Becoming The Greatest You - Combining Your PURPOSE, Why, Motivation, and Desires
Written by Scott Haug on March 31st, 2021
Becoming The Greatest You - Combining Your PURPOSE, Why, Motivation, and Desires

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Full Transcript

There are certain elements that you can master in your internal game that is going to bring out the best of you, the best version of you and the best ultimate results that you can start manifesting into your life. It takes a couple of key components, your purpose, your why, your motivation, your accountability, and by putting all these together, it becomes the greatest version of you. You align who you really are with who you are today. Hey, Scott Haug here with the Manifestation Accelerator, where "manifestations and results are made easy." In today's video, we're going to combine a couple of common components in personal development in such a way uniquely that you've never seen before to allow yourself to experience the best version of you just before we jump into the content today. So like on the video, it's going to send out to a lot more people in this universe and together we can raise the consciousness of this planet.

Also click subscribe, and they click the bell icon as well to get notified when we send out more other great manifestation, how to content, techniques, methods, all the stuff you ever really need to figure out, how do you actually get the results you want and not just wishful and hopeful manifestation, but actually making a consistent, predictable manifestation moving forward. So these key elements, what I'm actually do is present you a visual way of learning in the video today. It's going to be great. You can take some notes. You can really listen to those over and over and over again, but it's going to allow you a visual representation of all these key components as we jump into the video here. So let's go ahead and do it. Let's jump into some of the key components. We're going to be starting with our, why we're going to be dipping into some purpose.

We're going to be combining authors of Esther Hicks and employing Hill Bob Proctor, maybe some names that you've studied before or heard of before. We're going to be combining a lot of great resources in this world in personal development, putting them together for one ultimate resource for you. So let's do it. Let's jump right into the content today. Starting with Y really activates the fire here. So what is purpose? Your purpose is why you get out of bed in the morning. Why you're working today, why you're studying this program, why you're growing your business and building it, why you want more money? Okay. Now, if you talk to anybody in a full-time job, most times you're like, well, why do you get up in the morning? Or why do you go to work? They say, because I need money. And they say, well, why do you need money?

Well, because they need to pay my bills. Why do you need to pay your bills? And they'll be like, well, it's the habeas. I need to live in a place and I need to pay for food and groceries. And they keep asking why they don't actually really know why they're getting out of bed in the morning or why they're working day after day at this job. Sometimes it happens in business as well. We lose track sometimes where we wake up one day in our businesses. It's going okay. You know, everything's going well, but we kind of forget, like what, what am I really doing here? You know, am I enjoying? Everything is thing. Are things progressing in the right direction? Okay. So we really want to get very clear on this and say it out loud day. Now it's second line there. It's in your DNA.

Each of us are born with certain unique gifts, talents, and abilities. As we go throughout life, we begin to realize what we are great at and what we love to do. Therefore, we discover our purpose. We don't create it. I've asked so many teachers, so many mentors that I've had, including Bob himself. I remember sitting across from him at a dinner in Toronto and I aspired by him. Do we create our purpose? Do we ha I mean, are we born with it? He says, I really deeply add up all my study. Deeply believe we're born with a purpose. You're born to do some great work before you come into this lifetime. That was a game changer for me to know that because I said, wow, now I know that something that I love doing, that must be part of my purpose. Okay. So think about it for you.

If it is true that you're born with your purpose before you come into his physical life, that should give you a lot of certainty that you know, that whatever you love doing, that's your thing. That's going to be part of why you're living here wandering versus from direction. Bob, once said, your purpose in this lifetime is do to do the thing you love. Okay? When people are off course, they're not living on purpose. They're wandering and looking outside of themselves for the answers. Most times when we feel we're heading in the exact right direction is because we're doing what we love and following our purpose. Okay? So that's why this is, this is so important when somebody doesn't have direction it's because they don't know what they're doing all day. They don't know why they're doing it. They don't even know if they're in the right business.

Okay. So it's very important when you're on purpose things flow, you seemingly have infinite energy. You just always have motivation, enthusiasm, motivation, shine through, and you are a soul on fire. Like I previously mentioned, okay. It's like me creating this program. I, I mean, it, it, I just love this. I love explaining things in, in showing, you know, bringing the piece of the puzzle together. So you can have more awakenings faster than ever before. I love this stuff. And that may explain why that's part of my purpose as we go throughout this module as well. Now, the second slide here is very, very cool because there's a Napoleon Hill quote, that It really relates everything together.

