Mastering Manifestation - How To Manifest Things Into Your Life (MASTER KEYS!)
Written by Scott Haug on April 2nd, 2021
Mastering Manifestation - How To Manifest Things Into Your Life (MASTER KEYS!)

This might sound like a very big promise but Mastering this Manifestation process will have you manifesting ANYTHING you want. LITERALLY!

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
He is an expert at helping people make permanent changes in their life and making things super simple to understand.

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Full Transcript

Master the manifestation process and literally manifest anything you want. Even if that sounds like a very big promise in today's video, we're going to be covering some master keys to manifestation that are really, really great for your results. As soon as this week, if you can take a couple of these things in consciously apply them this week, you're going to experience a shift. You're going to experience an energetic shift. You're going to experience a result shift. You're going to see something happen that you haven't had happened in your life just yet by following the principles. Hey, Scott Haug here with the Manifestation Accelerator, "where manifestations and results are made easy." In today's video, we're going to go through a graphic visual diagram. That's going to produce results and that energetic shift right away for you before we jump into it. So like on the video here, it's going to send out to a lot more people in this world, in this universe, and together we can raise the consciousness of the planet, click subscribe, and then click the bell icon as well to get notified.

And when we send out other great manifestation, personal development, how to literally this channel is dedicated to helping you actually apply the knowledge, not just learn more. So you get real world results and really can crush the game, the manifestations money and all of that good stuff. So in today's video, as we start getting into his fourth dimensional reality, there's fourth dimensional thinking and mastering the keys to manifestation process. We're going to understand that there's a spiritual truth and the physical truth. Okay. And understanding these two dynamics is very, very important for your results moving forward. Not only that, but we're going to be experiencing what fourth dimensional thinking really is, what your imagination is. And working from a higher plane, the spiritual plane to the physical, working from the higher side of us to the lower. And if you can pinpoint this and make it a mental habit this week, you're going to produce results literally very quickly and instantly. All right. So without further ado, let's jump right into the content here. This was taken from a live recorded coaching call very recently, that was dedicated to my private exclusive clients. You're going to get access to this today in this training. So let's jump right into fourth dimensional thinking and our timeframe here

And every moment is the present. Right? Right. Now, it's the present. Now the, those moments are so in, by now, these moments are the present. Hope those moments are now in the past. Now, right now, it's the present, right? So we're constantly moving along this timeline, but we're always in the present. Let me change the color here.

At all times, the higher potential is moving to the lower potential spirit to physical spirit, to physical, mental, the physical it's always going from higher potential to lower potential. If we affirm, I am a master marketer, for example, from the example, we just went through, I'm a master marketer.

It may be a lie physically from memory, from experience from all this stuff. It's a lie maybe today, but I am affirming it in my higher side. Okay. You remember again? This is all right now. So if I put this little spotlight tool, okay. Remember right here. It's all right. Now, maybe a physical why, but I'm saying it's a spiritual truth. If I keep paying attention, remember paying attention, it's paying thought energy. It's thinking the way I want to think. If I pay all my thoughts, attention to where I want to go, but I affirm it. It's a spiritual truth today. I will slowly experience this on the physical plane. The spiritual truth becomes a physical truth. The more I affirm it,

A truth right now, physically, the more I keep affirming what I do want, I will solely become that thing. I affirm out loud. Even if it's a physical lie right now, I will attract a circumstance, a person to help me do that new ideas from within creative potential. It's already within me. It's going to start to be expressed. Somebody might tell me the right website at the right time and things. You start to practice actually becoming an extra marketer until it's actually happening in the physical. So this is like the timeline. This is like the physical world. The spiritual world is what we called the fourth dimensional world. If you will. Oh, there's many dimensions. So we're just for simple reasons saying it's the fourth dimension. And the physical here is the third dimension. What's the fourth dimension. What does that even mean? Fourth dimension means all time and all space. So it seems very complex or strong, but let's put it into simple terms. We live past present, future timeline, everything I affirmed today is a physical lie, but a spiritual truth. If I have not experienced it yet. So if I say I'm a $10,000 per month earner, but I have not experienced it yet. It's a physical lie. But at the higher potential to truth, it's a possibility. The more I affirm the possibility, the more I start to attract that into my life.

It also works the opposite way. And then we'll conclude with that with any other questions from anybody. Okay. If I see again, a physical why right now, I can also see a truth right now, physically, it can work the opposite. So if for the last 20 years I've been earning the same amount of money and I keep believing that it gets what I keep thinking a not creative person. For example, if I give that to spirit, if I keep affirming, I've never been creative. I'm not good. Or a hyphen I've never been good with money or any of these ideas. If I keep affirming that guess what happens? The same thing, put it in red here.

Whether it's good or whether it's bad, I will experience it. So if I keep affirming what I've experienced for the last years of my life, that's when you see people that have earned the same amount of money for a long time, or, you know, attracting certain things into our life because they're always telling how it is or how it's been rather than how they want it to be. So it works, both sides, plan a fear. It'll come in, plan a faith it'll come in. Okay. I hope this drawing makes sense. And it definitely helps. Trevor said, is, are five D absolutely. There's many, many dimensions, uh, for simplicity. We always say the spirit just has four dimensions all time and all space. And then physical is the 3d only space experience through a timeline, if you will. Um, so I hope that makes sense as well. Okay. Anybody have questions on this drawing here? I Selena mentioned reading Einstein. He discussed fifth dimension. Absolutely.

