Manifesting - 3 Energy Techniques To Activate Law of Attraction
Written by Scott Haug on March 12th, 2021

Manifesting - 3 Energy Techniques To Activate Law of Attraction

Want (3) quick energy techniques you can use today to improve your results and overall well-being?

I made a quick YouTube video providing these (3) tips.

We go 10,000X deeper into energy techniques in my Manifestation Accelerator program of course, but for now, today's video will merely help you with (3) amazing energy techniques to use today!

You are an energetic being living in an energetic world.

Improve your energy, improve your world.

As we practice these energy techniques, we turn our overall vibration into a different place.

We let and allow the good to enter our lives better.

We drop more desirable ideas into our subconscious mind better.

We improve how we are feeling all day long.

We improve our thinking.

We improve our inspired action.

Energy is so important - check out today's video for those quick tips! 🙌

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Full Transcript

Three energy techniques to activate the law of attraction you can literally use today. They're going to be simple, easy, and it's going to shift your energy dynamic to really get your manifested results cruising into your life. Just before we jump into it here through a, like on the video, it's going to send out to a lot more people in this world and together we can raise a level of consciousness, make this world a more positive place and to help people really wake up so we can really be divinely all connected, just that much better click subscribe, and then also click the bell icon so you can get notified when we send out other great manifestation, how to methods, techniques, literally helping you bring in your manifestations more consistently and predictably, and really making this year your best year by far results-wise. So let's get into it.

Two things. Okay. Just before we get into three keys, when you're doing your energy clearing for manifestation, there's the internal and there's the external. We want to work on both planes. Okay? So we want to clean our internal energy and then we want to clean the external energy as well. Remember, we live in an energy based universe internally for us. We are energetic beings, so everything internal and external, we're going to want to cleanse, make better shift our energy, to really open up the space for the manifestations to come in the results that we want. Okay. First out of the three K energy techniques here, number one is an internal one. The internal one here is actually picking the area of life that you'd like to improve. If it's around your business, that's great. If it's around money, that's great. If it's around love, that's great.

Whatever it is, it's really works so well for money. So if you're looking to manifest a have more money, use money here. Okay. So we have our internal clear pick the area while you're going to do it anything in your past, you're going to thank and be grateful for anybody. So for example, for the area of money, pick the area of money and then say anybody that's ever given you money, donated money of any sort. If you ever have had donated money to your business or organization or anything like that, or maybe it's just, uh, you know, somebody gave you a gift, a birthday gift, you know, years ago, we'll call that donation or giving of money. Anybody that's ever paid you money, including past employers, past jobs, past businesses, uh, current business, current clients, past clients, past customers, you name it. Okay. You're going to actually pull out a list.

So you might have, you might write down all the jobs you've ever had. It might write down all the customers you've ever had. Go back through your emails, see how many customers members, people you've ever had before. Write down their names. And you're actually going to thank them. You're not going to thank them over the phone. You're not getting texts. People. You're not going to call them. You're not going do any of that stuff. You're going to think that I'm energetically. Okay. So you get the less and he say it, maybe Scott. Okay. So you say, thank you, Scott. Thank you, Scott so much for investing with my business a couple of years ago. Uh, I really appreciate your business. I hope all is well with you sending light and blessings to you and I sent you onto your highest good and hope the universe is providing you something really special this month.

Okay. So basically you're just, you're talking out loud and you're just going to send a gratitude. Thank you. Message to each person on your past members, current members, clients, customers, jobs, any of that stuff. Okay. Now to the unenlightened people that people that have never heard of manifestation before, they're going to think you want bonkers. They're going to say, you know, you're saying these names that you're saying a name out loud, and then you're saying a gratitude message. They can't hear you. Why are you even doing this? Right. Don't listen to the naysayers. They don't really know what the energetic fields. Okay. So you just want to stay tuned in to understand that you're an energetic being everyone's connected on an energetic basis. Subconscious wise, universal wise. Right? So anything that you send out energetically, the person will receive. They might not know it's from you, but they will receive that increase.

