Activate Higher Vibrations - Manifesting Through A Change In Thinking
Written by Scott Haug on April 7th, 2021
Activate Higher Vibrations - Manifesting Through A Change In Thinking

Do you know what kind of habitual thoughts your mind is telling you? Do you wonder how these thoughts were even created?

In this video, Scott will show you how to activate higher vibrations by manifesting through a change in your thinking!

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Full Transcript

Activate higher vibrations and start manifesting what you want through a change in thinking, Hey, Scott Haug here with the Manifestation Accelerator, "where manifestations and results are made easy." In today's video, we're going to start having you elevate your thinking change. The automatic and habitual thoughts are coming to mind that might be stopping you from your manifestations and desires and success that you're looking for. And allowing us to change the frequency for thought, allowing you to become consciously aware of thinking at a higher realm, which is going to allow you to manifest your desires faster than ever. Just before we jump into the video here, throw like on the video, it's going to send it out to a lot more people in this world and together we can raise the consciousness of this planet and make it that much more of a better place. Also click subscribe, and then click the bell icon as well as this is your go-to channel for manifestation methods, techniques, and everything else to allow you to actually experience the real world tangible results you are looking for.

Now, when it comes to manifestation, we want to first become aware that why are we manifesting in the first place is because we are spiritual, energetic being, living in this physical body. And we have a mind. We have thoughts that are the connecting link between the higher side, our spiritual side and our physical side. It's the connecting link. So in order for us to actually manifest what we want, we need to align our thinking at that level, which we desire to be. We need to use our imagination constructively to allow ourselves to impress the subconscious mind in a constructive and empowering way for you to actually attract what you want and be energetically aligned with what you want. Now, one of the hardest things is you're also programmed and that programming dictates what you're automatically thinking throughout your day. So if you're programmed to have a lack full of bad money mindset, if you will bad, if you will, okay, disempowering money mindset from childhood or from, you know, wherever you were programmed from when you're growing up automatically throughout your day, whether you're aware of it or not.

That's why we call unconscious thinking. You're probably thinking in terms of something you don't want automatically. And programmed wise, some of us have changed our programming to allow ourselves to be aligned with money, right? We call this automatic thinking. We got to change the automatic thinking as well on a daily basis to allow ourselves to be in harmony and alignment with the good that we desire. We're going to jump right into it here. This was a recording from one of my coaching calls I did previously. It's going to show you visually where the frequency are of your change in thoughts where automatic thoughts are coming from and ultimately what to do about it. Let's jump right into a right now. And that is, we are not our thoughts. Now, most of us know that intellectually, but it's a very important thing to also remember again, you are you and your thoughts are not one. You're it there, they're not you, your body. I say my body, right? We already know this. We, a lot of people went through lesson with Bob

Over and over and over, but he talks about, I'm not my body. I say my hands, my head, my name. I'm not those thoughts. I'm not this body. I'm not my results. I'm not my material possessions. I'm a, sourceful energetic being since that's true. That's, that's why we discovered this first. That's the first principle we attract on an energy frequency. Really? It's one in the same, but we're going to call it that for conceptualizing this. We attract the energy frequency that we're on. Not just how you're feeling in this moment, but what your entire feeling tone is.

Let's kind of go through what we're talking about here. What is, what is that? What does that mean? And how do you change it? So we've all seen before Bob, a diagram of we are all on levels of vibration, our physical material objects. We think our physical are actually an energy solidified. And to really, it's a lower frequency. It's not actually really solidified at all, but we see that is true through our physical eyes. All of us are thinking thoughts on some sort of level. So let's say we're not on a bottom level and maybe we're on this level. And these little circles are thought clouds below easier for me to draw some type of a thought cloud on the slow zoom drawing program. Okay? So we're thinking thoughts on this level, any and all thoughts, your controlled thoughts is the frequency you're on. This is where it's going to start making a ton of sense. Monica, we're thinking at all times when you're controlling your thoughts, you might bring it up to a higher frequency. You might think empowering thoughts about money.