What a different story people would have to tell if they would adopt a definite nibs purpose and stand by that purpose until I had time to become an all consuming purpose.

And Simon Sinek has a book called, starting with why. And he talks about why into how into what for all great companies. And he talks a lot about Apple and how their, why was being completely different there. How was kind of the systems and processes and things that implemented their why. And then they went with the, what the, what is the product where most companies will start with the product and then go how, and then go, why he says all great companies with why then into how then into what that same thing goes with our personal purpose that we're working on here now, starting with why then how you're going to do it, then what you're going to do. It's the purpose, the vision, the goal. It's the same setup here. Okay. Now a little picture right there is referenced in chapter three. So you know exactly where I got that from in his book. Okay. That low targets, right. Starting with the small, starting within first, then working without. All right. So that should give you a little bit more understanding of why purpose is so important and what it is as we move forward here, definiteness of purpose, that definite purpose we're looking for in a burning obsession. Okay. Now you have this little heart shaped fire there you see in the background, it's because it's going to be part of what you love. Right? It's going to be part of what you're in residence with.

You think about that in love occurs when two entities are on the same frequency, that means a person and an idea are on the same frequency. Most people are in love with their current scenario. I hope you got that line.

On accident, not trying to deliberately choose. This are in love with their scenario. They are in the frequency of this low money, income, and low business in different things. Okay. We want to be in love with our idea, our big idea, our goal, our vision. That's, what's going to drive us the second part there. The idea becomes your mission. It is the mission that drives you. When you fall in love with an idea, your conscious and subconscious mind are in sync around that exact idea. Many of your thoughts and feelings are in alignment. That's how things start to drive forward. That's why a definite purpose is so important. Okay? Because your thoughts are all around creating and helping and doing this mission that you're on. You're feeling great about the mission. That's when your vibrational center is at peak levels. It's at the high frequency where you can attract greater things.

Let's go. The next line. And man's search for meaning a great book by Victor Frankl, we get purpose through one loving relationships, family, friends, spouse, giving, and to our work. That's falling in love with an idea. Okay? That's the basis behind that intention,

How do you install this purpose in your life currently? Am I referenced Abraham Hicks as well? The purpose of your life, joy, the basis of your life is absolute freedom. The result of your life is expansion growth. So just like Bob talks about in lesson one, right? Our goal is something that's there for us to grow. It's not to get it's for us to experience and grow. And that's part of our physical purpose here is to experience more and more of what you want to experience.

Can tell all these authors, all these speakers that are all saying the same thing. It's giving you the basis that this is one of the most important things you could ever discover in your entire lifetime. And then we're going to start to implement. So this is giving you the foundations, okay. Now burning obsession. What does that mean? And obsession is an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person.

Assessed with a drug. It can be obsessed with your, um, uh, you know, a person you could be obsessed with, uh, your bank statement, looking at every minute of the day, trying to figure out how things are going to move forward. There can be a bad obsessions and there can be good obsessions. So next line there a burning obsession is an idea or dream that you want more than anything else. It consumes you in a very good way

All of this is. It's all connecting and it's really going to start to connect over the next couple of slides as well. Okay. So I hope you're taking really some outstanding notes for your journal and really writing down everything that's really, uh, uh, bringing forth who you truly are to serve.

He explained by Neville. Goddard is it is your destiny to rise to higher and higher States of consciousness and to bring into manifestation more and more of creations, infinite wonders. Actually, you are destined to reach the point where you realize that through your own desire, you can consciously create your successive destiny.

For the longest time, I never could find a program speaker, anybody to tell me all this stuff. I knew the word destiny. There was the word faith that was always kind of thrown around a little bit. There was the word purpose, the w you know, the expression, your why I never understood how this all connected, right? So I, this was all starting to connect for you that says, what is your destiny? Why are you here? What's going on? Why, why are we all experiencing this physical life? As far as we know

Saying that, that quote by Neville Goddard out loud every morning and explaining to South is my destiny to work through what I'm going to work through today, to bring my infinite power, to surface more and more, to do higher and greater manifestations physical. It could be my dream home, my car. It's actually my destiny to awaken that power and manifests wonderful things in my life. If you believe that you are now going to allow riches, wealth and all great things to enter your life, because you believe it, you believe you're the one for it, rather than most people believe that riches are a bad thing. And they unconsciously destroying self-sabotage of their

Now, if you want to know where that quote is, is actually referenced in chapter 26 of the power of awareness. So you know exactly where to find it. If you do want to go into that, no need to buy all these books in different things. So I just want to show you where the reference, so you can always look back and investigate a little further if you choose.

