The Law of Attraction Explained (Hidden Secrets Revealed)
Written by Scott Haug on May 24th, 2021
The Law of Attraction Explained (Hidden Secrets Revealed)

The greatest explanation of the Law of Attraction you will ever find!

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Full Transcript

I'm going to bring you over to the whiteboard here and explain law of attraction in a very different way. That's really going to improve everything in your life. We live on three planes of understanding simultaneously right now you're a spiritual being, living in a physical body with a mind or said in a different way you're an energetic vibrational being, living in this physical body with a mind gifted to you to create your reality. And as we live on these three planes of understanding on the physical plane itself, which is categorized by three dimensions, as you already know, if we're in a room here, we have a length, we have width and we have height. That's three different dimensions. We experienced the physical in a time sequence. You already know that that's not mind blowing information, okay. But yesterday was yesterday today's today. And this moment that you're watching this and then tomorrow is tomorrow.

So we experienced the physical 3d reality in a past present future time sequence. Now, how do we manifest? Or how does the law of attraction really work? We want to understand that this spiritual side of us, the energetic side of us is fourth dimensional. It sounds fancy. It's really not. It's quite simple. Three dimensions of space, physical. I just mentioned. And then you add on the fourth dimension of time, physical, even though it's experience and a time sequence again, put in simple terms. Yesterday was yesterday. Today is today. Tomorrow is tomorrow. That's all that means. And the energetic side of us, we have fourth dimension of time. So it's actually experienced and an up to down arrow. Okay? So really what this means is in our fourth dimensional side, just like the physical, there's three dimensions of space and it's all happening right now. We have our fourth dimension of time, which is all happening right now.

So really what it's saying here is past present, and future are all happening right now in this present moment. We'll prove the fact by think about what you had for lunch yesterday. Okay. Now many people just say, I don't even remember what I had for lunch because they've been so busy. Just think about it for a second and go ahead and think about what you had for lunch yesterday. See yourself eating, whatever it was. It was sandwiches. This, it was that whatever it was. Okay. So where'd you just go, you went to memory, you went to your imagination, right? And in that imagination, when is that happening? It's happening right now in this moment. So right now, while you're listening into this video, you just visualize yourself actually eating lunch yesterday. Okay? So you went there in your invisible side, inner imagination in your memory.

Now literally physically bring your body to yesterday. Can't do it unless in some sort of time, Aaron physical reality human beings come up with a tiny machine. Like the back to the future idea. If you will, there's no way to transport your physical body to yesterday. Okay? So yesterday's yesterday, tomorrow is tomorrow. But right now when you visualize something or when you think about it in memory, it's happening right now, even if you say it's categorizing it, it happened yesterday. You can only see the contents of a memory and imagination in the present. You kind of not actually go to the past. Physically. Can't put your body over there, but you can put your mind. And that's what we're talking about here. Spiritual, mental, and physical. You can actually put your mind in the energetic side to you in the past, present and future right now. Now why is this really matter for law of attraction? Because what's happening here is at all times we have an energy coming to and through us, that's what we call thinking substance. It's what we call infinite energy. So what we call it really possibility. Infinite possibility. We have an energy coming to and through our being.

And as we have this energy come to and through our being, we have been gifted as human beings, the spiritual beings living in this physical body, we have been gifted. What we call an imagination. We're going to put imagination right here. Okay? And this imagination allows us to take this energy that's flowing to and through us and actually put it into form to put it into form of what we desire or anything else. So we take this energy and we actually form it into what we call mental images or what we call also end scenes, mental images or end scenes. So you take this energy and you actually see yourself in certain situations. Be it things, undesirable, things, desirable, whatever it is, right? The undesirable might, you might see yourself in earning $5,000 a month, but you really want to start earning $25,000 a month. Right? But you're entertaining mental images in your imagination. You're also entertaining different things that are going on in your life, right? So basically anything you're thinking, anything you're seeing anything you're visualizing or not visualizing is actually taking this formless energy, putting it into form what we call our end or taking this infinite and actually forming it into something because this is what we call it. Plastic, substance, whatever we feel. So feelings, the key here, whatever we feel actually gets dropped into our subconscious mind or

