How To Build Your Self Image & Legendary Story
Written by Scott Haug on May 7th, 2021
How To Build Your Self Image & Legendary Story

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Full Transcript

How to build your self image and legendary story. You're going to want to pay attention to this video, because if you grab onto some of the concepts apply, some of them, you're going to change your standards. You're going to be able to change the way money is coming to you. You're going to be able to change the things that are coming into your life. By changing your standards, allowing yourself to get emotionally involved with some thing new in your life, some new result and new concept, a new luxury living, whatever it is. If you change your standards, you change your life. Hey Scott Haug here with the Manifestation Accelerator, where manifestations and results are made easy. In today's video, I'm actually going to show you a visual presentation about some unique things around self-image and some unique things around building a new story for yourself in your mind that will literally change the energy and what you believe to be true for your world.

If you change this, as I've already mentioned, you change your standard. You're going to start to attract better into your life. Just before we jump into a presentation, sort of like in the video, it's going to send out to a lot more people also subscribe to the channel and click the bell icon as well. So you can get notified when we send out other great videos like this. I mean, this video right here is high value. It's taken extracted from one of the programs and courses that we have, uh, that will literally put into action and a plan and visual ideas and knowledge, uh, that will really help your results. Start to increase, start to soar a little bit better, start to change and go from there. All right. So definitely watch this video over and over and over because you want to become the knowledge, not just know it.

You want to just know about, self-image know about changing our internal story. You want to become it. You want to have a new self-image. You want to have a new thing because your standards are a direct reflection of either your current results or the new results that you are demanding from yourself. Very different story. Okay. Let's jump right into it here. Take out notes, have that ready, write some things down. Take action on the material that I provide here, and let's start seeing your results, or we've been crushing it so far in lesson six, we've covered a very deep base of knowledge. If covered all about our self image, all about that creation is finished and everything it's only to be manifested in the greater version of you already exist within. We're just bringing it to surface every module. Every slide we go through in lesson six here, and this one's no different in this module, the legendary store we hold about ourselves, whether we know it or not, the story that we believe is going to happen in the future is what happens to us. That's what we experience. And we covered most of that in module 6.2. And we talked about the self image. We also called it the concept of ourself. As we move forward into this legendary story, the thing that we own, the new story, the future story, or for most people in this world, the past story, whatever our mind obsesses about and thinks about day every day is what's going to become it's module is very, very important and also very, very fun because you're creating your new life script as we call it. All right. Well, let's get right into it. What's an overview.

First one story of your life. Okay. Where's your story being dominated from the past. Remember we talked about that brief in lesson five, about memory. Most people live in their kind of self-pity sometimes it's a little harsh truth. I know, but we all have stories of things that have happened to us in the past, right? So a lot of people are just dominating their with their thoughts and they never let it go. And they always feel victimized, right? Where we understand, we want to change those thoughts. What happened has happened, I'm going to harvest the good and we'll go through that process. And Michael Beckwith's process there. We want to harvest the good, we want to look for the good in it. And we want to let go of that and dominate our story in our minds. That story that we want and everything will begin to change.

And number two, I'm going to show you how to create your new, legendary story. We're going to dip back into participant's guide and wrap that up. And number three errors that complete action items for this module. So let's go into our transformation for lesson six, keep us up to date on where we are so far. You remember the first module. We went deeper into spirit and matter. And Thomas Schwartz work, understanding of all things only to be manifested. We also cover Neville Goddard. Second module 6.2. We understood what the self-image is. And then we create the new self-image. We desired to have who we want to become from here on out.

And third, six 23, recreate a new dominating story in our mind for what is to come now, as we always say in these transformation sides, we're not absolutely on the left side or on the right side, but we're trying to drift over to the right side as fast as possible, feeling like you are somebody feeling like you are successful, your highest version of who you can become. You're on the leashing, that ultimate person within that's what this is all about. And as soon as you unleash all those thoughts and feelings to match who you really are, you get the results to match who you really are, what you're deserving and worthy of internally based on your new thoughts and your new feelings and your new self image that you believe to be true about yourself. So let's head right into the knowledge here. You're going to absolutely love it's the story of your life.

