim. You HAVE the thing, you USE the thing (do), but you're only happy for like an hour.

Here is why the formula doesn't work in this order:

- A person wants something before they change (HAVE)
- But they never changed their actions / did things different (DO)
- And they never changed anything within (BE)

It just never works, it is trying to get something for nothing.


If you reverse the formula, it works every time:


☑️ First they change their thoughts / feelings within (BE)
☑️ Then they serve people / take inspired action (DO)
☑️ Finally, they can receive what they desire (HAVE)

It's like the great Jim Rohn once said, "To have more, you must first become more."

We have to become our goals and match to that frequency. How? By shifting our thoughts and feeling to match our goal.

Feel ease now BEFORE things change.

Think abundance now BEFORE things are abundant.

This order of the formula works because:

- A person changes within to match their goal / desire (BE)
- The person puts out good value before getting anything (DO)
- That person then receives the good they put out (HAVE)


It's hard to change internally before things change physically...

But it's needed.

That's why so many people stay stuck... they want things to change before they are willing to change.

They want the money to change before they feel good.

They want the person to change before they change their action.

They want the business to change before they put out good value.

(I know! I used to live that way before I understood why things happened the way they did).


Put out good value and service first to increase income.

Put out wonderful energy first before expecting change.

Put out happiness first before the money / business comes.

The Grand Formula: BE > DO > HAVE

Rock the rest of your week!

Scott Haug

Scott Haug helps people create financial abundance, make a massive impact, and unleash their true potential.  He is an expert at helping people make permanent changes in their life and making things super simple to understand. If you're interested in sky rocketing your own results or understanding of the mind then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
Scott Haug
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