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Written by Scott Haug on March 24th, 2021
Raise Your Money Vibrations EASILY | Attracting Money Using The Law of Attraction

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Full Transcript

Raise your money vibration so easily in this video, we're going to start transforming your inner sight around money or inner energy or inner vibration, your inner frequency. And as you do so you're going to start manifesting money prosperity and abundance, a lot easier, a lot faster into your world. Just before we jump into the training here, throw like on the video as you throw, like in the video, it's just going to send out to a lot more people and together we can raise the consciousness of this planet. Just that much better. Make this world a better place. Have more people become aware of who they truly are. Also click subscribe on the channel and then click the bell icon as well. So you're notified when we send out other how to manifesting elevating your consciousness type videos, which is really going to help you live your greatest life.

This is the channel. This is the only channel you're ever going to need around. I'm manifesting, allowing yourself to have the guides, to have the roadmaps, everything you need to allow yourself to move forward at a very fast and great rate. So what is this whole money game about this money games, about energy. And when we want to manifest more money into our life, we want to live the element of prosperity, the elements of abundance. We just really want to see ourselves with full bank accounts. If you will. We want to see ourselves in abundance of money in this physical reality, right? Because money, I believe is just an expression of who you are. It's just going to magnify what you're already doing. If you're a bad person, it's going to make you a really bad person. If you're a great person, it's going to make you a really great person.

So you're deserving and worthy of having all the money that you could ever want in this world. Right? Because I I'm sure that you're a very great person. You mean, well in this world, you want to serve more people. You have a message to bring to this world. Do you have a legacy you want to leave behind? I'm sure you want to help your family as well. Maybe been through family struggles or maybe not. Who knows, but if you've been through family struggles, I'm sure you want to help your family financially, or you want to do something for them in the future, or at the same time. Maybe you have a cause you want to give back to you want to contribute and serve to a greater cause other than yourself, right? The more money you have, the more good you can do. And money is just a tool.

Money is just a resource. It doesn't have to control you or anything like that. You can control it. We want to understand in order to raise our frequency and raise our vibration around money. What's the whole cause of changing and shifting that frequency it's thought thoughts and feelings and feelings. Our conscious awareness is a vibration we're in. So when I say I'm feeling bad, what I'm doing is I'm consciously aware that I'm in a bad vibration. There's no really good or bad vibrations. Okay. There's just higher or lower frequencies if you will. But we can put those titles on the frequencies to better understand. Okay? So even though there's no bad vibration, we can categorize it as a label. If you will, on the vibration to understand it better. So when I say I'm feeling good, I can literally consciously be aware I'm in a good vibration, right?

So when we're moving forward and I talk about money or you talk about money, how do you feel if you feel over whelming, really frustrated and irritated about money you're you can be consciously aware that the vibration I'm in around money is frustration and irritation. If I feel money is good and easy in my life, I'm going to really be aware that the vibration I'm in around money is easy and good. Okay. So how do we raise our vibrational frequency? If you will, around money is by changing our feeling. Because again, feeling is your conscious awareness of the vibration you're in and feeling precedes the manifestation or vibration precedes manifestation. What does that mean? You have to get into the feeling before it's ever going to manifest. So instead of just focusing on the scenarios and circumstance around you, monetarily wise, what we want to start focusing in on is the feeling, how do we do that?

Again? Thoughts, induce feelings. So we need to change our thoughts to change the feeling which changes the vibration. So start looking for in step. Number one was processed basically is writing down all the good things you've ever witnessed around money. So that could be, you know, one day you did get a bonus at your job. So you write that down. Like that was a good happening around to money. Another thing is maybe you run a business and you had a certain amount of unexpected sales come in or new clients or new customers, right? It can be very grateful that that new money came into. Write that down, basically in your consciousness, you're going to see more of the time, bad around the money or more of the time. Good around money. We want to shift your awareness to always finding good, because again, what that's going to do is you're finding good thoughts, good points of view, good perspective.

That's going to allow you to feel good around money. That's going to allow you to be in that good vibration, good frequency, and you're going to attract better. Okay? Because the overwhelming amount of feeling that you give to an idea drops in the subconscious mind, and that's going to be impressed upon this physical time-space reality that we live in. And you're going to start aligning with circumstances and things in your life. That's going to attract more circumstances like that. So really what we want to do is tap into a greater feeling around money, tap into that abundance and prosperous feeling. You're going to start to over time, generate more prosperous conditions and circumstances. So you just want to follow along here and say, how many good things can I find around the money? Well, I was able to go to the grocery store last week and pay, you know, $150.

And I had food for the week. That's good. That's a good use of money, right? So we can be thankful. Well, money was good in that way because it provided me food to eat, provided my family, some nutrition and some food eat during the week. Right? So that's a good thing around money. Another thing is, well, I just spent this amount of money on rent last month or this month. And I was able to live in shelter, right? I had protection. I had a roof over my head. I had heat or air conditioning, wherever you live. I had, uh, you know, running water. I had running toilets. I had a, you know, a place to put my bed and live comfortably in. Right? So that's a good thing around money. So you just constantly write down good positive aspects of money. And before you know it, you do this every day for say 14 days straight, you find five to 10, good things, 10 really best find 10 things, good around money.

