*SHOCKINGLY EASY* How To Manifest Clients & Sales [IN 24 HOURS OF LESS!] | Raise Your Vibration
Written by Scott Haug on March 29th, 2021
*SHOCKINGLY EASY* How To Manifest Clients & Sales [IN 24 HOURS OF LESS!] | Raise Your Vibration

(video of me speaking on stage below...)

Final days of March - how much more could you attract and manifest?!


Time has very little to do with your results.

Belief DOES have A LOT to do with your results 🙂

If you have a business going, you can manifest MORE clients and customers THIS WEEK.


Align with the energy of having them.

One of the greatest ways to do this is to "rampage" about it, or what I call "Total Faith Talks".

I describe these deeply in our Manifestation Accelerator course.

But for now, I actually uploaded a video of my speaking from Bob Proctor's stage talking about my process.

It's helped me big time.

And it will help you too.

There is an intro, then the video will go into me on stage.

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
He is an expert at helping people make permanent changes in their life and making things super simple to understand.

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Full Transcript

How to manifest clients and customers very quickly into your business and life in 24 hours or less while raising your vibrational level? Hey, Scott Haug here with our Manifestation Accelerator, where "manifestation and results are made easy." We're going to get into a four step process that you can follow. Literally today on this video, it's going to align with your highest good, all the potential customers and ideal clients you're looking for to attract into your life. We're going to put into an energy and process, send out to the universe to allow yourself to actually attract the good that you desire. Before we jumped into video, throw a like on the video, it's going to send out to a lot more people in this universe and together we can raise a level of consciousness on this planet. Also click subscribe, and then click the bell icon as well to get notified.

When we sent out more manifestation, how to step-by-step guides, techniques and methods for you to ultimately manifest everything that you want is this channel is all about how to apply the material, not just about learning more now clients and customers. When we attract them into our life and business, it's an energy thing. That's it? When you're in the right energy, things seem to flow. When you're out of the energy, things seem to not flow. It's not just about marketing. Okay? Cause you could have the greatest marketing plan in the world. The greatest plan in the world, the greatest strategy in the world, whatever it is. But if you're not in alignment with the right energy, things just don't happen the way you want them to happen. It can very hard, very frustrating and not have the flow that you want. So we're going to jump into technique here.

I'm giving a lot of preference if you will, before the technique. So you want to watch the video from start to finish because it's going to fill in all the gaps of the energy alignment, what that is, how to do it, the energy technique, the four step process. I'm also going to give an example as well, and this was recorded live. When I was speaking on stage a couple of years back to allow everybody in the room to really be aligned with manifesting new clients and customers is going to do the same for you. I really hope you enjoy this process. Again, watch this from start to finish. You need every nook and cranny, every little detail of the manifestation process and all of this step-by-step just before we jump into the actual four-step process and the content also comment below so that you activate the phrase in your life.

I just now received an extra $5,000. Thank you, universe. Comment that below, before you do your actual engagement with the content, we're about to jump into because it's going to again, activate that in your world and it's going to then be emotionalized and you're going to feel it to be true today, allowing it to actually track into your life. So again, I just now received $5,000 extra. Thank you universe. All right, go ahead and comment that below and let's step right into a four-step process and allow yourself to experience a quantum leap forward in client and customer manifestation. Let's do it. So a lot of us are on that bottle left-hand corner, where somewhere that we're going, we're doing things very well. We're getting clients, but we want to move to the next level, right? But we're thinking ideas on that bottom level, right? And we know that we have to shift to that higher level through repetition that David said so wonderfully about autosuggestion and hearing the same thing over and over.

But if we want to go to that next level, how can we shift our thoughts? That higher frequency? It's a very easy exercise. Okay. And if you know, Esther Hicks a little bit that work, I love her work with Bob's work, putting those together. That's we're going to talk a little bit about getting into that alignment first, before you go out there and serve, because then you have clients flow, you have money flow and things. Just start to be a little bit more at ease. Not so struggle, not so hard. It will be hard work. A lot of hard work going out there and taking the action. But what if you could flow just a little bit more and that's what vibrational alignment first. Okay. So as we go through here, we could see on the top, how can you start feeling ease, relief, happiness, enjoy around to money and enrollments.

As we know, feeling is a vibration, right? So for on the top side there, those are the positive emotions that can help us start to flow with these ideas on the bottom there. If you're feeling that clients are hard to get, there's not that many, they're not qualified. If you're feeling any of those negative emotions down there, that's why we keep attracting hard situations to enroll clients. But what if we feel ease? What if we start to feel the emotion of, wow, it's really easy to enroll clients. It's really easy to help people. Money is easy to gain, easy to start to move forward with. It's flowing. If we can get into that vibration alignment, that's what starts to happen. Right? Love attraction brings it to us. Okay. So now we're going to put into words. Okay. So I encourage you to write down those first three phrases for sure. Some of you already know them. So in TIR we talk about it. Feeling is our conscious awareness of the vibration we're in. We hear it all the time, but are we applying it? Are we doing it? Think about what that means, feeling how we feel right now, while we're in this room is our awareness of the vibrational state that we're in.

We know what we're attracting based on the way we're feeling. And David said it today as well. We're not controlling our thoughts. We're controlling the way we feel.

