[FUNNY!] Manifestation Wrongs Don't Do These!
Written by Scott Haug on May 14th, 2021
[FUNNY!] Manifestation Wrongs Don't Do These!

DON'T DO THESE manifestation wrongs that most people generally do around manifestation!

Watch this video to enjoy some humorous and very valuable points that Scott shares with you on what NOT to do to manifest your desires!     

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
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Scott Haug
Full Transcript

Don't do these manifestation wrongs. Hey Scott Haug here and today's video is going to be very valuable, but it's going to have a funny comical twist to it. So definitely enjoy it. It will be very valuable to you at the same time. So watch the video from beginning all the way to the end. I'm going to point out some quick things around what people generally do around to manifestation that aren't so good, but you might be still doing one of those things. So we want to make sure that we don't do that. We do other things as well in the comments below. Let me know if you find a video like this, very helpful. Okay. Post something like this is very helpful. Thank you universe. Thank you. Whatever it is so that I can see also there's something like this. So with a little twist to it will be very helpful and valuable to you. Go ahead and make sure you're also subscribed to the channel. So you get also notified when we send out other great how to manifestation content. All right, let's go ahead and do it. Let's jump over to those wrongs. If you will. Things not to do in manifestation, that is really going to be quite valuable. If you listen in and take notes as you're going through, let's do it.

Ah, this stuff never works for me. Ah, this stuff never works for me. Oh my God. The universe never helps me out. It's never delivering anything that I actually want. Oh my God, the universe never helps me out. It's never delivering anything that I actually want. Are you kidding me? This manifestation stuff is total BS. Are you kidding me? This manifestation stuff is total BS. Sometimes it's very frustrating to really understand this entire manifestation process, this universe stuff, this personal development stuff and everything like that. What we want to understand though, is every single time we take it out on the universe itself, or we take it out on somebody external, what we're really doing is doing a mirror effect to us, whatever we're sending to the universe, it's sending right back at us, whatever we're sending to another, it's sending right back to us. So instead of taken out in the universe, we want to take it out on nobody, but rather go within, seek to understand and say, I think I could be doing a little bit better. I think I could raise my level of consciousness. I think what I can do from here is work on this just a little bit better. And what's going to happen is you're going to send that out to the universe. Things are going to get a whole lot better.

I find the answers, the answers. I'm going to find the answers. More books, more books. I mean more videos, more books. Where's the answers. Where's, where's the answers. More, more reading, more reading. That totally used to be me when I thought the answer to personal development and how mindset works was consuming as much of it as possible to find the answer all the way from audio books. Every time I got in the car to listening to personal development in the shower, when I was doing laundry, when I was cooking to reading as many books as possible, trying to read at least a book to two books a week, and it was getting me nowhere, no alignment, unhappiness, unfulfillment, lack of results, lack of progress. And it just wasn't working. I didn't really understand how this stuff works, but then I thought to myself, well, that must be, I have to apply the information.

I have to do something with it. I heard a long time ago from a mentor and example, if you go to flight school and you read all the textbooks on how to fly an airplane, you read all the materials. You even learn the manual on how the airplane is constructed, but you never actually get inside a plane and fly it. What's the point. And actually learning all that knowledge. There's no point, right? The point would be actually learning all that, getting into a simulator first, maybe to test drive an airplane and then actually getting into a real plane with instructors and looking to fly the plane and learning how to do it. Right? It's all about the application of the knowledge. Same thing goes with personal development. We have to increase our consciousness. We have to increase our frequency. We have to be in the elements internally and actually apply the change in thought, apply the change in feeling and apply the change in action so that we can have the reaction from the universe manifest to us in greater results. Right? So I encourage you drop all the personal development just for a short time. I know that can be like, Oh my God, I can't do that. Right. Well, just for a short time, maybe even seven days, look to have one book or one video that you apply. Find one to three things that you could apply towards your business or personal life or whatever it might be that allows you to actually generate the actual changes in shifts from the personal development in the first place. Where is it?

It's my manifestation. I feel like nothing is happening. Is this really working thoughts? Like this stop manifestation faster than a lightning bolt. It will. Self-sabotage the success of way for any individual that kind of thinking is ego-based thinking it's always searching, always searching for outside of itself and leave physical world for the result. Where's the manifestation, when's it going to come? Where's all this stuff going, right? All of these thoughts are self-sabotaging thoughts. Literally. It's an energy we're sending out to the universe on a continuous basis and the universe sent it right back to us because we are one with the universe. We want to avoid these thoughts, like the plague. We want to get away from those thoughts. And ultimately we want to be a more divine thought. We want to be a more good saw. Like what can I do today to better myself?

What can I do today to increase the frequency I'm living on? What can I do today to better align with abundance? Right? So these are good questions and good thoughts and good thoughts. Change into good feelings, good feelings change. It's a good vibration, good vibration changes to good results, good actions, good behaviors, and allowing the universe to actually manifest with us. Right? So we don't want to have those thoughts whatsoever. The other ones at the very start of this video, the ones to avoid, we don't want to ask. Where's my manifestation. Where's my manifestation. We don't want to ask that. We want to ask more. How can I prepare myself? How can I be more ready for the good I desire

When it seems like nothing is working and you've tried so hard, things are just not going your way. The personal development videos, the books that you're reading, you're trying it all. You've been doing it for awhile, but it's just not working out. What do you do? Right? Number one is stay strong. Keep the hope alive. It will work. Eventually. Remember the universe is a very fair place, even though sometimes it doesn't appear like that everyone has their own manifestation powers and they can utilize them. It's just a matter of time that it's going to be activated. And number two is do a little refresher for me when this happened. I was so irritated that I want to quit my dream. Quit my vision, quit my business all together, all in one shot. But thank God I didn't and what I had to do. And I kept my hope alive a little bit.

And what I did from there was refresh. It took two days off. I didn't read any books, no personal development whatsoever. And I did a little mental refresh. Then after day, number two, I said, I'm not applying this. I got to figure out a way to apply it. Eventually, basically I invested into a course in coach and that was what showed me the way of actually applying the material. I want to help you do the same thing. Now, when I was there, you know, some resources were kind of low sometimes. So I got free training first and then was able to invest. I want to do the same thing for you. It's a 10 minute free training about the five step manifestation process that I really believe will help you in a very tremendous way. Once you get onto the landing page, you just had to subscribe and you'll get the free 10 minute training video. You can also do a seven day free trial of our manifestation accelerator course. It's going to blow you away. So basically you have a free 10 minute training of what to do to apply the material. You can take the seven day trial. If you choose to, which is going to allow you just get things moving and say like, what do I do today to apply it? Hopefully this helps you in some sort of way. I look forward to seeing you over at the training. If you choose to attend.

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