3 Unexpected SIGNS Your Manifestations Are On The Way
Written by Scott Haug on April 28th, 2021
3 Unexpected SIGNS Your Manifestations Are On The Way

Can you think of 3 unexpected signs that the Universe gives you when your manifestations are on the way? 

You definitely want to listen to this video all the way through to increase your belief that manifesting ANYTHING you want is possible!   

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Full Transcript

Three unexpected signs that your manifestations are on the way. Hey Scott Haug here with the manifestation accelerator, where manifestations and results are made easy in today's video, we're going to be going through three key unexpected signs that if you understand what these are, it's going to lead you down the path of having more faith and belief that these manifestations are actually coming your way. Things are working out for you, even though you don't see it. Before we jump into the video here, it's where like on the video, it's going to send out to a lot more people and together we can raise the consciousness of the planet, click subscribe, and then also click the bell icon to get notified when we send out other great manifestation, how to content is this your go-to channel for manifestation methods, techniques, and everything else to get you tangible, real world results.

So let's jump into it manifestation as you might already know, cause I'm sure you're already a great learner, personal development self-help material. All of that stuff, manifestation really is taking the invisible to the visible, through a consistent process. Okay. So the invisible to the visible, through a consistent process now manifestation has its kind of stations with it right in the law of attraction as well. That it's like some magical force that if I think positively enough or I start changing out some of my beliefs that my whole reality is going to shift. Like it's some magic trick, right? And that can often happen. I remember for me, and it might've happened for you as well, where it's like, I put out my intention, I tried to follow some of the processes and things that love attraction teachers talk about. And in my mind I had like some fantasy, uh, thing of manifestation and how it work is like, I want a million dollars.

So if I put the intention out the fantasy, the intention of a million dollars the next day by that night or within 24 hours, I would have a million dollars magically show up on my table. And it was ridiculous. It was absurd, right? That belief of like this stuff's magic. And I would be like, man, that does this stuff really work. Is this stuff. BS is a, you know, is a really workable. And then I started to create more belief in faith by seeing results and actual things that would happen. I started to see signs from the universe. I started to actually write those signs down and what I was seeing and what was happening in my life. And I started to be aware of the signs that the universe would show that I would say your manifestation is on its way. So what we want to do is like get away from that idea and that belief, that manifestation is this magical, crazy thing that happens.

It's not crazy at all. It's just science. Okay. Uh, one of those things that can really help out with this whole idea of like unexpected signs is the idea that almost everything that we have in our, in our earth and our physical plane is invisible. Uh, the air we breathe, you can't see it. The love that we feel, the thoughts that we think you cut me in half here and look at my brain. You can't see the thoughts, right? How radios work, television, wifi phones, right? I mean, it's endless all the things that we see nearly all of the things are invisible. The electricity running throughout the outlets and actually powering the light bulbs. Right? All this stuff is invisible, but we don't question it. We don't say, is this stuff really going to work? Is the wifi really going to work today? Is this going to work?

No, we just know it works because we always see it displayed working all the time. That's a key to manifestation and understanding the unexpected signs from the universe as well. It's understanding your manifesting all the time. You're manifesting good things. You're manifesting bad things. And those aren't really good or bad. We make them good or bad. We're manifesting events into our life or manifesting conversations or manifesting beliefs or manifesting different aspects of reality or manifesting results in every area of life. We're doing it all the time. Right now you manifested this video, whether you wanted to or not, you are viewing this video right now because you manifested it. Now you manifested this channel. You're right here. And now on the YouTube channel, my YouTube channel here for a reason, because you manifest a you're you're in harmony with it. If you're ready to receive, what's the content and the knowledge in this video, we're manifesting every moment of every day.