Okay. So visualize a person smiling as well as you send out, this is one of the greatest things I've ever done to shift my energy to field you go through and you're just, it's going to light you like a firecracker. It's going to just bring you to a light that is going to feel so, so good. Try that out. Okay. Uh, number two here, the energetic concept is also an internal one, partnered with the external go and find three people to increase on a daily basis for seven days straight. Now, what I mean by increase is you're giving somebody a compliment, give a waiter, waitress, Uber driver, whatever, whoever serves you give them an extra tip. So if you paid for an $8 coffee, maybe give $8 back as a tip, right? You don't have to give hundreds of dollars, although you could. Uh, but just do a little extra that you normally wouldn't do.

If you have clients and customers give them something that they normally wouldn't have received from you. If you have a certain, uh, member base or you have a certain person in your life, give a thank you note, give, uh, give someone else some sort of thank you, texts that thank you. Call out of the blue, try to increase three people a day. Again, increase. This means you're bringing them, uh, goodness. You're bringing them positive message. You're bringing them good energy. What it's going to do is you're going to give out that energy. It's going to come right back to, you're going to feel really, really good. And your energy is going to increase from that level as well. Try it out. Uh, it's going to be very, very dynamic to help you cruise along with your energy field. So that's number two. Number three is on purely the external outgo around your house, your home, wherever you live.

And I would clean one thing every day for about 10 to 20 minutes. Uh, so reorganize your office, donate old stuff that you've had piled in your closet for 10 years, uh, go to your, you know, go into your car and clean out the entire thing internally and externally. So while, while old stuff, uh, you know, do that spring cleaning kind of thing, even if it's not a springtime for you, it doesn't, it doesn't really matter. Right? So basically the external is a reflection of the internal. You know, you go in somebody's car and there's like 3000 things in there. You know, it's a direct reflection of the chaos. That's also going on internally for them. So we want to eliminate the chaos and we want to shift that energy. Try to find ways to organize clean and clean up your external environment. It's going to make a direct reflection on your internal energy as well.

You don't have to go crazy and have to do three days of nonstop stuff, cleaning a house to do a little bit every day. You could be, you know, if you're really fully invested in shifting your energy filter, you could take one full day and go through all your entire house, throw stuff out, donate it, organize it. Surely you can absolutely do that as well. But doing a little bit every day, we'll definitely make some progress. Follow these three energetic tips come up below done. Once you've done, at least one of them, okay, to keep yourself accountable. And then also comment below your accountability. Say something like I will do these action items by Friday this week. So write down a phrase. That's going to make you accountable. I will do this by blank, uh, by, within three days by Friday by Saturday, whatever it is, right?

Make yourself accountable. Make sure you actually do these action items to allow yourself to shift your energetic field. You're going to be blown away by the good that comes into your life. By shifting the energetic field, you're doing a great job by the way, you know, wherever you're at in your life, wherever you're at. If you have a business wherever you're at, if you have a job relationship, whatever it is, you're doing a great job. Okay? Keep moving it forward. Keep tweaking your energy. Keep tweaking your manifestation, your intention, your energy, all that good stuff. Just a little bit. Every single day, you're going to have more good coming to you. Keep following and pursuing your dream. Keep moving it forward. Kay. You have a vision for a reason. You're gifted that vision for a reason. You have a mission for a reason. You have a message.

This world key moving it forward. Okay? It's somebody who's also living their dream to you. Who's living your dream. I say, keep it going. I say, you know, keep moving it forward. To allow yourself to experience the freedom that you deserve. The goodness in this life that you deserve. And remember you have a purpose. You're a very unique human being, no matter who you are, you are hearing now on this divine plan and divine timing wise, listening into this video right now, this message was made for you. Okay? So go out, do some great things. Follow the three energy techniques or like on the video. If you haven't already, let's send out a, you know, the energy more good into this world, more positive and moving it forward, try out the three energy techniques. Let me know how it goes. And then comments below.

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