Manifesting Money: Using Law of Compensation [USE THIS!]
Written by Scott Haug on May 12th, 2021
Manifesting Money: Using Law of Compensation [USE THIS!]

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Full Transcript

Let's have you start manifesting a lot more money into your life? How would you like that? Absolutely. I'm sure. Right. So in today's video, we're going to go through a couple of different techniques around the law of compensation that is guaranteed to help you in your money game. This month, if you run a business, if you have a job you're just willing and wanting to manifest more money into your life, this will work. So definitely watch all the way through. Hey Scott Haug here with the manifestation accelerator, where results and manifestations are made easy in today's video, we're going to be covering that love compensation, allowing us to manifest a lot more money. And just before we jump into it, throw like on the video, it's going to send out to a lot more people in this world. And together we can raise the level of consciousness, click, subscribe to the channel and also click the bell icon as well to allow yourself to actually be a part of the channel and get notified when we send other great techniques, methods and all that good stuff out to you so that you are aware, all right, as we jumped into us here, the law of compensation is a law of the universe.

That means it is unfazed and valuable. It works. It's going to move things forward in your life better and bigger than ever. If you follow the process, okay, and it's going to be all visual. So as you jump into this, you're going to see I'm going to pull up a PowerPoint. I'm going to pull up a couple of things. And actually this is extracted from some of our courses that we have around to manifestation. All right. So again, if you need a system and you want to consistently manifest consistently and predictably also go ahead in the description below and click the link for our manifestation courses. I believe everybody needs guidance. It's very hard to do this alone. So if you've been trying to do it alone and you are open and willing to try a proven system, that we've had thousands of members go through, it's been proven to work, try it out.

Okay. Uh, it's going to be really easy for you to try it out. Just click the link. You'll see when you do so, all right. So go ahead and get involved in the course for now. Also, uh, allow yourself to really absorb the teachings here in the law of compensation. And it's going to help you. If you apply the teachings to manifest more money into your life as soon as possible. Okay. Let's jump right over to it. Yes, but remember Arna money transformation comes from one, the alignment with abundance and to our economic service. The best part about this is when we focus on number one, you're inspired to take new actions in your business, getting a higher quantity of service, higher quality of service, and going out there and truly helping people though the, uh, the people that you want to help in this world.

Okay. That's the best part about it? Cause I'm sure you want to make an impact. How we increase our income. It's always indirect. We, we never focus on the money. We focus on the service and that's when the money comes. Okay. So it's kind of like an indirect energy that we go with. So let's cover the economic service part of this portion, right? With the law of compensation. Now, as you can tell, we have these crowds of people on the back on these photos as well. Right? You can see this, one's a stadium on the first picture is more of like a concert against the other ones as follows throughout the presentation. You're there throughout the module on video, but just remember these photos, cause they're going to play a key part in what we're covering here. Now the law, there's a law that dictates exactly the income that you will earn.

How cool is that? It's not by chance. It's not by luck. It's by law that it's consistent with every person everywhere. Now for a longest time, I would question him like I would hear people talking about sports players. I was very into baseball as a kid. Okay, love the New York Yankees. And I used to play and I played all throughout high school and a little bit of cloud-based bond to college and different things as well. I loved it. That was what I really love to do throughout school. And I would hear sometimes people talking about sports players. So at the current time that I was playing, you know, Derek Jeter was playing Alex Rodriguez and all those cool people. And sometimes I would hear people say, it's not fair that they are in $20 million in a year. How come they are earning $5 million contracts? And I'm working my butt off over here, work at three jobs.

It's not fair. And it always puzzled me. I'm like, you know, w what does that mean? It's not unfair. I mean, there's gotta be a reason for why Derek Jeter could be paid so much money. Whereas somebody else, family, friends, people in our society are working so hard, but not getting paid a lot. What's going on here. And this is the answer to all by law. It's fair to every person in every scenario. When you understand this law, most people have no idea that there's even a law, let alone what the lie is. So that's why they're always puzzled. And we form excuses for the things we don't have answers for. So if we don't have an answer, we call it unfair. If we don't have an answer, or we see somebody rich and we didn't see the backstory, we call them lucky. Right. But they could have went through a hell of a time getting there.

