Manifesting Money EASY & FAST: Using The Infinite Storehouse Of Riches Technique
Written by Scott Haug on March 5th, 2021

Manifesting Money EASY & FAST: Using The Infinite Storehouse Of Riches Technique

Your money is in your control.

Do you believe that?

Change your inner thinking, your money world will change quickly.

Of course you learn deeply how to do this in our Accelerator program.

Have the currency of money in your mind always, filled with the presence of money.

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There are a few DEEP modules involving the topic called "The Infinite Storehouse Of Riches Technique" in Phase 2 of the Manifestation Accelerator.

It's so GOOD!

It connects you to the Divine storehouse itself.

I made a YouTube video on this today, but of course not nearly as in-depth as our program.

Check it out!

It will supplement your learnings here.

Of course, this video will merely supplement what you do here, as we go 10,000X deeper together in the Accelerator program.

But this will deepen your understanding so much.

Take a look!

What do you think? Let me know in the YouTube comments section 🙂

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Full Transcript

You can manifest money, easy and fast using an awesome technique called the infinite storehouse of riches. It's a technique that I use on a daily basis, and it's going to help you connect to the source of abundance, therefore bringing in your desired money results. Just before we get into the video here, throw like on the video, it's going to send out to more people into this world and together we can raise the consciousness of this world and help a lot more people, click, subscribe, and click the bell icon so that you are notified when we send out great manifestation content, how to videos, literally techniques to create more manifestation, predictability, and consistency in your life, bringing in more desired results. Now this manifestation technique, infinite storehouse of riches. Basically what you're doing is connecting to the source of where the money is going to come from into your life.

We want to think less money as cash your bank account, uh, gold. You know, the, these things cash gold to your bank account are representations of money. But money itself is just an energy. Since money is just an energy. The cash is a physical representation of that energy. Gold is silver diamonds. You know, those kinds of objects, if you will, as well as digitally, even cryptocurrencies or anything, digital is also a representation of the money, energy, where your money's going to come from is not just through a new client, a new sale, uh, you know, winning the lottery, having an unexpected check, come in the mail. Those are your channels through which the supply is provided to you. Your source of supply is the universe itself, though your source of supply, you could call it. If you like to use the term, God, if you'd like to use the term infinite and power thinking, substance, whatever it is, your source of supply, once again is the universe itself.

Everything else are the channels through which the supply is delivered. So then new client that a new sale that winning lottery ticket, that unexpected check in the mail that unexpected, uh, opportunity coming into your life. Those are all channels through which you receive your supply. That's why the supply can be limitless because universe has no bound. There's infinite possibilities. There's infinite resources. There's infinite amounts of money because it's just an energy and there's infinite energy. So if we really glue onto this idea that if I want to manifest money fast and easy into my life, I really have to connect to the source. Now, most people are. So they're thinking of how it's going to come all day, right? How money is gonna come, how the new sales going to come. How's the new clients going to come? How the new, whatever, how the soulmate is going to be attracted into life?

Where are they? Right? They're so consumed with how and where and what that they are disconnected from the source. They feel like their job is their source of money. That their love, that source of love for them is that person right? That's entering their life. Their business is the sole channel through which they receive money. So they limit themselves from the true limitless supply that you and I have our ability to tap into and connect with. So as we start to buy into this idea and we start to believe in it, accept it and say, this is my life where the universe has my sources supply. Everything else are the channels. You can start connecting to what we call the infinite storehouse of riches. It's a beautiful concept. I mean, if you want more money in your life, you connect to an infinite storehouse for riches.

They sounds so magical. It sounds so great. Well, it is. So let's get into how you're going to actually attach yourself and get into alignment with this infinite storehouse of riches. I hope you're excited. I mean, that sounds so good. Right? Infinite, storehouse of riches. It's available to you here and now it's available to me here and now it's not magic though. You don't want to expect, like you're going to tap into this and you're going to have your whole house filled with gold, right? And you're going to have your whole house filled with cash, and you're going to go to your kitchen. You're going to open the fridge. And there you guys sitting at a hundred thousand dollars in cash, right? It's not magic. And you want to think less, that it's magic in any way. It's just a science. It's just a system.

And it allows the invisible forces world to cooperate with you rather than against you in your desires. So let's jump into it. I want you to close your eyes and visualize here now that you are in front of a bank, if you will, okay, you don't have to say it's a bank of any kind. It's just a universe bank. And as you're sitting here closing our eyes, visualizing this, I want you to walk up the staircase. And it's a golden staircase, visualizes like an infinite, mysterious, mystical energy that you're walking into. As you walk up the staircase into the front doors, and as you walk into front doors, that's all you see is a big vault door. It's like huge vault door that you would see, like in a movie that, you know, on the other side is like an infinite amount of money and cash.

And you know, whatever it is that you want. And as you approach this vault door, see the universe itself saying welcome it is this infinite storehouse or riches that you are now going to be attracted to. And it is yours for the, okay, so hear that in your mind. And so now the universe tells you, now it's your time and ready to receive all of the money desires you could ever possibly imagine and dream of. And I want to let you know that there is no end to this money idea for you in your universe, in your life. Go ahead and enter the vault now. So the university has told you that you go ahead and open the vault door. You just go ahead and say, it's an easy handle. See the door. It's a huge door, but it weighs a feather real easy to open.

