Law Of Attraction Letting Go - 3 EASY Keys To Letting & Allowing
Written by Scott Haug on March 10th, 2021

Law Of Attraction Letting Go - 3 EASY Keys To Letting & Allowing

A mystery is solved...

How to 'let' and 'allow'

I used to be SO confused by this.

I would hear so many personal development speakers say "just let and allow everything to come in."

But in my mind I was like, "How the heck do you do that?!"

It seemed no one ever explained what to do.

Until I finally discovered the process myself.

I pieced everything together and started to really understand.

I put an incredibly deep set of understanding points on 'Let' and 'Allow' into my Manifestation Accelerator program.

Specifically Modules 1h - 1k, and then again throughout Phases 2 - 5 😃

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Full Transcript

Three keys to letting and allowing finally the mystery of how to let solved if you're like me. I mean, I always heard to allow and allow the good into your life when you're trying to manifest, but I was like, well, how do I let, like, how do I allow, how do I even actually do that? So in today's video, we're going to cover three easy, simple tips that you can follow as soon as today to let and allow your good into your world, which is going to help you manifest a lot more desires into your results in different things in your life. Before we jump into today's video has always sort of like in the video, it's going to send you out to a lot more people and together we can raise the consciousness of this planet and make it a little bit more of a positive world by helping people become aware self-aware of who they truly are after you do that, go ahead and click subscribe on the channel and then click the bell icon as well to get notified when we send out more great manifestation content, how to methods, techniques, literally everything that you're going to need around manifestation for the rest of your life.

And if you feel up to it, or, you know, some people are like personal development, share this video, you know, get out to more people. It's a share with the world and allow people to hear these messages and allow them to grow in their awareness. Let's do it together here. Three keys, okay. Letting, allowing first principle, what is letting allowing the first place what's, you know, where, what is this? How do we do it or any of that? We want to understand the opposite. That's a great way to start the contrast. The opposite of letting allowing is resistance. Okay. Resistance basically is we are self imposing our own resistance to our manifestations, our desires, whatever it is. Okay. So all of this takes place in our thoughts, letting allowing takes place in our thought, resistance takes a place in our thought and thought is the connecting link between the spiritual realm and the physical realm.

Okay. So it's pretty important. I mean, if you want your answers, if you want your prayers to be answered, if you want your desires, you want a lot more money. You want a lot more success. You want a lot more love, abundance, whatever it is, we get up to really connect to the source of where all of this comes from. And that's the universe itself, right? That divine, this, that universal side of us. And since that's the connecting link between the universal and the fiscal, our results, it's really important to have that connecting link in the most empowering, aligned way that we possibly can have to actually get the physical results that we're looking for. Great thing to keep in your awareness as we move forward here.

Resistance takes place in our thoughts. What are the resistance, thoughts and resistance thoughts are basically a posing, what we want. So when people are not great at letting an allowing they're great at resisting, okay. So they say, you know, I just now received $10,000, or I want to manifest a dream house, surgery and car, whatever it is, but their mind is obsessing over. How's it going to happen? This is never going to happen for me. Uh, where's the money gonna come? The dream home is too much money for me. You know how, right? So it just keeps going and going and going, when's it going to come? Where's it going to come from constant questioning? Well, essentially that's opposite to you feeling as if your manifestation is already completed. And if you already know manifestation, that's how we manifest. We manifest through our energy, through our expectation, through what we're feeling, the feeling is the activation feeling as a secret feeling is the key.

So if I'm wanting a dream house or dream car, I want $10,000, but I feel that it's not gonna happen, or it's not here right now. I'm adding resistance into the manifestation actually coming. So again, I think I want, I want this, but my feeling opposes, my feeling says, it's not here. This isn't gonna work out. You know, when's it going to, it's not, it's not happening. Right? So it's opposite. So I'm resisting my own progress. Letting allowing to explain the inner thought, letting it allowing essentially is your thigh and feeling is aligned with where you want to go. So if you say I want $10,000 to be manifested when you're letting it allowing it says, it feels here, done deal. Universe always delivers on time. To me. Things are always working out in my favor. This manifestation process always works so well on easily for me, right?

So those thoughts are aligned with the end result, the end scene we're seeing in imagination. We feel it to be done deal. We feel it and expect it to happen in our lives, which allows the thing to come to us. So hopefully that's the simplest thing you've ever heard around letting allowing, again, it's such a mystery for me. Nobody seemed to really want to explain this right in that kind of way, but really it's resistance letting, allowing all it takes place in our thought. It's that simple? Okay. So basically what should we be doing? What are techniques to Latin allow there's going to be three keys. So we provide here in this video, as we move forward, just before I do three keys, come up below your manifestation. Something like, I just now received my record income this month, go in and type that below in the comments.

I just now received my record income. This month. What it's going to do is when you type that out and you click enter, it's going to activate it into the universe because you are actually getting out of your own mind, putting it into writing. And when you do that, you're unconsciously visualizing or consciously visualizing, impressing this image, this idea at a feeling level, into your subconscious mind. And that's how these manifestations actually happen. Very central. So make sure you have that in the comments below, before we move forward. Again, it's going to start to activate that income level in this month for you. So three keys here as we go through this. Number one, we want to have our thoughts, dominate gratitude, thoughts for future and current manifestations that are already yours. Energetically. So instead of thinking, how's it going to come? Where's it going to come?