Versatile side of us. And as soon as that gets dropped in the subconscious mind, it actually is in all places at all times right now, hard to understand. Yeah. I don't think you really have to, as a human being, it's hard to comprehend, right? But this idea is this thought, once you feel it to be true about yourself today, it feels natural for you. It drops in the subconscious mind and it must be expressed onto the physical plane as a result, as a conversation and attracted opportunity something happening in your world. What we call the physical happenings, physical events playing out in your life. Okay. Now, how has the law of attraction really worked with this? Well, what we want to understand is these images are forms of energy. There are pockets of energy, if you will. So what people call in term of vibrational level, you're on a certain frequency because remember, first part here is you are an energy.

You are a spiritual being, you are an energetic being, you are a vibrational being. And since you are a vibrational being, you were actually living on a certain frequency, a certain level of vibration. Okay? So since you're actually on a certain frequency here, okay, and you are actually attracting what you feel to be true today in your life. You're going to start attracting circumstances and happenings in harmony with where you're actually mentally entertaining images. Okay? Because we want to understand that vibration and feeling are one in the same, okay. Feeling is your conscious awareness of the vibration you're in and vibration. Pre-seed to manifestation. Sounds really fancy. Let's put it into simple terms, feeling equals vibration. Okay. So if I feel good and I feel it's natural for me to earn $25,000 a month in my imagination, my life is going to start to gravitate towards that.

Okay? And like, circumstances are going to attract to me. If I feel it's natural for me to only earn $5,000 a month, okay. That naturalness feeling will again, manifest itself onto the screen of this world and must attract opportunities and circumstances in harmony with it. Here's the hidden knowledge that most people don't understand. And this is a coin terms from the great Neville Goddard. If you ever heard of him, the author in spiritual lecture, many years ago, he coined a term called the bridge of instance. I like to call it the bridge of happenings or the bridge of events. Okay. But as soon as you entertain in mental image and you feel it to be true, so you believe it and you feel it to be true. That's accepted. That's an accepted idea that drops into the subconscious mind. As soon as you feel something to be true, there is a series of unfoldment that starts to happen and take place that allows you to finally, at some point in the future, actually experience that fiscal result.

That's what we call a manifestation. Now, really all things are manifestation. So you watching this video, you manifested it, you manifested this YouTube channel, right? You manifested your yourself, getting into the car and driving to the bank or driving to a store. That's a manifestation. Everything's manifestation. It's just people coined the term manifestation. Really what it is is the things that you want are intended desirable manifestations. And the things you don't want are unintended undesirable manifestations, but it's all a manifestation. Okay? So at some time in the future, you are going to actually manifest what you do or do not want based on what you actually put into the sequence. Pretty interesting right now, that's why the law of attraction has a little more complexity to it than just saying, you know, like attracts like and different things. Yeah, those are true. But if we just understand, like attracts, like we don't really understand what do I do with this knowledge?

How do I actually produce results? How do we change my life? How do I transform the different areas of my life? So I can start to attract better into my life. This is the answer. So we have these, what we call bridge of happenings. And this takes place between the present moment and the future of when we actually received the thing. It's the waiting game. If you visualize what you want and feel it to be true today, ones are going to come a day, seven days, a couple of hours, a couple of months, couple of years. Okay. We'll talk about that timeframe and how to speed up the timeframe later on. Okay. But really what we're talking about here is this is a bridge between now and when you actually physically receive what you want, maybe $5,000 or a new client, a new sale, a new partner soulmate at new house, dream house, dream car, whatever it is that you want to receive between now and then is what we call the bridge of events.