The whole, the whole idea here for manifestation is you really just want to understand 3d 4d and what, what really happens there. Um, that will make things very simple to understand if he, if you we've heard from speakers before the subconscious mind, can't differentiate between what's real and what's imagined you also can't tell the difference between the past, the present of the future. Many people have heard that before, but it's hard to understand it until you have a visual diagram. So this diagram kind of helps understand what does that even mean? Okay. It's kind of like the whole cell phone analogy. When I call somebody from here to Japan, it's almost near instantaneous that can hear their voice. There's no, there's no time. There's no space between audio, which is all energy. Okay. So same kind of idea. It goes, it goes here. All right. Great. Again, any other questions on any of this new questions that have come on?

Trevor, you mentioned other in here, would you consider our subconscious mind to be our, for the mind and our conscious mind to be our 3d mind? That's a great way of looking at it. Um, I don't think that it goes exactly that. It's kinda like when, uh, we talk about Bob stick figure diagram. That's not exactly how it goes, but it's a great representation to understand. So Trevor, I think the same thing here with the 4d being our subconscious and universal side and our 3d being the conscious part of us, not exactly how it goes, but that's a great way of viewing and understanding to actually apply it, to get results.

Um, Trevor, you said it perfect feed the patterns that you do, that they use desire with your focus directly. So basically we're always just giving energy to whatever it is, right? So if we just give more of our energy to seeing end scenes in mind, um, that's how a lot of you or, or anybody is really started to quantum leap. Any result is just really being in alignment with those, those ideas and thinking Dina mentioned, yes. That's why I didn't do therapy and awareness healed my past the stuff we're learning helps so much to grow. Absolutely. Um, really, there's not a lot of time that really needs to be dwell done with, with pests thinking if it's just in the future, you're, you're thinking that where you want to go and fusing that those ideas life is very flowing, can be very, very effortless.

Hey Christine, you have a great one there. Can you explain the downers on the graph please? Absolutely. The downers that's all they was mentioning was actual circumstances that unfolds you to one desire or another. So if we go to the green cause we started there first, basically. So if I'm a master marketer in my mind, it's a physical, why it's maybe not happening until I get to my desire fulfilled on the physical plane until that day comes and the physical plane where I am a truthful physical master marketer, there's going to be that bridge of incidents that unfold from now until then the down arrows could represent a new training program that you saw an ad for. They just, it was perfect for you at the right time, at the right place to get the knowledge you needed. He ran into somebody that you haven't talked to in five years, but they are doing the exact thing you needed help with. And they give you some free advice and guidance that day. You go to the coffee shop and you run into somebody who you were looking for, or that you're aligned with, right? So series of events or happenings unfolds between now and the physical truth of your desire, like the actual evidence showing up and between. There's what we call those bridge of incidents. So I'll write that in there, that phrase is borrowed from the author, Neville, Goddard, the bridge of incidents.

You can also call it the bridge of events or happenings. Sometimes that's even better to think of. Cause sometimes when you say incidents, it sounds, you know, like a negative thing, although the word incident just means that happening if you will. Okay. So the bridge of events, the bridge of happenings will unfold. Same thing goes with the right side there that you'll see, you'll still experience the, the unfoldment of happenings. Uh, Christine, let me know if that makes sense for you. That's something you mentioned. I agree therapy often rehashes unless it's solution-based uh, well centers, Lena.

Let me say an understanding of knowledge and implementation is key. Absolutely. I mean, this is the, essentially also the reason why a lot of people will read self-help books, watch the videos and audio outside of like the programs that we have here in things, right? That's kind of the, where everyone starts. A lot of people have spiritual mental progress, but there's, there's not a huge change physically. They get the concept on a conscious of what makes sense. It's logically making sense. They get that. They have a lot of potential and a lot of change in thinking until that is implemented on deepest level. We can know how to change. We can know the patterns, but until we actually implement the change in thinking, that's only when the results will actually start to shift, if you will change

And uh, Christine mentioned the bridge of incidence, explain says confused on why the errors were getting smaller, going towards the future where we want to be. Absolutely. So basically what it means is you're, you're slowly getting closer and closer to the desire. That's kind of the idea there. Um, it doesn't mean slower and slower. It doesn't mean it's going to take 20 weeks to get there. It just means that every moment of every day, you're getting closer, whether you see it physically or not, and the dotted line is kind of the invisible path that we're all taking, but sometimes you can't see, uh, it's kind of like when we talk about the analogy of the foggy path, you know, you're on the path, but you can't always see in front of you even five steps. So the dotted-line is the idea that I'm, I'm going it's I'm on the right path. Although in my physical eyes, it can only see so much evidence. Most of the evidence of the unfoldment of your desire is actually invisible. You can not see it. You can't hear it, right. It's not there. If you will. Christine, thank you for clarifying. That was perfect to kind of complete our diagram here. All right. Any other questions?

Christine? You said a perfect thing. There's another way to look at the smaller arrows is that your belief is building up. It's not so much physical lie as much as in the beginning. Perfect. That's exactly a great as well, starting to believe it starts to gain the awareness. You start to gain the confidence and that certainly it makes all the difference.

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