And we just never even gave that credit to them. Okay. So let's go through this. Swap your money shift 0.2 part of your money paradigm shift, and you earning what you want to earn is increasing the energy you give to the world, to our product or economic service in order to earn a consistent high income every month, you must give that energy out in the form of economic service. Give first, then you receive, okay. Remember economic services, helping solve people's problems, focus on helping people who are a good fit for what you have into your product or service. Remember, that was what we went through in module 2.2 of our lesson. Number two, we went through what economic service was.

So that's why we took so much time to get your product service clearly defined in module 2.2, complete clarity and defined in module 2.3 high-impact actions within less than two of the program, right? That's why all these steps are so important because now we're at a week where we're starting to transform our income, double it, take our annual income to a monthly income, do all these cool things, but we needed all the setup. First, we needed the purpose, vision and goal integrated together. We also needed the business clarity, the service clarity, the high impactions and the definite map that we went over in 2.4 as well to take the action. Okay? So let's get right over to the law. The law of compensation, the amount of money you will earn is always in direct ratio to number one, the need for what you do. Number two, your ability to do it.

And number three, the difficulty there is in replacing you. All right. Now, we're going to spend a ton of time on this law during this video here. First, we're going to go through some Earl Nightingale now, okay? He says, what is money? Money is the harvest of our production. Money is what we received for our production and service as persons and which we can then use to obtain the production and service of others. A highly skilled human being is worth more money in our economics, in our economy than a person who is not highly skilled and who can be easily replaced. This is not to say that one person is any better than any other person. Remember that in this message, we're only talking about money, nothing else. The brain surgeon spent many years learning their profession often at great personal sacrifice at a high cost.

And they cannot be easily replaced. As a result, the surgeon might earn as much money and an hour as an elevator operator. My earn in a year world will pay you exactly what you bargained for exactly what you earn, but not a penny more. We will receive not what we ideally wish for, but what we justly earn our rewards will always be an exact proportion to our service. Yes. Phenomenal. Right? So maybe even want to take a screenshot of this slide here, just to remember this. Okay. Now, when we go to the third point there, you see a brain surgeon versus the elevator operator. Of course, this was an Earl Nightingale's time that he was writing these words in the fifties and sixties. Okay. So elevator operator, obviously we don't have those current day. Um, I mean, we have bellhops and things in hotels, but it's not the same, right?

So you can replace that with cashier of a store. You could replace that as, um, you know, somebody that works behind a desk and an office, uh, for like a secretary position or, you know, whatever you want to replace word with that profession. Okay. It's just really, really good. What is money? It's important. Okay. It's a harvest of our production. It explains everything. This law will explain everything. If you don't have a dime coming in it's because you're not bringing out any service. Now, remember what Earl Nightingale says here though. Okay. First paragraph, we are talking about our second paragraph from, sorry. Remember, this is in this message. We're only talking about money. Nothing else. We're not talking about that person valuable as a human being. We're not talking about this person being valuable here. They're okay. Only talking about the value in the marketplace around money.

Okay. So if there's a lot of money coming in and you're earning 10, 15, 20, 30 grand per month already earning that eight, seven figures already, wherever you are, you can map out how much service you are giving to this world. It's exact ratio every time and the world will not give you a penny more. It's very, very good to know. Okay. So let's go through it. You shaped your income. Now we know the understanding of what the law of compensation is. We also understand the world and how it operates. Let's focus on your ability to do it. All right? So here's the law of compensation. One more time and space it out a little bit out of the three, or do we want to put our focus? That's what we want to question now, the need for what you do is already there. If you've already had a business operating, even sold even one product, the need for what you do is there, especially if you're a coach, especially if you're in real estate, right?

