Manifesting - I Remember When Technique [INSTANT RESULTS]
Written by Scott Haug on March 19th, 2021
Manifesting - I Remember When Technique [INSTANT RESULTS]

"I Remember When" you were wealthy.

"I Remember When" you manifesting everything you ever wanted.

"I Remember When" your life was filled with abundance.

"I Remember When" you attracted prosperity and goodness.

"I Remember When" your business quantum leaped.

Do you remember?

Of course I don't just mean from your "memory".

I mean... from your Imaginative story!

Such a powerful process to create imaginative past stories on your greatest desires being manifested.

I go through this process in our Manifestation Accelerator program so deeply.

For now, I also created a new video on this process you can try out today 🙂

Check it out.

✅ Let me know if the YouTube comments what you think of this technique!

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Full Transcript

"I remember when," a manifesting technique that's going to produce instant results. Hey Scott Haug here and in this video, we're going to go through a manifesting technique you can use right now, that's going to provide you great results, outstanding results in the short term. It's going to provide you a way to actually in your imagination, see what you want, activate it and bring it into your world. Before we jump into it, throw like on the video, we can together spread the level of consciousness on this planet. Cause as you throw a like it's going to send out to a lot more people and we can bring a lot more awareness into his world. And as you do that, send that energy out. It's going to come right back to you. Also click subscribe, and then click the bell icon to be notified when we send out other great manifestation content.

And if you haven't already click the link below to make sure sign up for our manifestation accelerator course, uh, join thousands of other people manifesting their dream lives. Literally we have thousands of people that have manifested their financial most amazing record wins in a single week in a single month, uh, producing outstanding results, $500, $5,000, $50,000, many different manifestation chunks financially as well as bringing in their love and abundance and all the other good stuff into their lives. It's a course that literally every seven days, you're going to get a module. You're going to get the exact action items to actually apply right here. And now it's going to give you a system and basically a roadmap in support and guidance on your journey. No more hope manifestations can bring in consistent manifestations. So sign up if you haven't already. All right, let's jump into today's technique.

I remember when in our imagination we must experience what we want to experience before it actually happens. Okay? So in our imagination, it's the screen that's pressed on to this physical world. And as we start seeing the results that we currently have today in our imagination, we're going to start to feel that that's how things are always going to be. Okay. So that's where most people are. They are seeing the results they have today. So if they want a lot more money, but they haven't manifested yet in their Magination, that's all they're talking to themselves about. They're doing a mental chatter around them. They're seeing the lack of results. They're seeing lack of manifestations. They're seeing lack of bank, account numbers, being where they want to be all day. They're doing this mental chatter unconsciously, and most times some are conscious about it. But most times you're very unconscious about where your imagination is actually playing.

You. Don't actually have to visualize a deliberately closing our eyes to understand that every day you're visualizing all the time, because we think in mental images. So if I'm chatting with myself mentally, I am literally visualizing, okay. Cause mental chatters and energy that I'm producing onto a screen this world. So they literally remember when they constantly with results. They remember when they're constantly frustrated. They remember when they haven't been able to reach the six figures or seven figures yet in their life. Right? So basically they're playing over and over and over past results. What the remember when technique is, is replaying future results in the minds right now in this moment, because energetically in your imagination, all things are happening right now, space. And time-wise because your imagination is spaceless and timeless. Both co-exists together space in time. So in your imagination, everything that has been everything that is and everything that will be is already happening right now in your imagination.

Very important. So as we start to do the, I remember when technique, what the technique is about is replaying scenes or playing key ideas in your imagination today as if it's already happening and you do this technique saying it out loud. Okay. So for example, uh, write in the comments below what you want to manifest. It could be like, I now receive $10,000. I now receive $5,000. I now receive my soulmate. You know, whatever it is, go ahead and write in the comments below what it is that you want in present tense from that place. You go ahead and talk out loud as if you remember when you received it. So I'm going to do the example. I now receive 10,000 hours. You would just go on a little rant of remembering when they happened as if it did. So you're pretending it's a physical lie, but to spiritual truth. Okay. So you're pretending in this case, uh, you would say something like I remember when I received 10,000 hours out of nowhere unexpectedly, uh, it was really good. It felt awesome.

It felt actually surprising because it was unexpected. I remember when this $10,000 came in, I was able to use the money for a family vacation, paid off a little bit of debt and also put some money into a savings account, an investment account to start building some wealth. I remember when I manifested 10,000 hours and also I gave a low chunk of money to my family because they needed help. And they were, felt so surprised. They felt so grateful and they felt so appreciated of the money. I just gave them. So literally, as I'm saying, I remember when this technique I'm going through possible circumstances. That would happen as if I had this thing. So if it was for Soma, I remember when I met this person and all the beautiful things that happen. I remember when my health was perfect, right? And all the things that would happen from there.

Loud circumstances and situations as if this thing already happened. And then talk about how you feel because the feeling is the key to activating what you want. I remember when I manifested the 10,000 hours, I felt magical. I felt relieved financially. I felt like a lot of stress was off of my back. I felt abundant. I felt prosperous. And as you do this, you're going to start seeing a lot more of your mental chatter on that level. Really the ultimate way to manifest is you need to change a scale. You need to change the scale of thinking of what you don't want or what currently is changing and into what you do want and the abundance that you want. So instead of feeling like things aren't happening, feeling like they are change that scale over a long duration, things are going to happen and they're going to happen very quickly.