This is real love. Attraction, hidden secrets, just attract like, attract. Like what happens is you attract like circumstances, like opportunities like conversations, like thoughts, like feelings like actions, like behaviors, like habits, like things in harmony. But then what happens here is as soon I visualize and feel it to be true, this boom instantly happens. And I start attracting a series of events, allowing the unfoldment of my ultimate desire. Now the interesting part about this is most people try to control the wrong thing. And that gets him into a deep hole. They try to control the bridge of incidents. They tried to control the physical. They try so hard to figure out when, where and how the money's getting come from. They're trying so hard to figure out when, where and how the new clients going to come from, right? So they are in chronic trying to figure out, and this is why they overthink how's it going to come? And that's why I'm putting this in red I don't want that. When

Where's it going to come from, they are thinking from their physical eyes, not from the spiritual being that they are, here's what you really control. This is the only thing I control. It's the only thing that you control. It's the only thing that you're their parent. You're your friends, your whatever it is. Okay. It's the only thing. Any human being controls. And that's this point here, guess who helps you with this universe? This is what we call the universe. The universe actually controls what you actually attract into your life. The universe figures it out through an algorithm. If you will, that no human being can really possibly understand the 8 billion or so people that we have on this planet earth, all living in perfect conjunction as the universe slowly moves or Fastly moves pieces of the puzzle for you to receive what you want. It's pretty impossible to actually figure out if you will, because it's so incredibly complex to the human mind, but the universe does this.

That's what you call coincidence. So what you call luck. So we call it being at the right place at the right time. All of those things are coined terms from human beings that they do not understand how this thing happened. So they say, Oh, it just happened out of the blue. Well, not really. We control this in this only, you only control that one thing. Now people will say, well, don't I control my actions. Don't I control how I feel sometimes don't I control what words I say to another human being. Don't I control how I drive my car. Don't I control the things that go on in my business marketing wise or this or that you absolutely do. But the thing is it's controlled by your thoughts. If I think first I therefore feel, therefore I act okay, now it doesn't always happen that way. We have automatic habitual actions and behaviors. Absolutely. So this really comes down to also these mental images. There's two options here. You have automatic ways and you have choice crazy. I say crazy because so much of the time you were attracting in what you've been automatically programmed to attract into your life.

Most of your day, you're automatically entertaining images that you entertain yesterday in the last year, it's about 90%, 95% or more or higher in the ratio of how many automatic images you are entertaining compared to the ones you're actually choosing your choice. Thoughts. You know, most people, this automatic thought pattern is their current results. They constantly think about it over and over their current job. Their current scenario, the current, everything in their life has been about the same for the last 10, 20 years. Right? You know, those people, this though is when you start choosing you have a choice right now to entertain more of your time, the dream or the fear you have more of the time, tend to attain the choice of seeing yourself more in abundance than ever, or seeing herself in the same scenarios. You've always been. You can see yourself in living in more luxury and more quality.

Now, most people will say, well, where's it going to come from? I have a full-time job. Where's the money gonna come from, right? But that's not our job to understand how it's the university's job because what's going to happen is if you just start entertaining the dream, you're going to find somebody calls you out of the blue about a business opportunity. You're going to go on Facebook and you're going to be scrolling. And you see an ad on how to start investing your money. You're going to start seeing a random thing out of the blue happen to allow yourself, wow. I just earned an extra 200 bucks from something I sold. Well, maybe I can make that into a business. I can buy and resell things. You're going to have ideas, but you won't have ideas. If you were just constantly telling yourself all the reasons why it can happen through your automatic habitual way of thinking.

Here's where it really takes place. Again, you don't have to figure out how the universe takes care of it for you, by your entertained choices and mental images within your being within your energetic side. Very, very important. So it's very important to have faith in this process. You know what these questions are, how is it going to come? When's it gonna come? Where's it going to come from? This is the basis of all fear, fear of disappointment. Fear of I've written down my goals, but I always come short fear of disappointment of I've tried manifesting what I want. It seems like I can never do it. Right. I seem like I don't have support. I don't have help. My friends and family don't believe in this stuff. You know, whatever it is, I feel stuck. You don't, nobody's actually stuck. They are looking at their physical results and saying, I'm stuck.