You are living in this moment, controlling the direction of the energy because there's a power running to and through us that gives us the ability to think it's undifferentiated. It's not power. It's not positive. It's not negative. It just is our mental faculties. We'll transition that energy sword towards a certain direction path, to what we call attention. Paying attention means paying thought energy towards something. So as we're paying attention to what we do want, we can consciously shift our vibration or shift our thinking to a higher level of being. That's what we're talking about, controlling the thoughts. So maybe green thoughts, because

So those thoughts in the ether that were like, why am I thinking this? You, you finally come back to conscious awareness of what you're thinking and you you're viewing this thought that says money is done.

It in red in this case, but how do we shift? Because this is going to be a great follow-up question or idea, how do we shift it? So we don't have those dumb thoughts as we're calling them because there's two different things here. We have a temporary feeling that we're feeling right now. And we ha we have a feeling tone. The feeling tone is where our entire being is that over many days of time,

Today, I could feel like a red bull high. Right. You know? And you're just like, okay, maybe drink a red bull or a cup of coffee. And you're just like, maybe you get a dopamine rush. You're really happy for a moment. And things are bright and exciting. You're energized. And then like half hour later, you're like, Oh, this is a dollar again, right? Because you have a little caffeine crash or sugar crash or whatever it is, right. That's a temporary fluctuation in feeling it's not necessarily what you're attracting overall tomorrow. We're attracting all the thoughts. The big idea here, all the thoughts I'm thinking today comes down to one feeling tone. And that one feeling tone is ultimately the thoughts and feelings and, and things I'm attracting at an automatic

Right there, Monica, uh, with that whole idea of we're just attracting as ideas because they're in harmony with our automatic thinking, which is in harmony with the paradigm. So less we'll park here. Let's just go into like, well, how do, how do we do this? So we don't have those things, but we need to shifts the paradigm. That's entire Bob Proctor work, right? They're shifting paradigm shifting conditioning. And what that really is, is you get to a momentum Deliberately controlling your thoughts for days in weeks at a time where you constantly shift here, here, here, and here over and over and over and over and over and over. And this becomes what we have called and created as human beings, habit thinking, or a shift in paradigm

Or reconditioning, whatever you want to call the thing. Okay. Everyone's saying the same thing set in a different way. How do we get to that level where you're not attracting those dumb disaligned thoughts anymore? You have to keep deliberately thinking the way you want to think. And then through the law of momentum, you're going to start carrying that direction automatically. I mean, just when I'm, so there's this word thinking that we want to kind of define a little bit more mind activity is going on all the time. That's what we're talking about here. Mind activity. When we quote, unquote, most of us are defining thinking as when I'm actually deliberately thinking about what I want, putting my focus into a desired thing or non desired. Right. But we're thinking at all moments of the day, and we could really call that mind activity. So yes, the habit of picking at your nails, there is part of your automatic mind activity.

You're unaware to be controlled. You you'd be aware of your thoughts. That's why self-awareness is the, that's the first step in any enlightenment when somebody is not enlightened just yet or what we call have woken up. You kinda know most people that aren't studying personal development yet are in that space. Not necessarily always, but you know what I mean by that is they're unaware of their self awareness, their, their own thought patterns catching on, right. They're kind of asleep as what most people call it. They truly are to their own awareness. First and foremost, self-aware see the thought don't get emotional about it. Just say, there's another thought I want to change. Just like you said, take conscious control of it, change it over to an empowering thought and do that consistently. Here's the really the, I mean the biggest key here, let's put this in maybe, um, dark blue writing at a time here is the feeling. So it's the deep feeling. Thoughts, the ones that are most intense that are automatic. Does that make sense for everyone? This a pretty deep concept, but it's almost tying everything that we talk about and thinking of results, manifestation all into one.

So it's not just repetition. When, when we're saying like shifting to a top is not just saying I have beautiful nails. I have beautiful nails. That's beautiful. Right? It's actually using your creative nature. What's the creative filter. It's imagination. What's the universe itself. Imagination. We must go to the higher plane. If we want to change our thoughts

Impress the image onto the thinking substance or the universe or imagination. So I'll same impress that thought onto the thinking substance for emotion.