And if we can get that ingrained in our mind, we'll start to have the same ideas. Like if I asked you, is your wifi going to work today? You'd be like, yeah, most likely it works every day. Right? You want to say, okay, well let me look, let me call the company. Let me make sure the wifi is going to work. Let me call the technicians. Let me have them come to my home and check out. Where do you want to say that you would say, yeah, it's going to work. Unless something like weird happened or something like that because it works every day. So manifestation, we don't say does a worker. Now we say, yeah, it works every single day. It just might not work is best as I could. Some days, like I might get things I don't really want instead of what I do want. Right. So we've got to understand that first. And then we understand from that space, you can hear and listen and see these unexpected signs. First sign. That's unexpected that you're going to really say like, Oh, well that doesn't sound like a big thing at all, but it's tremendously big. Is your thoughts

Of law of attraction is thoughts attract. So it's not just like objects attracted in nowhere. It's not like a magnet where two things come together. Physically only the law of attraction dictates as you already know, like attracts like, well, the first level of the law is thoughts attract like thoughts. So if I'm thinking really good, I'm going to start to tend to think and attract better thoughts that are really good. If I'm on a momentum and a rhythm of thinking, bad thoughts, unhealthy thoughts about myself, another or anything else in this world, I'm going to attract like bad, improper, unhealthy thoughts. It's just how this thing goes. Now I'm programmed as well. So I'm going to have some programming. That's going to bring in automatic thoughts. Like those thoughts. So law of attraction really decreased first at like attracts like thought wise. So the first unexpected sign you want to start paying attention to, to know if your manifestations are coming or not.

Are, are my thoughts in a proper thought around the object that I'm desiring that I intended to manifest. The thing that I want are my thoughts changing a little bit. Now it doesn't have to be anything drastic. It could just start to be, if you wanted to manifest some sort of money, you could start thinking of something around the money, better thoughts around money, better beliefs around money. You can, you can notice a change. You compare yourself from a month ago, a year ago to today. And you're like, I do think differently around money, you know, and that's a sign that you are on the path to manifesting better in your life. Unexpected sign. Number two is also something you're going to be like, wow, this is a mindblowing. Either is like feelings come into place.

If you are thinking of something that you really desire to manifest and you visualized it, saw the end scene dropped into a subconscious mind and it's out there. Now you want to start thinking in terms of, do I feel differently about the manifestation? So for example, for me, when I was starting to manifest more money, I started to feel better about money. I wasn't so worried. I wasn't so doubtful. I wasn't so fearful before the money actually came. I noticed a shift in how I felt around money. I noticed a shift when I shifted things around health, a little bit more around to love all these things, right? I started to feel differently. If you notice a feeling shift, make that a Mark, a positive sign that you're on the right path. And your manifestation is coming to you. Because what we feel is literally what we've activated and dropped the idea into our subconscious mind, which is part of the universal mind, which actually impressed onto a screen of space.

And that actually gets reflected back into our reality into our lines, right? So if I'm starting to feel differently, I'm going to realize I am on the path to proper manifestation. Okay? So you don't want to think like sometimes people get caught up and they, and they lack belief and they Dow and they get worried about their goals and everything else and not moving forward. Why? Because they need this huge thing to take place. They need this huge goal to be accomplished in order for them to feel good. Right? But if you start noticing a little bit of feeling shift, you start feeling a little bit more confident around a certain area. You start to notice a little bit more happiness around a certain area. You start to notice a little bit more, whatever the feeling is around a certain area, actually give yourself the confirmation that this is improving.

I am improving my internal ground. We got to realize for every internal problem that we have or external problem that we have, right? Not enough money, not enough, love, not enough, you know, a better, a better house that we want. We don't have enough luxury in our lives, whatever it is that outside problem is caused from our internal problems. We're not fixing. So if we're always focused on the outside trying to fix the outside problem, we didn't fix the internal problem, right? So we've got to fix the internal first. And if we start to shift the feeling and the thoughts, first, first, and second unexpected sign, the universe sends, we know we're on a better path towards area where we're growing and we're progressing. I can actually give yourself confirmation for that and congratulate yourself saying it's not all about getting the result. It's also about feeling good because why do you want anything in the first place to feel good?

You want to feel freedom. You want to feel relief, right? You want to feel balanced. You want to feel good. You want to feel happy. You want to feel extraordinary, whatever it is, right? So if you nailed the feeling, now you notice that's a sign that things are starting to improve. Things are progressing. Things are going in the right way. You're going to start to notice those things actually manifesting in your life. Okay. So notice the thought change, notice the feeling change and with feeling, you're going to notice your actions and behaviors changing as well. Okay. You're going to notice that, you know, when you feel in a better state, what do you want to do? You want to act, you want to, you feel inspired to do service. You feel inspired to do contribution in your business or whatever it is, right? So if I feel good, I'm going to start acting differently.