Okay. They see this. They see only what's happening in their physical results, their bank account, their money, their business, whatever it is, right. They're never actually stuck. You know, what's stuck is their thoughts. That's, what's stuck. They're stuck entertaining about the same thing. They've always entertained internally wise fonts in their imagination. And as we just talked about, if you start choosing, when you want to entertain, you feel to be true. You change your inner conversation to allow that to drop in your subconscious mind, you're going to start seeing you do it. At enough of the time, you're going to start seeing these bridge of events unfolding to allow yourself to experience a better results. Key here is consistency, and I'm gonna put this in a different color. So you can really see this in a different light here. The key here is consistent.

He must be consistent because you could drop things in the subconscious mind, but really if you're dropping a couple of seeds into the mind, but most of your day, you are doubting. You are literally canceling this stuff off. Okay? If you were just doubt and worried and fear the whole mode, you're going to prolong your actual manifestations from coming in. So you, your timeline between now your present moment and when you receive the thing is going to be enormous. It's going to take you five years to change your income from 5,000 a month to 10,000 a month, it's going to take you five years, 10 years, you know, whatever it is. So the more we have, how, when, where doubt worry, fear where the more we prolong this entire process, the longer our bridge of events unfolds, the more frustrated we feel, because we want to buy a lot better with our life, but we're not getting better because we feel stuck in the same circumstances.

The more that irritation forms, the more I can manifest, because remember feelings are vibration. So if I'm constantly in a negative attitude, I seemingly keep bringing in negative things. You change your mental attitude. It changed what you're dropping on a daily basis in your subconscious mind, things will begin to happen. Now you actually don't have to have repetition over and over seeing the same mental image. If you can get used to actually having an mental image and accepting it to be true today, that will drop immediately in the subconscious mind. And you move on. You can actually ask for 25 different things in a day and just keep firing off those rockets. One after another, after another, after another, over and over and over and over. And you're gonna start to have a lot of good things happening in our life where repetition comes into play is the repetition of choice, because we think automatically know, certainly start to shift and rewire subconscious and change your programming.

Absolutely through a repetition of the same mental image going in over and over and over, because your feelings going to increase, you're actually going to feel like the thing you desire is natural for you to have today. And when it feels natural, that's when it manifests. As soon as it feels natural. That's when it manifests. When we start to sharpen our timeline, there, hope today's lesson was immensely helpful to you. I've listened to this video every single day for the next 30 days. Sounds like a lot. If you can get this ingrained in your mind, you're going to start increasing your faith, tenfold a hundred fold, okay? And when you increase your faith, you're increasing your belief and it's all in what you believe, whatever you believe, what was happening in her life. And that's what the law of attraction is bringing to you. Okay?

Listen to this video every day in full, over and over first thing in the morning, you listened to this and you actually have more and more faith producing because faith comes from awareness. Faith comes through understanding faith through comes through actually practicing this information more of your time than not more of the time than your doubts. And worries stay into that. So, you know, really get into this. And as you move forward in, listen to this video over and over, and you start increasing our faith. You will see the bridge of incidence, the bridge of events, the bridge of happenings, starting to move, starting to change the pace, starting to get things moving in a greater direction in the comments below, I would absolutely entertain different things. Keep yourself accountable day one, check Mark in the comments below day two, check Mark, 30 days straight listening into this for a hyper-awareness Piper, faith in hyper belief and watch all of the good, all the miracles, all of the happenings, all of the money, all of the good things happening in your life that has a potential right now, watch those things start dropping into your life left and right by entertaining and practicing and implementing the ideas in the video today.

Again, listen to this video every day for 30 days, increase your faith. You can do a lot better than what you're doing. You're already doing great. Thanks for doing a great job in your life. Thanks for putting out great and doing so well as far as you know, in your awareness so far, but I know that you can do a lot better. How do I know that? Because I know I can always do better. I know everybody in this world, even if you're doing really great, you can even get better. Better is a great word. Keep moving it forward. Okay. Listen into this. Allow yourself to soak in the knowledge, but come the idea. Don't just go onto the next YouTube video, but come the idea. You'll raise your level of consciousness, elevate your consciousness, and that's where the results come into plans, entertaining and choosing the thoughts and feelings that you ultimately believe in activate in your life today.

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