That's the things that people need are food. They need shelter, they need knowledge. They need experience. If you're in any of those fields, the need for you to do is already there. And that's most times dictated outside of yourself in the marketplace. Okay? So that's why coaches and speakers are more, uh, you know, there's, there's a bigger need for what they do now compared to 200 years ago or baseball players. So there's a huge need for what they do now, compared to 150 years ago before baseball really became a big sport in the eyes of, uh, you know, America or other countries, right? So a need for what you do is kind of out of your hands. Some most times it's really where the economy is in the marketplace. At the time that you're doing it. Number two, your ability to do it is where we want to focus.

Because number three, as you increase your ability to do it, and you become more valuable, number three, automatically increases the difficulty there is in replacing. You will be astronomically high when you get really good at what you do. So that's all we want to do is focus on number two, that's it. Okay. Your ability to do it is your service. That's why we covered everything we did in lesson two than knowing, doing gap. Your ability to do what you do is in accordance to the service you're giving to this world. Remember the key words there is given your service can be divided into your quality of service and your quantity of service. Okay. And at the bottom I put the definition. So it's very easily understood. Quality is a standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind, that degree of excellence.

Okay. So think about, for yourself. Think about your product or your service. How excellent is it? How superv is it compared to other people in the marketplace? You don't need to compete whatsoever, but if you look around you and you're really honest about it, how good is your product service competitor, others, okay. And quantity the amount or number of a material or immaterial thing. So a material could be the, you know, what you do, service-wise or words and wisdom is kind of intangible and Santander. Most times, number of people you work with number of people, your product has, okay.

And this quality and quantity can be broken into all these different categories. Okay? The quality of service can be broken in how good your product is, your ability to do what you do. Your client service, your quantity of service can be our marketing expertise, your communication skills and your selling expertise, or if you want to call it helping instead of, okay, man, this is all a puzzle piecing together. I hope you really, really detailed in your mind. Okay? That's how marketing, that's how selling. That's how all this comes into play with the law of compensation. Okay? If you're a good marketer, you're going to earn a lot of money. There are books in this world. There are products in this world that are so good. They solve people's problems so much better than other leading products. But since that company or person, if it's a, just as a one person business, maybe they never knew how to market their product.

And they only sold 200 bucks instead of 200,000. If that happens, it's fair. The law of compensation says their ability to market. Their message is not very good. And it's replaced by somebody else who does a very good and can get their message in front of people. Okay? So that also goes into, it's not your ability just to, if you're a speaker, it's not just your ability to speak. It's your ability to speak and market your message market, who you are brand yourself, sell your message, being a business owner, being an entrepreneur and having those economic skills. Being able to communicate with the people that you're going to be hosting a speaking gig for whoever that may be okay, your ability to not only speak on stage, but you're organized or organizational skills and presentation skills while being a speaker. See all of these components that go into this.

I never understood that. I remember listening into Jim Roan a long time ago anyway, say I'm become more valuable. And I never really understood that become more valuable. I thought, well, maybe I just got to become a better businessman. I got to become a better product. Right? But there's all these categories. Cause later I found out he was talking about all the different categories within business and life. That when you become really, really good at what you do in all areas of the business, that's when you're really, really good at what you do and bringing in a high level of income. Okay, this slide can be a game changer for you. And I'm going to give you a pen out so you can print this out and hang it up on your wall to remind yourself of this. But I just want you to reflect on this.

What does this mean for you? The objective, you could see it, that last bullet point, there is becoming more valuable in the marketplace. That's the whole point of all of this becoming so valuable, having the best product in the world, having the best service in the world and you will get paid a lot of money, guaranteed. Okay. Look at Apple, the company, we refer to them all the time, right? But why, why is people that have Macs or iPhones? Why are they so loyal to Mac? So because they stand for something and not Mac Apple, what they stand for something it's Stanford thinking differently. They stand for immensely quality products, right? And they're not just some cheap product it's, it's made with quality. Okay? You look at other people and other things around this world. If they're not very quality products, most times are very cheap. They're, you know, out of date or whatever it may be break easily. Right? So you want to focus on your ability to do it. That's the whole point of this slide with your service, increasing your quality of service and increasing your quantity of service will be a guaranteed increase in income. How cool is that? It's not.

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