How I Manifested Money In 5 DAYS - Manifesting Method THAT WORKS EVERY TIME!
Written by Scott Haug on April 9th, 2021
How I Manifested Money In 5 DAYS - Manifesting Method THAT WORKS EVERY TIME!

Do you want to know how Scott manifested Money in 5 DAYS? Would you like to know the exact step by step process he used to manifest $10,000?

Watch this video all the way through to learn the manifesting method THAT WORKS EVERY TIME!

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Full Transcript

I want to take you on a journey of a time when I manifested $10,000 within five days of setting the intention, the step-by-step process that I use to actually manifest that money and what you can do from those steps to actually manifest the money within five days for yourself as well. We're going to do this a little bit differently in the comments below. Go ahead. And first thing that you do while watching this video is write down your intention of what you want. That's really going to be step number one anyways, but in the comments below, go ahead and write down. I just now received blank amount of money. So I just now received $10,000. Thank you universe. Before you do anything, go ahead and comment that below that's essentially what I did, what had happened was I actually needed $10,000 cash within a week within seven days.

Like I needed it, it wasn't just a desire. It wasn't like, Oh, that would be cool to have myself manifest an extra $10,000 this week. It was like, I actually needed it for something I needed covered. So within this, you know, it puts a little pressure, you know, if you don't have that $10,000 ready to go, it can be a little worrisome. I don't know if you've ever been there before, but for me it was like, where am I going to get the money? It was so some years ago when, you know, I was, I believed in manifestation and things were starting to move, but you know, there's some sort of sometimes hesitation, a little bit doubt here and there, low self limiting doubt. If you will, if you've ever been there, you know, the power of this stuff, but sometimes we have a little doubt, right?

If you don't really have that full awareness just yet. So at that time I needed the $10,000. I had a little worry, had a low doubt, and I basically discovered a process to follow. And I tried to use it. You know, I put it out there and wanted to experiment with this manifestation. So step number one for me was actually wrote down in present tense. I now receive $10,000. Thank you universe. And again, if you haven't already throw it in the comments below, it's going to start to activate that into your world. So after this, I realized that I'm a spiritual being, I'm an energetic being and you are as well living in this energetic world or spiritual world, if you will, but physical 3d world. And I realized everything's energy. Money is also energy. So if I needed to align with this $10,000, I have to align with it energetically.

Now, do I know how it's going to come physically? No, it's a 3d world. I couldn't guess I had no idea where it was going to actually come from. Right. But I knew the power. If I use this manifestation power correctly, I could manifest this. So I knew the second part of it is I had to feel myself in possession of the money. So, uh, you know, I couldn't feel like I don't have it where the hacks are going to come from. When's it going to come? Right? Those questions that the ego wants to throw at you, I have to feel that I do already have the money. I have to look in my imagination and the fourth dimensional side and say I have the money. So the second step was actually saw an end scene of receiving $10,000 unexpectedly. Okay. So basically I formed a scene that I had just collected $10,000.

And I saw my self in that scene celebrating like, thank God, thank the universe. It happened, I got it. Right. So I closed my eyes and I'm visualizing this end scene. And that's step number two of the process that I did was I started to see it in my mind as if I already had it. Now, the thing that always got me was I was a little doubtful. I would open my eyes up and be like, it's not here. Right? Because you see it in your mind, but it's not here yet physically. So it kind of plays your mind a little bit, but I don't want to have Dell. I didn't want to have any worry. I wanted to have some faith in some belief that, okay, I see it energetically. It must be possible. Right. And if you can just get yourself there, they're like, it's not necessarily even a done deal.

Right. Our conviction by you. I know it's possible, then you're doing some really good you're gaining progress on this process. Right. So I saw that in my mind. So then I linked up, how would I feel? Step number three. How would I feel as if I had the money for real, you know, physically, I actually did receive the money. How would I feel? Number one, emotion that come to mind was surprise. Okay. So yeah, it would be excited. Yeah. Uh, you know, I'd feel relieved that I could pay in what I needed to pay and everything else. But at that moment I would feel surprised that was the biggest thing. So for yourself, I would encourage you to look at what's the biggest feeling you would have as if this was done. Okay. So I would feel surprise. Right? And then I try to really be in that energy, that surprise feeling that like my entire being felt surprised as I was feeling this in my imagination.

And I filled that feeling in my body with it. Okay. So I'm there in the presence. So as you do this, go ahead and close your eyes and start seeing the unseen and started feeling. What's that number one emotion that you would feel as if this was done. Okay. So, so you're there in the presence right now after I felt it to be done, my job was to stay aligned from there. Right? So step number four is I will open my eyes up and I realized, I didn't know how it was going to come, but as long as I could see it in my mind, it was done. It was done energetically. I knew it couldn't be attracted in. So step number four essentially was I had to let in allow for the next seven days until I received the money physically. So how I led it and allowed was basically, instead of trying to like letting my ego side my mind, uh, go into where's it going to come from?

