(FULL GUIDE!) Manifesting Step-By-Step Guide: All the steps you need to know!
Written by Scott Haug on May 19th, 2021
(FULL GUIDE!) Manifesting Step-By-Step Guide: All the steps you need to know!

In this Manifesting step-by-step FULL GUIDE, you are going to have everything you need to start manifesting what you want into your life as soon as TODAY!

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
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Full Transcript

Full manifestation guide, step-by-step everything you're going to need to start manifesting what you want into your life. As soon as today, Hey, Scott Haug here with the manifestation accelerator, where manifestations and results are made easy and today's video is going to be very valuable for you. And it's going to show you a roadmap, like literally, what do you do? What, how do you set your intention to manifest what you want? How do you set the right end scene to really develop in your imagination, the energy that you want and how do you start to activate that? So that between now and the time of your actual desire being manifested in physical reality, what do you do between then during that waiting game, all going to be covered for you in this manifestation guide, just before we jump into the training, sort of like on the video and as you do.

So it's going to send out to a lot more people and together we can raise the consciousness of the planet. Also subscribe to the channel, click the bell icon as well, because then you'll be notified when we send out other great manifestation, how to content methods, techniques, and everything else to get you better and better results than ever before. All right, let's jump into it. Let's go right into the full manifestation guide. Watch this video every single day to make sure you're starting to increase your mindset and awareness and energy around to manifestation. Let's get started. Okay? That manifestation process, this is something that really will help you process all of these manifestation ideas, personal development, mindset, ideas. It's a system or technology that will really truly help you get whatever you want over time. Remember, it's not a magic process. It's not like a fairy tale where you throw some dust in the air and something poofs out of thin air. Okay. Remember, manifestation is a natural process, activate what you want and you initiate the attraction of circumstances or we call bridge of incidents, events and happenings after happenings to allow you to, from today to maybe next week, over the next seven days experience where you need to experience in order for you to receive the desire. So one of the greatest things to remember is most people's blocks are they want it now.

They feel very impatient. I want the million dollars, right? This moment, my bank account, I want all the good I can possibly imagine. I will live in the mansion. Now I want the cars. I want this, I want this, I want this. I want it. All right. This moment, universe. I must have it in this moment. Right. But that's just not how the laws work. So we have to work with an in tune with our harmony, with the laws, and then we shall receive. So I don't understand. You can have it all, but it's through the life journey that we receive at all. Hope. That makes sense. All right, so let's do it. So take out a journal piece of paper, something to write down on and just want you to brainstorm. Just start with one, one desire that you want. And remember, we're going to put these in present tense statements. So it would be a great thing to start with something like I now received.

I now have blank. I now am. Cause we remember you can manifest desires on the physical plane, like material things and sales and clients and customers and money and all that good stuff. You can also at the same time, manifest new beliefs about yourself. So you could now say, I am now extremely confident. I am now wealthy in my thought. I am now a good luck charm. It just seems like all good things always happen to me, right? Whatever it is, you can manifest concepts of yourself or concepts really are what you accept and believe to be true by yourself and your world. So if you want to be a success, if you want to have that abundance mentality, a love mentality, whatever it is. Go ahead and write that down as well. Just start with one thing put down in the present tense, what you do desire And then just give me a thumbs up when you're. Okay. Couple of you. Nice. Okay. Excellent.

All right. Whenever you're done with desire, number one, go to desire. Number two. So write down a second desire. Can it be a certain way? Absolutely. I am now my ideal way to have blank, whatever it is. Absolutely. You can do a health and vitality. I am now every cell of my being is in harmony and full of health and vitality. Any area of life, this will work for any concept idea, manifestation that you want and physical plane. It's all there. So write down a second idea. And when you're done with that, give me a thumbs up and I see are the cool thumbs up icon go in there. So if anybody else wants, try that out is have to click that little dot that Don you should have thumbs up as well. Or you can just give me a physical thumbs up. That's cool.

Okay. And finally, we're going to do a third one. So go ahead and write down a third one. You can vary it up. Uh, it could be, I now received an extra $2,000 unexpectedly. I just now received an extra $20,000 unexpectedly. I've just not received a new sale unexpectedly. Again. Anything goes with that.