Let's start bringing this all together and really make this puzzle piece kind of formed to get all the puzzle pieces form, to make this beautiful puzzle and understanding motivation, accountability. Where does that fall into play as well? So where does motivation come from? You know, I used to listen to YouTube videos of Les Brown and Eric Thomas every day of my life, over and over and over. Those are two motivational speakers. I still love them. I went to a Les Brown seminars before, and I think they're just so fantastic to bring the power to the surface of

If that makes a lot of sense, that's why you can go to a seminar and be really motivated in that room. And then 24 hours later, kind of back to square one, because you're out of state in your paradigm, your old beliefs took over. You don't believe that it's possible for you anymore, consciously, but subconsciously your state has not changed

Motivated day in and day out. It cannot come from outside sources every minute of the day. It can supplement. You can use a motivational speaker to supplement your state of being absolutely, but you can't depend on it every minute of the day. It must come through, come from within through a big idea. As we just noted you, you falling in love. An idea is part of you discovering your purpose, and it must be a big idea that you fall in love with. The result is continuous motivation. That's where motivation comes from. It's an idea that most people don't understand. It's the big idea that drives you because who you really are, is an infinite being. We're going to talk about this in lesson four, much more. And even before that, but you are an infinite being your source energy, living in a physical body with an intellect.

You're not this body. You live in a body. Okay? I hope that makes sense to most of you. And some of you won't be able to grab it right away. That's okay. If you haven't grabbed it, we're going to talk about this very deeply in the spiritual side as we go throughout this program. Okay? But you are source energy. You are perfection. So you always want more expansion expression. That's why you, when you're in love with a big idea, your soul is on fire. You are a soul on fire. You're looking for something bigger and grander, and it's fulfilling who you truly are. That's why you're motivated every day, because you're just have this outstanding energy, which we're going to talk about the next couple of points. Now, the obsession with this big idea is the accountability. I hope you get this one as well.

Many people use accountability partners as a crutch instead of using as a tool for their success. That's why accountability partners can work sometimes. And sometimes not. Sometimes you're still not motivated to keep accountable to people or you even go back on your word. Why has it happened? Because people are using it as a crutch. They need accountability to get through the day or to get through the week to accomplish your task. Instead, your obsession. That's the next line there. Your obsession with this big idea you have fallen in love with is the accountability you're driven to do everything it will take to accomplish the mission. How, because your consciousness subconscious minds are the driving force. They're in unison. They're in sync. Okay? Okay. So you don't need accountability every day. You're disciplined because you love the idea you're going after. How many times do you procrastinate on the things that you love?

Not many, I would think, right? If you love ice cream just got ice cream and you're really hungry. Do you procrastinate on eating the whole thing? I don't think so. Right now, it's a very easy example because it's food and you're hungry and you love what you're eating. You're not going to take three days, eat that thing, right? Unless it was like seven gallons ice cream, but you know what I'm talking about? Just say, it's an ice cream cone with three scoops on top sometimes. Okay. But if you hate the thing, you you're going to procrastinate on doing that thing most times. Yes. Right? We don't like to do what we hate. We just don't want to do it right. Most times it's out of alignment. Maybe who we truly are. We want something better for ourselves. We want to be doing something better, but we hate doing that. This thing, right? So accountability is when somebody is just completely out of alignment with who they are. When you're obsessed with the idea, you don't need as much accountability because you are on fire with what you love and what you love. You don't procrastinate on the accountability then becomes a tool to help you increase it, supplement

This stems to one thing, it all comes together. But sometimes we don't see that because we're always listening to a lot of videos and books and different things. And it just doesn't all piece together. But now you get a whole picture that if you do one thing, if you go on the right purpose on the right path, you'll have motivation every day. You have energy every day, because it's unlocked through your desire to do the thing you're going to be on your outstanding mission. Things are going to start to flow. You're going to have quantum leap progress,

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