How's it going to happen? Right. Those questions that sabotage our success. I went to the other side and I said, I'm a spiritual being. So every time my mind said, where's it gonna come from? I said, no, no, no, I don't. I'm not doing that. I'm not going down that road. I'm going to go down the road. I'm a spiritual being, money's an energy, right? So basically I go through some affirmations. Uh, I can do great things. Uh, this manifestation stuff always works for me. Right? So any time my mind went to Dow in questions, I flipped my mind over to confidence, affirmations and things to really allow myself to be there in alignment with what I was trying to be aligned with that $10,000 within seven days. So I'm letting it allowing not only that within step number four, I said, how can I go and help people?

Right? Because I, if I'm focused on my trouble, right? If I'm focused on the worry, it's not going to come in seven days, the money I want, I'm actually decreasing myself and putting that energy out as well. I'm gonna attract circumstances that decrease me, right. Not getting the result I want. So if I'm increasing others and doing something good for their life, I'm going to increase me. And I'm going to actually raise to attract what I want. I'm going to raise a level of frequency that I'm in, right? So I'm going to be able to drop this subconscious mind and I'm going to be able to keep myself in a mode to actually receive it, which is very important. So what I did was brainstorm, I owned a business. So I said, how could I serve

10 people or five people? Right.

Seven days with a very valuable service. Okay. What could I do for this world that if I did so, and I actually put out that service, I could actually receive money or at least not receive money, but actually give to people this week because it feels good. I know I'm going to be an increasing mode. So I didn't know right away. But that day I took an hour and sat down and wrote down ideas. Okay. And one of the ideas came to mind to actually serve people through an expertise I had and coach them through what I knew I could help them with. Okay. So basically I formed like a little mini series of coaching on helping these particular group of people with this problem that they had and basically helping them solve it. That felt so good for me. It felt like home the idea, it didn't feel like I was trying to make money.

It didn't feel like I was just forcing this thing. I didn't want to do it, but I'm doing it because then maybe I can receive the money. It didn't feel like that at all. It felt like I'm really excited about this idea. I'm really excited to serve these people. I'm really excited to help them solve this problem. I know it's going to help change their lives foam. As soon as I felt that excitement, it felt like I shifted myself to a different energy and I had more belief than ever more faith than ever. I knew so much so that it was so possible to earn and attract it's 10,000 hours. Now it's not, that was not the only way I could attract the $10,000 in many different ways. But that's why the bridge of incidence connects us from here to where we want to go, because it lines up ideas, intuitive moments, uh, things to help you get to that spot through the intelligent action, the universe coming to you.

You also might have something that comes through you intuitively that allows you to express yourself in action, to open up more channels, to receive. Cause universe is your sources supply, but marketing clients, sales jobs, lottery, you know, you name it are the channels through which you receive your supply. And I knew that. So I eventually basically, again, just sat down and wrote this idea and it felt so exciting that I said, I'm going to do this. I put it into action within an hour. I put things in motion, right? So I kind of set up some things in the business, uh, was looking at how can I attract some of these people to solve their problems. More ideas started to come. And then I act on those ideas. I put out a new marketing campaign. I put out some new things to allow people to attract into this opportunity.

So basically I opened up a channel through which the supply could be received. Okay. And over the next five days, I just, I didn't try. I just remained in gratitude. Thank you universe for providing ideas. Thank you universe for my imagination. Thank you universe for my awareness of how this process goes and trying it out and experimenting this process. So basically I cut myself and not overthinking. I kept myself basically distracted with thinking the way I wanted to think. Cause a choice. You know, I kept thinking, how can I increase people? How can I help people? What can I do today? So focus less on myself and focus on helping them. Right? And within five days it slowly started to trickle in it. Wasn't just in one lump sum. In five days, it was like 2000. They're 3,500 there a thousand there. And I didn't get overly excited because overly excited when mean, this is too good to be true.

I felt surprised, but I also felt calm and said, of course. So basically I felt a calm confidence that like, okay, of course this, this can come in during this time period. And then it slowly started to add up until literally within the five days I had the 10,000 the night before it might've been at like 8,200, something like that. And then by that night, it filled in with the extra 1500, I think it was so maybe it was 8,500 by the night before, and then 1500. But if the details don't really matter, you know how, when the exact amounts came in, in different things, just the end actually happened to write the result I wanted. So within that five days, bow my head and then right after that, so my mind didn't say, this is too good to be true. This is crazy. You know, all those thoughts.