I see. Just entered the call. I mentioned that earlier. That's totally okay. We're doing our manifestation workshop to start the call off today. So go ahead and write down three desires. Whenever you have a moment. Okay. Now I want you to really look at those three desires just for a moment and just have the presence for 15 seconds that these desires are already at a very real reality. And just take a look really quick.

Okay. Great. All right. We're going to put the music back on here. Just select one desire. Your first desire. Forget about the other two. And I want you to deliberately picture an end scene in minds that indicates you already are in possession of the thing you wrote down. I hope you can listen to these words here. This is the main point of manifestation. We have to feel the possession of the thing. Now that's how you're going to manifest it. Feel the possession of what you desire now. So we construct an end scene. So if you say now received an extra $2,000, you might visualize yourself walking into your bank account and seeing the extra $2,000 in your checking account. You might check into your emails and see a brand new sale came through an end scene. Indicating what you just wrote down is a real reality and not in the middle, just the end, very, very important and crucial part that will make or break a lot of whether you're going to manifest this stuff quick or not as matching inner speech with the end scene. So again, make it simple. I'm closing my eyes. I'm seeing an end scene like a bank statement increase or whatever it is. And I'm matching my inner speech. I'm saying, thank you universe. I got it. I now have an extra $2,000 from my bank account. This is awesome.

Or if it's something that you want like Louisa, you said your ideal way is you look down at the scale and he say, Oh my God, I am now my ideal weight of this. Oh, this feels so good.

It is, match inner thought with the unseen. It's extremely powerful. That's going to produce feelings because remember thoughts, produce feelings. They induce them. Once you feel it, we're going to open our eyes up after 45 seconds. And we're going to let that thing go. We're going to allow it in. We're going to go to our next one. Okay. So again, just the first desire here now. Um, just before we go in and does everyone, does that make sense for everyone?

Brian, we have a questionnaire in the chat box for a state of being, do you visualize you doing something as that new state of being exactly right. So if it's the whole idea that I'm a very, very successful business owner, you could see yourself sitting at your desk and feeling the success by maybe some of the artwork you have hanging or your new office, or you have a sales sheet and you see how many sales you have and you tell yourself, I am really, I truly am a very big success, or you might go and visualize yourself on stage at an event in the future or whatever it is, speaking your story. So absolutely when you're manifesting a concept, see something that would say this concept is real in my life. All right.

Well, that's rock. So I'm going to put the music on here. You can feel free to leave your videos on or off. I always say, whatever's going to make you more comfortable with kind of just going within do that because we don't want outside thinking or opinions or anything like that at anytime. So whenever you're ready, go ahead and close your eyes. And once the music sounds, start to visualize, now I can move on. This is how you get ahead of your manifestations. We're not thinking from it or we're not thinking of the thing we're thinking from it. Okay. So we're past it. It's done deal. It's in my possession. Cool. Thank you. You have your desire. Number two, take a look at your sheet. Think about an end scene. If you're kind of thinking about, well, what other end scenes could I actually construct in my mind?

Remember you could do a conversation, others or yourself. This is very powerful. So if you're having conversation with another, you could see through your eyes, you wouldn't believe what just happened are you want to believe what just happened, Brian, right? You just, you talk to the person in your mind as if you're at the spot that it happens. Okay. And you have that conversation and see them reacting in a certain way. Like, Oh my God, you learned how much money. Right? Whatever it is. So have that conversation and, or you can actually visualize other people having conversations also. So they could say, okay, say it's a, uh, two friends getting together. And he'd say, did you hear about art's new TV show? It's phenomenal. And I heard the ratings are absolutely through the roof right now on how great it is on that. It's like number one on, on that television show right now, or, uh,

Television station. Right? So because everyone is, you basically pressed outward. So if you're seeing and hearing conversations of others, you're basically reflecting that back within your belief on what's actually happening within not only yourself, but your world, because remember whatever you believe to be true about yourself and your world is going to come true. So if you believe everybody around you saying, Oh, now that you know, that person really is not good at what they do, you're going to start to manifest that those happenings. Right. But if you believe, wow, that guy is so good or that woman is so good at what she does. You believe others are talking like that. You'll manifest that as well. Whether it's another, now you're not really influencing them so much. So as you're influencing your own thought patterns about what you think other people believe to be true about you, which changes your belief.