Secondary vibration precedes manifestation. Right? We have to get into the vibration before things change physically. And then when we change our vibration things change physically. So therefore we must feel good before things start to change. So I'm going to, if you want maybe five extra enrollments this week. Yeah. Okay. So how can we, how can we start to do that? We want to get into a feeling of that happening. Okay. Two, uh, two quotes there. Uh, some of, you know, Neville Goddard's work very well. Right? That's a little treasury. I encourage you to grab this book. It's got all his books in one. It's like a little treasure box. Okay. It's uh, the power of imagination. And it's got like eight of his books in here. It's right on Amazon. You can grab it. Okay. So two coats here from the power of awareness chapter, the first step in the renewing of the mind is desire. You must want to be different before you can begin to change yourself.

What's your burning desire. Hopefully it's helping people. What sets you on fire? What's going to bring the intensity up. I know we've talked about Brian a lot, but the one quality that Bob was talking about is find the top producers and find the one quality that you want to emulate. And Brian said, I found, cause I was thinking about it. It's the intensity, how much he wants to help somebody. And it's an expectation that he's going to be able to expectations of feeling. Okay? So let's go to the next line. Then you must make the future dream. A present fact.

This by assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled, Assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled. So what does assuming mean? That means, or if it's just going to happen, right? If you assume something's going to happen, it's just going to happen. So if you're assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled, you're assuming ease. You're assuming all these positive emotions, all these great things around it, enrollments money, whatever it is. Second quote. If this assumption is persisted in, until it becomes your dominant feeling, the attainment of your ideal is inevitable.

Okay? Your goal is inevitable. It's going to happen. If your assumption, if this feeling is persistent every single day, right? It is kind of insane, right? Every single day, you're trying to change yourself. You're feeling good. Even when things are going bad, that's ridiculous. Right? Lots of people are like, Oh yeah, I feel terrible. Things are going terrible. Right? You start to feel low. You start to feel guilt and resentment and all these things. And we're on the other side, we're saying I'm feeling really good. And people are like, things are terrible for you. You have no money in the bank. You have no enrollments, whatever it is. Right. And we're sitting here trying to feel good. So if we can persist in this emotion though, things are going to change because we understand the laws of the universe. Okay. Now, um, as we go forward, we're going to go through the four steps here. So I encourage you to take a picture. Okay. How do we do it? How do we get in vibrational alignment here?

So I may go on a little, like a abundance rampage. Okay. So I feel ease. You want to start with emotion? I feel ease. Oh, how good does that feel? Does ease feel? It feels great. Things are getting better and better. I just feel good. I feel like money is finally rolling in. I feel like clients are finally just coming to me and flowing to me, unexpected things, keep happening, happening to me. And I feel like the luckiest person in the world thinks he happening. Right? Ah, man, I feel ease. Things, feel ease. I'm going out there and serving and helping people and have the best business in the entire world. Helping people. That's pretty easy. It feels easy. It feels good. Okay. So you want to get any emotion you want to just dwell on that emotion. You want to give yourself number two, all the reasons to feel that motion.

Let's talk about freedom, right? All of us want freedom, time, freedom, money, freedom. How good this freedom feel? It feels really good. It feels freeing. I could do whatever I want to do. I have the money to do whatever I want. Money feels good. Right. Then go and transition to the money. Topic. Money feels really good. It's an instrument. And when I have more, it magnifies more of who I am. Right. Um, money's good. What about bills? Bills are giving opportunities, right? They're not just giving the money away. I'm trying to, you know, try and pay off all these bills and payments. Oh, it feels good. I can give back to all these people in these services that are doing great things. Right? And as you keep going forward, these things are going to happen. Now just like David was talking about insanity, right? I do this every single day and I have my windows open and my God, I think all these people that are living around me, let's think I'm insane.

Right? I'm talking about money. I'm talking about all these things. I just keep talking out loud. I have Epic music in the background jamming. Right? So I'm jumping up and down. I'm like, if they could only see what I'm doing here, they would think, Oh my God. Right? Ever. And I talk about it a little bit. We listen to Epic music while we're doing right. It gets you pumped up. You're conquering the world feel right. The feeling you feel like you're a top dog, you're the one to do something incredible. So number three, how good enrollments feel? How good money feels and number four, you just want to feel how you feel now. Be aware of it. Does everyone feel good in the room? Yeah.

So you can, all, you can feel the vibrational shift in the entire room is because you're listening to the words of ease and flow feels so good. Then you want to go out there and serve. Right. right. I'm going to help somebody today. Things are gonna happen really well today. You expect it. You're getting into the emotion and you expect great things to hear. I'm gonna ask you to do something probably uncomfortable. Okay. We're going to apply this best way to do it is to do it here and now. Okay. All right. So what we're going to do is you're going to group up at your tables again. It may be very uncomfortable. Pick a volunteer, hopefully somebody volunteers at your table, or just rock paper, scissors, shoot at your table. You want to go through these steps here. Okay. You just want to talk about the feeling?

Just talk about ease. Just start with ease first. Okay. Talk about all the reasons to feel ease. Okay. So go ahead and go around your table. We're going to put on some meditative music and you want to go around to that one that person's done. Maybe a minute, two minutes of talking out loud. You can go to the next person. Really? It's just self-talk so it all complicated. Just, you know, talk about how you want to feel. Talk about how good that feels and I'll be around if you want to ask me a question about it. Okay. All right. Let's go ahead.

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