And that's a part of sign. Number two, sign number three is understanding and becoming aware of the bridge of incidents and realizing there are unexpected physical coincidences that will happen that you want to actually jot down. Okay? So for example, you know, maybe I want it to manifest $5,000 a month or $10,000 a month business, or even 50,000 household. It doesn't matter. I want to manifest business at my business level to be 10, 15, $20,000 per month. I don't know how to do that. Okay. So maybe I'm in a spot where I don't know how to do that just yet. I have not done that just yet. Right? But I've been visualizing it. I'm in harmony with it. I feel it to be real today. I start actually seeing myself with 10, 15, $20,000 a month coming in, right. I start to be there in my imagination.

The divine centers guide God's I universe was I is the imagination. I start seeing myself with that actually coming in. I'm going to start to manifest things that help me and support me to get to that end goal, to get to that income level four, for example. So I have that 10, 15, $20,000 per month. I might see an ad on Facebook or YouTube or whatever it is for a new paid marketing ads program. They're going to teach me how to do ads. They're going to teach me how to scale my business. They're going to teach me how to expand the volume of people I'm in front of.

You see that and you say, wow, I've been looking for a new program that I can actually help myself market to my audience better. I've been looking for something techniques wise to actually have myself become more involved with paid advertising, right? That's a sign. You were at the right place at the right time to see the message. Now that's a coincidence, a normal person, but it's divine timing because you created a divine timing for yourself, right? It's the idea of, if you weren't ready, you might have still saw that ad. But the difference is you're aware and even initiated your ambition. So now you're ready to act on it. Two scenarios, one, you kept scrolling. Forget about that Mark and program. Oh my God. There's so many ads on Facebook. Oh my God. There's so many ads on YouTube. I don't want to see that whatever it is or you're now in a state of saying, wow, that's perfect for me.

That's divine timing. Let me check this out. Same person, two different scenarios. What happened? This person was not ready to receive what they wanted. This person was beginning to be internally, ready to receive. So the external that could act on right? They notice the sign. Okay. Another example would be somebody calls you out of the blue and let you know about an idea, a business idea, personal idea, whatever it is, right. And you start to have this idea and this idea has a potential of actually moving things forward potential to actually help, you know, your business, your life progress in a certain way. That's another key sign. You hear an idea unexpectedly. Another key sign is somebody texts you or calls you out of the blue, right? So you start to notice that somebody's connected to you. That was friends with you a long time ago, whatever it was is actually here connected with you in some sort of fashion randomly, right?

So these are random coincidences. You jot these down and you start to puzzle piece. You say, wow, that sound my path. That's something on my path, right? That's something unexpected just happen. So basically, any little tiny thing that happens in physical life that you would have noted as coincidence, you would have noted as just random, you would have noted as nothing major jotted down is something potentially major on your path. So three signs here, our thoughts, change feelings and actions change. And then the bridge, Vincent physical little things popping up in your life that seemed random coincidental and just, you know, has nothing to do with what you're about to do really study them and say, is this something, is this a sign on my path? Okay, you'll allow these signs to pop up in front of you. And when you do so, and you'd start to notice them, you increase your belief that everything is on its way.

Manifestations are coming to you and things are really happening. All right, take these three key signs, manifest what you want to send out your intention and allow yourself to really be in harmony with seeing these signs popping up in your life and understanding the thoughts and feelings and actions that are coming up for you. If you want any other help, check out our manifestation programs and coaching below in the description as well. Clicking a link. We've got a lot of great systemize methodically, uh, laid out roadmaps for you around to manifestation, literally. So you can just log in, do your module, do your video Deere a worksheet, do your action item. All organized, beautifully. Step-by-step all chain linked together. It's like going up a staircase. So you can actually systemize manifestation. You can actually take manifestation and allow yourself to consistently bring in what you want on a daily basis.

We have all that covered for you. Go in the description below, click the link for the courses, check them out, get signed up right away. We made it very doable on your financial investment time investment. Everything's going to be very easy, simple and fun for you to learn and to go through at the same time, it's going allow you to bring in tangible results. That's what we're about. Now learn a lot more personal development. We're about helping you get results, helping you actually manifest everything you could ever want to in your life. Check it out right away in the description below. And, uh, uh, these three signs here, these three unexpected signs, take notes about them, understanding your manifestations coming through and take know and jot down when these things actually occur in your life.

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