I mean, these are mega concepts that will change your world like lightning fast. And it's not magic though. Don't don't think it's all gonna, everything's gonna change in a moment here. Right. But you're initiating those new moments to come into pass. All right. Hey, let's do it again. Desire. Number two. Let's go ahead and close our eyes. We'll turn on the music and let's feel right into it. Remember that gratitude within is also an awesome thing to stimulate high feeling. One of the number one blocks I get all the time from members in the accelerator is they have a challenge with feeling. I can't really feel it as much. Remember how feeling is induced? It's thought, as we've already mentioned, today's call thought and deuces the feeling. If your thoughts are in the emotional level of deep gratitude, love, excitement, anything that's really, really beautiful type thoughts.

It's going to naturally induce a feeling now feeling doesn't mean it's over the top. It doesn't mean it's like a, a wave of excitement or anything like that. Oftentimes it's a very, very serene feeling. And that's a feeling in itself. It feels like done. It feels like home. It feels like me. It feels like joy. It feels like it's here. You know, those are feelings as well. Gratitude matching those inner speech thoughts with, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh my God. This is just so good. It's almost like too good to be true, but I know this stuff works. So it is actually so good and I can believe it to be true. Right. And, and you go on this little increasing rampage of gratitude while you're viewing your end scene. And that is one of the ultimate formula is to really being in the feeling of what you desire.

Ultimately, always remember. We're trying to get all of our desires to feel natural. Now, as soon as the desire feels natural, now it will come so fast. If it feels like it's still like not me today. That's where some internal work still needs to be done. Okay. So that's very important to remember, and it will give you some key insights about, have I activated it? Have I not? Do I need to do some more work around this? All right. So take a look at your desire. Number three, and remember we're going to start matching inner gratitude. So thoughts of, thank you. I'm so grateful any of those thoughts as you're seeing your end scene. So what do we do from here? Just to wrap up our workshop here is I'm just going to share my PowerPoint. Just remember that last little bit there is step number four.

So now we just let it go. And what we focus our mind on is, uh, is there some way I could increase my business today? Do I have intuitive ideas? Oh, I kind of felt like I could do this new marketing idea or I kind of feel inspired to walk outside and just kind of think of new ideas to stimulate better personal life. Right. You're going to receive some intuitive ideas because remember you also manifest thoughts. It's not just material things. So like attracts like idea here is you're going to manifest like thoughts in harmony with the end scene. Also, if your mind gets a little bit over thinking about the desire, that's all you need to do is replace it with the thought like I'm in tune with the infinite. It feels good. I'm in tune with the infinite I'm in tune with the infinite, right?

Keeping your thoughts basically out of the zone of overthinking and just shift them over gently and lightly over to an easier thought pattern. Um, wow. Today's a great day. Wow. Today's a great day. And you just keep thinking of those ideas and that will give you a little bit less resistance around. Now, remember step five is just repeating it. You don't have to do the same NCN same desires. You just want to do this regularly. So basically you're just activating so much throughout your day. One week shows up and you have so much good app and you're like, how did this all happen? Oh yeah. For the last two weeks I've been sending out three different desires. I wanted every day. All right. Very cool there.

So, uh, I put also the YouTube video, uh, of that music, um, is in our various programs. And I also have in the bonus section, there's a whole list of manifestation music, but just for quick link access, I know some of you love that. Uh, you can go ahead and save that, uh, music and YouTube, or just give it a quick, like, and it should be added to your, like, to playlist. Cool. I hope you really enjoyed that. Just a little different, a little mix in and really just making sure we're applying it because we can know a lot of this stuff, but if we're not applying it, you know, we're not getting the best results that we possibly could. All right. Let's get into some live questions for today. Personal questions, manifestation questions. If you want to talk about anything that we just discussed, let's talk about it for sure. And then we'll go through our submitted questions as well today.

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