Now, as you could see, just before we go into slides here, you can see the content in the background are these kind of mythological, creatures, dragons, and creatures that you know, people are beating and defendant. Now these are just symbols. We're not saying that your life is going to transform into one of these crazy stories and dragons are going to appear in your life in different things. Of course, that's not what we're saying here, but you do want to fantasize, not fantasize about different creatures and things per se, but you want to dip back into the myths and the movies that you've loved throughout your life. Why do you love the movies that you love most times

Is because you resonated with that main character. Maybe you love the courage that they had within maybe love that they were inspiring. Maybe you love that they were very romantic and had that beautiful love story. Maybe that's what you love. Other people love Epic adventures and thriller movies, right? So this is just a symbol for you to realize, you know, whether that small person there or whether it's, you know, dragging you're facing in your ultimate story of legend and myth. We want to know that this is a symbol for something big, something legendary happening in your life. Let's go forward

A repeat slide from lesson five on the memory and intuition, okay. Is one of the last modules we cover in lesson five. Now remember what we said on the left side and in a current or old bed story about what happened years ago, dominates their mind. Most times out of self, which is excessive. Self-absorbed unhappiness over one's own troubles. Okay. And on the right hand side, we have the option. We can go on the left or we could go on the right an old, good story about what happened years ago or a new good story ahead dominates their mind. Most times out of choosing to let go their old story or old bad story so they can create a new one with new results. Okay. Remember, we already talked about this, so I'm not going to go too heavily into it. Right? And we already talked about it at the very intro of this video, but what we want to do is start letting go.

It is what it is of what happened in our life, whether there's things that happened in your childhood that you feel, man, why did that happen to me? Or you felt victimized by certain things, just to remember that almost every person's world has their own story. And we want to also remember that if we keep thinking about that and we keep owning that story as the only thing that exists in our life, that's what we're only going to experience in our life is that victimhood, that that feeling that we're always disempowered on the right-hand side is where we want to go to it is what it is and happen to our story. We never have to forget about our experiences, but we want to dominate our mind about who we want to become into what future we want to hold and experience moving forward in the next month, next year, 10 years from now.

And as we start to form those good memories or those things that we create new story-wise, that's what starts to happen. Now, whether you choose left or right, that's the process that goes right into so conscious mind, whatever dominates your mind and you become emotionally involved about day after day is what you keep feeling and what you keep feeling. It's the energy you keep giving out in the energy you keep giving out is what keeps attracting to you and ultimately controls all your behaviors and actions. As that becomes habitual. You're thinking about either the old story that has happened in your life or the new story, that one leash to and through you, it's by law. Whatever's in subconscious must come expressed in the physical experience and the right hand side arrows here, you can see facing over to left, right? That's the universe reacting and providing energy right back to you. We get to choose.

And that's why we're doing these different things where we're changing our self image. We're changing our story about ourselves because we ultimately get to choose. Sometimes we don't feel like we're always in control of our thoughts, but we can get more in control of our thoughts and dominate those thoughts on where we want to go. So all of life, remember, we also covered this. We mentioned that all of life is pretty much just a collection of moments, experiences, memories, and combined feelings. We experienced the concept of time in our life journey. Now here's where you really, really want to pay attention. It's your own life movie. When you think of life, from that perspective, that it's your own life movie, we will come to find out that life is just like a movie, a mental movie, and your, the main star of the show and the main character. Whether you believe that to be true or not, here's the most important thing. Probably one of the most important things you're going to listen to on this module, TV, YouTube movies, TV shows you name it all. Train us to feel that someone else is always the one to be successful. Someone else is in the news. And of course in a positive way, okay. Someone else's heading record numbers in sports. Think about it. Yeah.

When most people see celebrities, what we call quote, unquote, celebrities in daily life. Somebody they've watched on TV, maybe it stands out Walker, Washington. They love his movies. And he has some in Hollywood. When he visited there or you saw him, you know, wherever they are so starstruck because they feel like that person is way more successful. They are somebody extraordinarily special that, and they're not special. Pop talks about this a lot. He says, people come up to me and they feel so anxious and they feel so nervous. He says, I'm a human being. I'm no different than you are. I I'm no different than this crowd of people that I'm speaking to right now. I am a human being. We often look to hug the other people saying, they're the stars. They're the ones that are going to change the world.

If you've ever been to professional sports, people feel it all the time. Stadiums packed with 50,000 people. And if you're on the top deck, so you see the low players at the very bottom and they look like they're the stars. We always go to see other people. And if you've never been the one to be in the center, you might not believe it to be true about yourself, that you are the light. You're also the star. I hope that hit home. At some point, you know, you just felt it. Maybe you've already heard this before and he got a reminder of it. Maybe you've never heard that before. I'm putting in perspective The most interesting and exciting part. Third bullet point. Guess what? You were always meant to be the one to shine your light and become the star. I don't mean movie star per se, but instead you're always the one to make a beautiful impact in this world and fulfill all your or wishes. Okay? We want to remember that your, the one, it doesn't have to be somebody else.

