Rapid Money Manifestation (THIS WORKS AWESOME!)
Written by Scott Haug on May 21st, 2021
Rapid Money Manifestation (THIS WORKS AWESOME!)

Check out how to manifest money easier and faster than ever before with this Rapid Money Manifestation technique!

Watch this video all the way to the end so you can see how THIS WORKS AWESOME!     

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Full Transcript

Rapid money manifestation. Let's start getting your money game going faster and greater than ever before. Hey Scott Haug here and in today's video, we're going to be covering some techniques and some quick strategies and tips to allow yourself to manifest some money. As soon as this week, it can happen for you. Happens for our members, happens for myself as well. It can happen for you by following the directions in this video, just before we jumped into it, throw like on the video as you do. So it's going to send out to a lot more people and together we can raise the consciousness of this planet, click subscribe on the channel, and then also click the bell icon to get notified when we send out other great manifestation, how to content methods, techniques, everything you're going to need to really start manifesting what you desire consistently and more predictably than ever before.

Okay. Let's jump into it here. So we want to understand manifestation is an energy game and that's it. It's not magic, right? We want to understand that, you know, this whole law of attraction, manifestation sometimes sounds like magic. Sounds like if we just think about it long enough, it's going to out of thin air. If we think about it long enough, things are just going to magically and luckily aligned for us. And that's just really not how it goes. I was there myself, right? I would think about manifesting, say $2,000. And I'd think about it. I do the visualization. I do the gratitude, the affirmations, but then I get so frustrated that by that night, I didn't see like $2,000 randomly pop up on my desk, right? The next day or whatever it was. Right. I felt like it was just magic. Like something crazy.

It was going to happen. And overnight I'd randomly have $2,000 cash sitting on my table, right? We just know it doesn't work that way. This is a science. This is really an energy thing that's going on in the world. And what manifestation really is, is bringing the invisible, your idea, your thought, your intention, your desire to the visible, through a natural progression, and then natural progression involves time. There's a time period. By the time you actually dropped that thought and dropped that idea into your subconscious universal side of you. It's going to be a time that it takes to unfold and actually become a physical fact. And reality could take a few hours, could take a few days, few weeks, even take a few months or a few years, depending on what the desire is and where your faith and belief are and where you are internally with your programming.

Right? So we understand first and med manifestation is not magic. It's not crazy. It's a lawful process. Second part to this before we get into the exercise is energy is also a money game. Money and energy are the same thing. So when you want to manifest more money, we need to change your energy. We need to shift that energy, okay. Money. That's all it is, is a system of exchange in what we call the marketplace. That's it, it's an exchange. It's an exchange. You give somebody as service and product and return. They give you money. Okay? It's a simple energy exchange and that's it, right? But sometimes we get so frustrated around money, right? We think, Oh, it's not here. Where is it? Or anything like this, right? But when we remember, it's just an energy and in the marketplace, when I'm talking about marketplaces, where you buy things, you buy services, you buy products.

Or if you're a business owner, you sell things. Or if you have a full-time job, you're in a company that actually provides a service to the world. It's just an energy exchange between two companies, a business, and a company like a small business, a person and a business, you know, all these different things. It's just a means of exchange. Nothing to get frustrated over nothing, to be emotional by. So we know these two things. Manifestation is not magic. It's an energy game and money. It's not a crazy thing to be frustrated by. It's just also an energy transaction. All right. So here's what we do. Here's a technique every night for the next 14 nights, you're going to want to watch this video first, then do the technique because the video is going to provide you belief in faith. Okay? Have the belief in faith, then do the exercise very important.

Or else you're going to do the exercise and have doubt. You're going to have worry. You're going to have all this stuff coming into mind. Fear. That's never going to work. You know, whatever it is. Okay? So every single night for the next 14 nights, again, pick a solid amount of money that you want. $500, a hundred dollars, $5,000 vary the amounts from night tonight. So now we're going to be the same for 14 days here. It's going to vary the amount. You're going to write it down in the present tense as if you already have it. I now receive $500. I just got in an unexpected $2,000 a phrase in the present tense. And by the way, in the comments below, put your first money amount. That's going to be day. Number one, it's going to keep you accountable. So, but day number one, accountability.

Then put your present tense statement with the amount of money that you want. I now receive $500 for example, okay, then you're going to close your eyes and you're going to deposit that money into your checking account. If you have a business checking, maybe there, if you have a personal checking, maybe they're in a savings, wherever it is, log into your bank account mentally in your imagination. Zoe, call an end scene and go ahead and deposit that money into your checking account. Literally see a transaction that says plus $500 or whatever you asked for, and then see your total and your checking cow increased by $500. So it's a mental or imaginary transaction and imaginary increased your bank account. Okay. Once you do this, say in your mind, not out loud as an affirmation say within, I just now had an extra $500 deposit in my account.

I feel blank. I feel joyful. I feel so grateful. I feel elated that this thing happened unexpectedly. So you match your inner thoughts with what you're seeing in your imagination. Okay? You want to go ahead and do that and it's going to help you feel what it would feel like as if this thing is done. So you see an end scene, you feel to be true. It's going to activate it. You're going to open your eyes up, then do your thing. Then I, you know, go to bed, you know, get ready for bed or whatever it is, but you're just gonna let it go. You're going to write it down. That one time, you're going to see it in your mind. You're going to feel to be true. And you're going to let it go every night for the next 14 nights after then there would be 13 nights after that.

Okay. You're going to do the same thing with a different money amount of close her eyes, deposit the amount of money, match your inner thoughts, and then let it go. Okay. Well, you're going to come to find is during those 14 days, you're going to start to see things attract to you. You're going to start to see opportunities. You're going to start to see random things, random coincidental things. They're not really coincidence. They're just starting to see things unfold is what we call the bridge of incidents they happening between now. And when you actually see the physical result, the actual thing in your bank account, 500 bucks, a thousand bucks actually seeing it as reality. That time period, right there is what we call the bridge of incidents unfolding, where you're going to see a little positive events and positive happenings happen to allow yourself to actually receive the thing that you just put out there into the universe of what you want.

We vary the amount every single night, because we just want to keep asking, right? A lot of people have a very challenging time letting and letting go and allowing. So this process right here is going to develop the habit of letting in good things, allowing things to unfold and not overthinking how's the money game. Come. Where's it going to come from? When's it going to come? Right? Those questions that are doubt and worry based, right? We want to be in good faith and good belief. A great thing to do is not overthink it. Let it go. After you actually make the intention for it every day. Again, for 14 nights straight, I encourage you. I challenge you to do this and in the comment section, go ahead and keep accountable log back or go back into YouTube. Have the video here. You've already pressed the light button.

So is it in your, your playlist there and just go out and every day, put a new comment below day. Number two, I asked for this day, number three, I asked for this, right? Cause you want to watch the video anyways, then comment in the, in the comments below to keep yourself accountable. Then after 14 days, you can go back to your comments and see how many days he did in a row. Hopefully it's 14. All right, try this out. I've given it to all my clients. I've given it to all our, all of our members and they're blown away by the results they get. By the time you send out that, that intention, you actually feel it to be true today and you let it go. Things start to really move. And by the way, if you went any other extra tips and tools and resources, we can go 10,000 times deeper in our courts.

So go ahead and click the link below in the description as well, check out our courses. There's a lot more that goes into these processes. More methods, a lot more techniques that are proven time and time again, to go and work for you consistently and predictably. Those are all built within our courses. So go ahead and check out the courses below by clicking the link. We'll see in there as well. All right, try this technique out for 14 nights straight. I look forward to hearing about your results and the good things that start to happen for you.

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