Okay. So what I would suggest to do is just, I remember one technique for seven days straight, every single day around the particular topic that you want to manifest, uh, it could be around money could be on love. It could be right. Literally anything go through the, I remember one technique. It doesn't have to, you don't have to say the same phrase. You don't have to remember anything, but just go through situations and circumstances as if it's already there. Then talk about the feeling, talk about how you feel as if that were already here in now. And again, what you're doing is you're feeling it. And as you feel it in imagination, you click it into place. If you'll drop the seat into the subconscious mind, once it's in the subconscious mind, it's in all places at all times, cause we're all connected energetically. Okay?

So things are going to start to move. Things are going to start to happen. Manifestation. Isn't a magic. It's not a magic trick. It's a system. It's a certainty that you bring in and you want to use your six mental faculties, your mental muscles to provide yourself the images of what you want, keeping your will and the end scenes and minds on the screen of your imagination for what you do want as you do that, you're going to start to have things unfold because you want to have a money consciousness before money actually comes into your life. You want to have a love consciousness before love, enters your life. You want to have these ideas. How do you do that? You fill your mind, your consciousness with the reality of it already being there. You see end scenes, you feel it to be real today.

And you start to fill your conscious with the idea. You start to see yourself in possession of the money. You start to see yourself in possession of whatever it is, the dream home, the dream car, whatever it is that you want. And the feeling is literally the energy you're giving out to the universe. If you feel the presence of what you want, you're sending out that energy and telling the universe it's here. Tier tier universe sends it. It's here. Tier tier. You start to attract circumstances and opportunities to allow yourself to actually experience that, which you been impressing onto your subconscious mind, that which you've been asking for that, which you've been desiring. You're a spiritual being, living in this physical body with a mind. Okay? So when you do this, I don't remember when technique you are fulfilling the spiritual side of you. You are working from the higher plane to the lower physical, mental, physical, spiritual, mental, physical, you're working from the top to the lower, right?

And as you do, so you're going to get into the energy of what you want into the vibration of what you want and things are gonna move. So again, the, I remember one technique, you pick something you want, you go through and scenes as if it were done, pick random circumstances. What would happen as if I had this thing? Well, I'd spend money. I'd invest money. If I received it, I do this. I do this right. Go through. I remember when it happens in here's what I did with it. Then go through the feeling, go through the feeling as if it's already done. How would you feel as if the money came in as if this came in, whatever it is, right? So you get into the end scene, you start feeling it. And then you start letting in allowing, by being in alignment, you start being very grateful for your future manifestations.

Now, because remember it's already done in your imagination. What you're going to receive tomorrow is already a done deal today. Energetically. So you're, you're grateful and thankful for future things today, but you say it in the present tense. I'm already thankful for what's already yours, spiritually and energetically. So the comments below, make sure you've already written down or commented on what you do want to activate. Start your bridge of incidents in motion. By doing the, I remember technique I going through, I remember saying the feeling out loud. What you're going to do is start producing instant results. See instant results comes from a change in thought. And I changed in feeling okay, law of attraction. Isn't just something that attracts physically. You attract like thoughts. That's the first level you attract like feelings. That's the second level you attract like actions and behaviors. That's the third level.

Then you attract the result in the physical plane. That's fourth level. So the laws work on levels. That's why you can get instant results. You can start seeing what you want. Start getting instant thoughts, change, instant, feeling, change near instantaneous action change and almost instantaneous results change on the physical plane. It might take some time because the bridge of instance has to unfold through this physical time-space reality. We're in, but things will start to move in motion. It can be very, very quick. As long as you stay in faith, how you stay in faith is stay in your alignment. Okay? Increase people, give gratitude for what's all ready, yours. Try the, I remember when technique gives you, you're gonna blow your results out of the water. What's a, one of my favorite techniques as you move forward. And if you haven't already again, join our manifestation accelerator course, it's going to go through all these techniques in a, even more in depth way.

Every single week, you're going to get the video content, all set up a roadmap. Literally it's all you have to do is log in to our content portal, do the module through the action items. You're going to get results every single week. So it takes a lot of load off your shoulders. So you don't have to figure out how all this stuff comes together. You don't have to figure out what do I have to do today? Do I do gratitude? Do I do this? Do I do this? Do I do this now? Literally just log in, watch your module. Do your action items, produce results. That's basically how it's set up. Very simple, very easy, and a blast to go through whole lot of fun, because you're becoming who you truly were born to be. You're raising your petite or you have your potential, and you're raising yourself to your full potential.

You're utilizing it. You're getting guidance or getting support on your road, uh, as this manifestation journey around. And as you do. So it's just going to be a lot easier. It's a lot more Efros when you have somebody in your corner and our entire team in your corner, helping you produce results, being around other manifestors, other like-minded people that are producing results that believe in this stuff, right? If we're surrounded by people that don't really believe it's hard for us to believe in, stay in that faith. So you're around a community of manifestors and as you see other people pouring in wins, you start to believe more. You start to have more faith. You start to be encouraged to say, if they can do it, I can do it. They're using the same system. They have the same potential. They have the same type of mind structure and spiritual energy within them.

If they can do it, I can do it. Okay. So again, join in below. If you feel called to, I encourage you to try it out, uh, you'll get started with the modules right away, and it's just a, one-click cancel if you ever needed it. Or didn't like it for some reason, though, I really am certain that you're going to be blown away by the content module in module one. You're going to start to really move things forward. You get a lot of bonuses, instant access to you as well when you sign up. So sign up below on the manifestation, accelerate link, try the iron. Remember when technique you're going to start seeing changes and let me know in the comments below, if you have any questions around the technique or how your results go, as you start this technique Scouts signing off here. And I look forward to seeing you in the accelerator, as well as hearing about your results through the, I remember one technique.

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