There's no way this thing's going to come. Right? Instead of thinking those resistant thoughts, think a thought like I'm a spiritual being, living this physical body with a mind, I'm a spiritual being, living in the physical body with the mind. I am thankful to the universe for delivering all my manifestations to me in a very record timing manner. I am thankful to the universe, that money comes my way from the infinite storehouse of riches every moment of every day. So pick a phrase and you dominate your mind around that phrase of gratitude or self recognition, which will be I'm a spiritual being, living this physical body with a mind, okay? When you're thankful for future manifestations, before they come or current manifestations in your life, or even past manifestations, you're already being connected to what's already yours, energetically and all future manifestations are really here and now and the energetic side.

Okay. They're all present here. And now there's no time. So past, present and future in infinite awareness, it's just all now. So you it's already yours. Energetically. You want to be thankful and grateful ahead of time. Before these things come into your life past present, or future gratitude works just fine. And that's a great way of doing this second key. Second thing you want to follow here is realize there's a thing called the bridge of happenings bridge of the incidence bridge of unfolding events, whatever you want to call it. Okay. These spirits of incidents are saying as soon as I activate my manifestation, as soon as I put out my intention and feel it to be true today, the universe and I are, co-creating a series of incidents, events and happenings in my life to connect me between now and actually receiving my manifestation. Those bridge of incidents might be a person calling out of the blue, uh, an old prospect.

He had years ago, ready to work with you now, uh, an intuitive idea that comes to and through you that you're ready for it. The right time, you check out the grocery store and you see a message on a magazine that was the right time to see that message in it. Something clicks in your mind to go do a certain project and your business or on your personal life or whatever that might be, right? So there's a million different possible happenings and events and different things. You want to understand. As soon as you activate, as soon as you see in your imagination, what you want and an NCN as if you already have it, feel it to be true today, it starting in motion. These bridge of happenings to actually occur in your life. So after you visualize you open up your eyes, you realize it's not magic.

Nothing's supposed to pop out of thin air, but instead it's letting you realize that things are now in motion for you to receive what you want. And that's how you don't have to say, how's it going to come? Where's it going to come from? So universe is providing me the happenings and events to allow me to actually receive this same. It's an incredible approach and allows you to really move things forward. All right, third key here is don't search. I mean, this, I used to do this all the time. Is it over here? So the money can come from here is a new client gonna come from here is a new sale going to come from here. Right? My mind was constantly where's it going to come from? Like we've already discussed a little bit, but really in search mode. I like these goggles on like, trying to look for my manifestations to come and instead work on following your intuition today.

So your intuition is your heartfelt feeling. It feels right. It feels like home. It feels like inspired action. It feels like a bigger purpose. It feels like increase. It feels like positive. So go ahead and sit down for maybe 30 seconds in a day and listen into your intuition. See if you have any ideas that come into motion, feel few, you have any hunches or inspirations that come to your mind. And as you have these hunches act on those, it could be a new project in your business. It could be a new setup for something in your personal life. It could be a new, you know, whatever it is intuition is going to guide you. It's going to be the idea now, how do you know what's intuition? And what's not, again, this a heartfelt feeling. Intuition is always going to be for increase, not decrease, okay?

Intuition comes from the universe. So it's pure love and goodness, rather than not rather than hatred, envy, jealousy, any of those negative emotions. So intuition's not going to feel like a red bull like excitement. It's just going to feel like a warm, good feeling like this. I know I need to do this. I know this is my next step. It's like an inner knowing. So instead of searching for your manifestations, let and allow your manifestations to come to and through you by actually following your intuition, listening to it, and then acting upon the ideas that follow. So again, letting allowing doesn't have to be such a huge mystery. Like I used to feel like it was, I couldn't figure out how to understand it. It's really as simple as follow your inner thought pattern, not the resistance thought you want to be in the lending and allowing thought your change in thoughts, going to make you feel good.

So you pay attention to how you're feeling. That's going to know if you're letting it, allow me. If you feel bad, you know, you're in resistance thought if you feel good, you're in letting and allowing thought, that's going to allow you to know, are you in the letting and allowing or the resistance moment? Of course you want to be in a letting and allowing when you're trying to manifest what you want. Now, if you want a way more extensive approach in this, these three steps will work for you as you work them today. But you want a lot more in-depth here and immersive person. You want a lot more where you want to become a master manifester. You want to manifest more money than you could possibly dream of. You want to have so much good in so much success. Come into your life, try our manifestation accelerator course out.

It's going to blow you away. We've created a system that takes all of this stuff, all of these principles and puts them into a step-by-step approach. Every seven days, you get a visual module that sometimes 30 minutes, 60 minutes, it's very doable, very easy on your time, but it's very in-depth oriented. Then you're going to get an action oriented technique and method at every single week. You don't even have to think. You don't have to binge watch all videos. You have to do all these things. So you could just literally log in into your manifestation accelerator, go to the module that you're on for that week. Watch the module, do the action item, and you're going to get results. I mean, we have over 1500 manifestation, financial wins just in the last couple of months alone in our community group, allowing people make people manifest it within 24 hours of joining the program, 250 bucks, 700 bucks, I'll do up to $3,000, $10,000 all the way up to about 15,000 hours in 24 hours.

And then, you know, a couple of months later, people are also already getting up into the 50,000, $60,000 marks for manifestations wise and beyond that as well. So it's a proven system. I mean, it's going to help you so easily and so effortlessly, it's easy. It's simple, effective and fun as you go throughout the process. And then you get a truckload of bonuses that you never have to listen to another manifestation video. Again, you'll have everything you could ever possibly need. Manifestation wise to manifest your dreams, your desires, and everything around that one to make it no risk for you. Try it out at Scouts, manifestation accelerator, seven-day free trial. Okay. Try it out. If you love it, stick with it. If you don't just cancel it, you just click, cancel one button and your dashboard, and you're good to go. So there's no financial risk.

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