You're going to start to feel better. You're going to start to feel relieved around money. You're gonna start to, uh, let and allow yourself to experience more of that inflow monetarily wise. Because again, how you feel is a vibration or in, so if you shift what you're feeling, you're going to shift vibrationally at the same time, it can be dropping new seeds into your subconscious mind, new ideas in your subconscious mind, that must manifest themselves onto the screen in this space, right? And whatever strapped in your subconscious mind, the universe, which is really you at your higher side, okay. Is going to cooperate with you between the breach of incidents to allow you to experience the unfolding of this beautiful idea that you've put into your subconscious mind, because remember the subconscious and universal everything's connected energetically, I'm connected with you. Energetically. You're connected with everybody, you know, energetically and all the people you don't know.

Right? So if we're energetically connected to all people, it's like the universe will start to move these puzzle pieces together for you to experience what you dropped in your subconscious mind, bad or good. That's how this stuff works, right? So we want to understand whatever seed we plant in our mind we're going to get, well, how do you plant a seed? It's based on a feeling feelings, the key. Okay. So we start to look at these positive aspects around money. You start to journal about that every single day, write down some good aspects of money, some good things that you know, money has done for you in your life. You know, some good things have money can do for your life. You start saying I'm capable. I'm willing, I'm there for money. And you start to change that feeling. Not only that, but then you could talk freely better about money in your days, while which would be step number two, talk out loud about how good money feels in your imagination. So if you live in tight circumstances, monetarily wise, right now, your bank account, the cash, the income might be one that feels limited right now. If you want to get unlimited with your income, start talking as if it's already unlimited, really hard to do when you're looking at your circumstances, because your ego side will say, that's not real. You're lying to yourself, right? It's a physical lie, but to spiritual truth at the same time. So in your imagination, you want to start comparing your

With your imagination, not the physical world. So you see in your imagination, you in prosperous conditions, it's what we call end the scenes. And as you start seeing these tendencies scenes in mind, talk about them. It feels good to be prosperous. It feels good to be abundant. It feels good to live in wealth. It feels good to align with money. Money feels good to me. Money feels aligned for me right now. Again, this is hard. If you compare the words you're saying out loud to your present circumstances, right? Cause they're going to contradict themselves instead of feeling like a contradicts compared to your imagination, your fourth dimensional side, who you really are at a fundamental level of spiritual, energetic being compared to that level. Right? And as you do that, you're going to start to impress your mind because feelings, the key that activates this idea to drop into subconscious mind, that universal side of you, right?

So start talking out loud, how good money feels, start talking about how good circumstances feel now that you'll live in more prosperous conditions, right? And as you do so again, you're going to start to align. So again, write down some things positive. That's step number one, around money. Number two, find some good feelings around money, the best we can. It's going to raise your frequency. Number three, give yourself some rest. Okay. Now a lot of people are going, going, going non-stop. And I've learned this myself so deeply is we want to give yourself some time to take a moment and think, take a moment. And B take a moment and just be aware of your surroundings, right? Because what you're going to do is get back to your presence. You're going to get back to who you really are. And it's going to allow you to remember that you're an energetic being, living in an energetic world.

And money is just an energetic thing. As soon as we forget that, it's because we are just totally out of ourselves and into our circumstance. So we always want to go back to that simple framework. I'm an energetic being, living in an energetic world and money's an energetic thing. So if I change my energy, I'm going to change the energy around money in my life. Right? That's the core concept here. So beautiful ideas and the comments below, go ahead and say in the comments, I just now activated whatever someone money you want. Thank you universe. So I just now activated $10,000. Thank you universe. So then drop that in the comments below to activate the phrase. I just now activated blank about blank amount of money, then say thank you universe. And then it's going to allow you to activate that into your world. After you do that, go ahead to end the description.

If you want a little bit more help on this, we have manifestation courses that are the most in deepest, easy, effortless, but at the same time, fun and effective proven methods around manifestation you're ever going to find in today's world. So go in, in the description below, check out our manifestation courses. We have coaching around manifestation where I can coach you directly as well as coaching courses that allow you literally step-by-step guides on exactly how to use all this information. Because I know one time in my life, I was very confused. There was so much going on. It's like, what do I, how do I do all of it? Right? Uh, how do I learn all this personal development and actually apply it all? What we've built a system that allows you to do that discovered a system that allows you to get proven results.

We've had over 2000 members wins, just posted in the last eight months. Financial wins that people are fulfilling their financial destiny sums of small to two, $300 and manifests in a week upwards to 260,000 hours manifested in one month. Sounds like magic numbers. That really now, when you understand this process that, you know, you might, uh, manifest the wherever in harmony with whatever you're ready for. Of course. So if you're ready for a smaller amount, you'll get that. If you're ready for a little larger amount, you'll get that. And ultimately the course prepares you and readies you for those larger amounts of money coming in as well. They're really beautiful and fun ways to go about it, rather than trying to do this all yourself. You could get help support and guidance along your path, as well as get the action items you can use on a daily basis.

So try out today's video techniques, raise your level of vibration after your race, your level of vibration, be open, receptive to getting more guidance and support on your journey. By going in the link below with the manifestation accelerator course, as well as our coaching, to allow yourself to really experience that next level result in your life and business that you might be seeking that you might've wanted for a long time. Well, now's the time. Okay. You can get that help, get that support and have that direction roadmap for you to really experience what to do in this energetic world. All right. Try out the ideas here in the video, join in one of our courses and allow yourself to get the guidance and support that is worthy and deserving within you. All right, Scott Hawk signing off here and I look forward to hearing all about your query results and also seeing you in our courses sometime in the near future. If not today,

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