I said, of course, I'm an energetic being. Thank you universe. Thank you for aligning me with the people that I could serve this week. Thank you for aligning them with the people that I could contribute to. And really all this wasn't hard work. It was energetic work. It wasn't like I had to work an extra 20 hours just to get the money in. Right. I attracted the money in, through energetically being aligned with it first and foremost, then from that place, I took inspired action to allow myself to experience it. And that was the magic of it. So, um, you know, this process here, you could follow yourself. It's a five-step process. And as you follow this, you know, the step number five, we forgot to go through that. It's just repeating this for every desire you have. Okay. So step number four is letting and allowing step number five is like, well maybe I want $1,500 this week.

Maybe I want $20,000 in a month. Maybe I want new clients, new sales, new this, whatever it is, track to soulmate track or whatever it is. You can use this five step process for anything. Step number five is repeated for all of your desires. Like actually decide on it, seeing your mind, the unseen, feel it to be true, let and allow and let it in. So step number five, again is repeating. It takes this five-step process. And literally I've been able to, it seems like magic to so many things, but I've been able to slowly and sometimes fast allow myself to attract everything in that's in my mind that I want that I desire now, sometimes it's slower. Like I said, sometimes slower. You have to define it's not years. Sometimes it takes me a few weeks. Sometimes it takes me, uh, you know, a few months for different, uh, different areas that are a little bit harder to align with at the start.

But some things are rapid speed. I mean, within hours within sometimes 35 minutes within that same day or within 24 hours, I mean, it's very quick. And those things happen for me as well. So you can align with this five-step process, use it, and it's going to allow yourself to really experience tangible results. You know, sometimes we're mixed up in so much personal development that, you know, we know all this stuff intellectually, but we're not being it or we're not actually applying it. We're not actually being the process of it. We're not changing our consciousness. That's where results take place. Anyways, they change in consciousness. So he'll allow yourself to experience it so you can do the same thing. Now it's a promise to, everyone's going to be able to, you know, manifest $10,000 within five days. No, right? Some people are going to have a little more resistance around the money.

So it's going to be a little harder. Some people have a lot freer energy around money, so it'd be easier. So it's going to really matter where you're at on your emotional scale, around money and where your mindset is around money, but could you manifest a smaller amount of money or a larger amount of money? Absolutely. It could. Right? This is many years ago for me that I was starting to really discover and apply the process correctly. Right? So after you start applying it, you, you start to get better at it's a skill manifestations of skill and not just something that happens. Right. So really good here, follow the process. I look forward to hearing any results. Maybe it's in the comment section, if you did attract something, you know, if you follow this, I know with certainty, you're going to track something, just throw in the comments below that, you know, you attracted whatever it is.

If you want a little more help on this, just dip it into our manifestation courses. I mean, we've got the manifestation accelerator that every single week I'll guide you, you know, basically I have the action items. I have the videos, I have the content all organized into a step-by-step process. So that's all you have to do is while again, follow the module, file the actions and you're going to get resolved. I mean, we have over 2000, uh, member wins, financial wins money coming in within just the first year of the program being operated program, being out there. Right. So, you know, just try it out, you know, join in and then say like, okay, here's a system I can follow. Um, and we made it very easy and very low risk for you to join in. It's just a membership. It's a membership course. You have to pay, you know, $20,000 to get the knowledge you get the system right away.

And it's real easy to get in if you want some coaching as well. We got that available to allow yourself to, you know, have me in your corner and we can actually sit down on a call and we can go through some of these things that might be stopping you or some things that you're doing really well on. And we can start to accelerate your progress, your manifestations, literally soaring to an X over your life, your business, all that good stuff. So those are all, all those links are right in the description below. Just click on those, take a look at the information and join in right away and now be happy to see over there and help you give you some support and guidance on the way. And if you haven't already throw like on the video and, uh, that, you know, that sends out to a lot more people and click subscribe and click the bell icon as well.

So you're here, you know, as a community altogether, and this is your go-to channel to allow yourself to experience real-world tangible results, right? I hope this video was really helpful. Uh, you know, his five process has really helped me do so many other things as well, not just manifest at 10,000 hours in five days, but it should really help you discover it, you know, write those steps down, try it out. You're gonna experience the results. And if you want any extra help on this lead, let us know by joining in our courses or coaching, and it will be there right in your corner, helping you every step of your journey around this manifestation game and a winning it at the best level that you can be. All right, Scouts signing off here, trout out the five step process here, discover it, apply it. That's where the results are gonna come from. And I look forward about hearing all of your great results. They come.

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