I say sports. Cause it's very easy to re you know, when people go to sporting events all the time, they spent all Sunday watching football games, they spend all day watching games here, baseball games, you name it. Okay. Now as kids and things, it's a little different. You're playing the sport. You are the star on the field and you have some heroes on the, on the Yankees or this at the other thing, right? That's what I used to have all the time. I love Derek Jeter. He's always my favorite player. Okay? But

People still go through their adulthood, 45, 50 years old, and always feel like they're never meant to do anything big. We're going to change that. If you do feel that way. And if you feel like you're already going towards something big and you're starting to capture that feeling and belief within let's multiply it. Point number four, be the star of your own life movie. We must create and dominate our mind with a new story. One more empowering than ever before. And we call it my legendary story. Now, as we do this, we want to start to question what story is actually true, what you believe to be true by yourself. And I broke that word up for an important reason. Your self in your life is that real? How true is the story? You keep telling yourself how true is the physical truth. Okay. So

Really good questions to ask. We covered this very deeply in module 6.2, with the self image, what we want to cover here as well, most people have a self image built on what other people believe to be true about them in childhood. Somebody else told them they were always the shy kid. Somebody else told them they were bad at math because of one thing that happened in their teacher saw that they got C and other, you know, two exams in a row or whatever it may be. Other people may have said, you're always late and joked about it. And most times, family and friends never mean to, but they always pick out. One thing that they joke about could be a physical feature. It could be a talent that you have in a good way, or it could be something you don't do in a very disserving way. Like always being late to you're the one that's always late, for example. Okay. And as people say that over and over to you guess what that is, that is an affirmation that you start to believe in consent to is true about you. Most times, it's total BS. Most times

It's a belief pattern that somebody else gave you. It might've been 10 people in your family and friends and society. It may have been one person at one time, there was an emotional impact to you. That's why people in relationships that aren't on a good sync level and always combating each other. It's the worst thing in the world. You are every single time you are affirming to that person and negative side of them and it keeps happening. Okay? So I think

Some people choose the red. They see through the census, remember the five and 10 are on the top of their five senses. They see their current life, their business or old same self. Okay. I know that sounds weird, but old same self, but they say you hear words all the time. Like it's always been like this I'm six years old and I've always been this way. So there's no way I could do something different. I've never been able to do this. So I can't do it. You hear it all the time think, and really listening to the people around you, especially family and friends that you know, very well. Sure. You know them very well. And you probably can guess their habit patterns and things because most people never change in their entire life. Think about what they say, ask them to do something out of normal and say, nah, I can't do that.

I'm not this. I'm not that. And people will argue for their limitation. Sounds ridiculous. Right. But we do it so unconsciously, we just automatically will say those things according to our paradigm now on the right hand side, other people, and that's us on this module can choose to blue side. We could choose to think we could choose about our desired life in business and new South. And we can now say, it's now like this. I don't care the way it's always been. I don't care who I've always been for the last 50 years or less five years. This is the way it's now going to be. And you choose to dominate that new thought pattern within. And that's what you choose to think about. You can go with the left or you could go with it Right, as you do. So let's start to choose the left

Dyer. I'm sorry, the right hand side with the blue. Let's choose not to go on this left and let's go with the right hand side with the blue. He starts to think of all these thought patterns. And you start to really think about it day after day, over and over same information, same audio, same everything you start to feel. It's now like this. You start to feel like it is starts to become natural. You start to feel like you are that person. This is your new story, whatever it is. And you start to experience that desired life, business, and new self at that next level. As you keep thinking about it, maybe the next 24 hours seems to change. But over the next month, that will

Over time. Things will start to begin to shift very, very quickly. So let's start to shift it. The main character we've already defined the main character in a mental movie. That was your new self-image. We created a module 6.2. We've already covered that. That's basically a main character of your own movie. It's you second. Now it's time to define your new story. We'll be taking the time to create your new life script and putting together a beautiful new story for the future. Make it fun and exhilarating. Make this process fun, simple, and exhilarating. Knowing that you're creating your life story throughout this program. And that's pretty powerful. Now it's new life story is something very similar to the vision that we covered in lesson one, bringing our purpose, our vision and goal integrate together. But it's going to be more in the third person more. Tell us about the actual story of your life and what that looks like. Let's go right into it, creating your new, legendary story.

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