That consistently, everyday with all things in your life. This is when, like we talked about a Monday, somebody brought it up that like, you look back at your life from two years ago and it's so vastly different, but you don't remember how it's, it's like gradually changing and sometimes exponentially changing and all these things, but you don't really see it until you look back as

Can. Any of us think back five years ago, where were your thoughts? I can think of certainly five years ago. And I say I had some really nasty thoughts, disempowering thoughts, you know, thoughts that I didn't like. So if you look back, you'll see that you automatically consciously shift these ideas when you're really taking control of your mind doing the exercises and really changing that and impressing the imagination on the waves.

Brilliant topic there. Um, thanks again, Monica. That was, that was really great. Um, anybody else have any questions on that?

And too, when we come across that these might be the people that you're saying with the objection. That's okay to let them go and say, okay, did my best is well, it's you just keep that space open for the right way

Get around that. If that it's their paradigm, just camouflaging what it is. But as long as you're in that heart center yourself, and you bring that energy to anything that you do, whether that person's with you or not, it doesn't matter. You were the source that person can be aligned or not aligned or whatever it is. So, okay. You visualize the outcome of the desired result, but not yet

So before you got on a sales call or before you do anything, really, this is intention setting for everything that you do. We call it visualization, but it's, it's all the same stuff. So it's like Abraham teachings, setting an intention. Before you get in the car, setting an intention before you go to bed, setting an intention, while you wake up in the morning, you're constantly putting out. I asked for this, I asked for this, I asked for safety and goodness, I asked for replenishment. During this night, you can into a habit of constantly setting the intention before you do anything. Same thing goes with the call. What you want to set the intention for it's I'm going to be really, really aligned. And I asked the universe to help me if this person needs and wants where I have to find the right words, the right time for us to come together and come to an agreement.

Maybe the end outcome of the money transaction or whatever it is, stuff. The person you might talk to that day might not get in, get involved with you. But then as long as you stay aligned and you don't get fearful, worried, disappointed, doubtful. You're like, Oh my God, I visualized the outcome and this person didn't do it. No, no, no. That, that person doesn't need to do it. The other ones coming in that hour, somebody you talked to two months ago saying, Hey,

So we don't get emotionally involved with the middle ground. It doesn't matter who that person's going to be. That's all that matters is we're focused on the space that we want, which is that desired design you're done. Does that, does that kind of fill in some pieces, you could send out goodness to them. So for example, like, I'll do this with, with some people here with other things or whatever it is, you just bless them. You do, you send out really good light and you, you see the person smiling and in good frame, you're not controlling that person. If the person's receptive to the same desire, it will help them. You're co-creating something good. If they're off that resonance, they don't want

Dumb, but they don't want to be happy. And I'm seeing them in happiness. That doesn't mean they're going to become happy. That means off frequency from me. And I'm not really doing anything to change anything about them. Okay. If they rise up and they desire the same thing, I'm desiring. That's when co-creation, that's what that actually means. Co-creation when we do co-creative healings. Okay. What happens is we both desire the same thing. We both desire perfection of health or vitality or whatever it is. If one person doesn't desire it, though, you cannot influence that person. I, you can negatively persuade people. That's a thing of course. But um, that person will feel, it they'll feel it deep down within them, like, Oh, this is bad, this dark energy. Right. Um, but when it's light-filled energy, you just, you're very, you're sending out a lot of brightness and a lot of light and a lot of goodness in the number one principle is you both got to desire. It.

Okay. Part where you said, if you know, you're going to have a conversation with somebody, can't you visualize the conversation with that person? Absolutely. Yes, you absolutely can. But again, it goes back to the principle that if that person isn't aligned with that conversation, uh, then it's just not going to happen like that. If they, if they don't desire, you know, goodness. If they're not looking for that thing, it's not going to really change too much. Um, Barbara, Barbara, you're on something though. Absolutely. So you can visualize the best thing to do though. Even if you're going to have a conversation with a friend at a coffee shop, you asked for general statements who asked for, I really asked for harmony. I asked for situations of alignments between us. I asked for blank and you, you, you don't try to specify the, the step-by-step playbook within the hour meeting. You try to generalize it into a concept. And that's the best way I know. That's really helped me manifest what I want in those conversations. Um, so you certainly can, it works best. So if you can just put out harmony, goodness alignment, happiness smiles, laughter. And you're in that place that that'll change the game.

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