And you walk in and you are just stunned. There's gold bars everywhere. The room is shining, pure white light there's cash everywhere they can possibly think of. And by the way, this room don't feel it's just a small bedroom. It is like a castle. And you're seeing this place. It's like, there's no end to the amount of gold and money and light and goodness in this infinite storehouse of riches. Now tell yourself it's not too good to be true. This is a universe it's not too good to be true. This is the universe. Now, as you keep your eyes closed, you're going to walk through this infinite storehouse of riches. And the universe now tells you all of this goal to all of this money, all of this goodness, it's yours for the asking. And if you take as much as you want, I'll let you know that everybody in this world has their own infinite storehouse of riches that I supply them.

So take your fair share. You're not going to take away from anyone because I want to let you know, this room is yours and yours. Only your next door neighbor, your family member, your friends, the people in this world, they all have their own infants or outer riches. This one is yours. Take as much as he want, see yourself, smiling and dazzled, and so excited that the universe is helping you. It's guiding you. It's providing and supplying every desire that you could ever possibly imagine. And dream of. Now, I want you to walk around and I want you to pretend like you have a big cart, okay? A cart that could be loaded with cash and gold and money, but the car is like a feather to push. It's so easy. You can load it up with hundreds of gold bars and it doesn't actually weigh down the car.

It like the cart just floats. It's easy. You just move around. You grab what you want to grab the cash, grab the gold, but you can move this car wherever you want to easily effortlessly. And with total lightness, go around this same finish the which is in grab as much as you want, feel free to grab as many gold bars as you want cash, tens of thousands of dollars, whatever it is. Go ahead and do that. Now pick up as much as you want. I know you could also pause the video if you'd like to, and actually, you know, make sure you take a lot more time in the symphony store house, but I want to let you know, and the universe says to you, you don't have to take it all. Now, take your fair share of what you desire today, but you could tap into the storehouse any day, any moment, any year of your life.

So you're just so excited, jumping up and down because you now know from this moment forward, money will always be an abundant supply for you. So you're excited. You feel good and just take as much as you want it today. Then you'll come back tomorrow and gram more. Okay. So go ahead and grab what you want and go to the exit. The exit is as beautiful golden arch universe says, all right, now, bring this into your world. And by the way, there's a computer or a laptop right there. And you can actually log into your bank account and actually take this cash amount and transfer some into your bank account. So you don't need so many cash amounts in your house. You can actually put it right into your digital currency as well. So just before you leave by this golden arch, you sit down at this laptop.

That's like the fastest laptop on the planet, signed to you into your bank account. And you actually visualize taking this cash. And there's a little machine by the computer and laptop. He put it into this machine and it literally takes the cash, evaporates it into the invisible and it launches right into your bank account. As you're seeing your bank account number increase in rise and soar just feel so excited that this is happening to you. And it's just magical. You're so grateful. Then go ahead and log off, exit your laptop and account there. And then go ahead and walk through this Archway. And as you walk through this Archway, it makes you crave your cash. Make sure you grab your gold, okay. And allow yourself to be filled with light deep, profound gratitude for the universe saying thank you universe. This is incredible. I appreciate it.

And every day from here, I will be visiting my infinite storehouse of riches. See yourself being literally transferred from this beautiful area. Elevating yourself back down to physical earth. See yourself at your home right now and see yourself bringing in this cash and gold into your home. In conclusion here, keep your eyes closed and just tell yourself, this is real. This is an energy I just brought into my world. Even though when I opened my eyes, I might not actually see physical gold and physical cash amounts. This energy that I just brought into my world and to my universe into my home is very real. And it does exist operationally. Thank you universe. All right. Now, open your eyes. How do you feel throwing in the comment section below? How do you feel after going through this exercise, you should feel abundant and good and at home and at peace with money and acceptance, I would do exercise every single morning.

It's going to have you tap in and tune into your infinite source where all of your source of supply actually comes from. Then the channels will be activated to actually have you deliver or get delivered and receive this money swiftly quickly and easily into your life. This works, try it out. You got nothing to lose at the very least. You're going to feel good at the best part. You're going to have a lot of money being manifested into your life very quickly and very easily using this technique is proven all my members use it, all my clients use it, and they've all tapped into this infinite storehouse. And they had a launching forward manifestations in a very awesome way. So try it out. I would try it out for no less than seven days in the comments below again, let me know how you feel.

And if you want a little more extension of this, like you would like to go a little bit more in depth. You want to learn more about the infant storehouse for riches in the source. I do have a manifestation course. It's called Scott House manifestation accelerator course. And you can actually start out for seven day free trial. It's really awesome. It takes all of this manifestation knowledge and puts it into a step-by-step system that you can follow. And you can actually have a module delivered to you every single week. Visual module action items, worksheets, accountability, you name it. You got it in the course as well as 15 bonuses, uh, manifesting a thousand hours or more in five days or less. That's a challenge that we did three day masterclass on manifesting an abundance of new clients and customers, and how to do that. Literally the program is about how to, how do you take all this knowledge and what do you do on a daily and weekly basis to actually produce results?

Uh, so our members have literally went from here manifesting to becoming manifesting beast, manifesting machines, manifesting masters, like from here to here in 17 days, literally just starting the program, going through it for a couple of weeks, all the members who stayed in for months, they literally went from here, quantum leap, what they were doing because as you follow a process on a daily basis, it really starts to move things forward. I, Bruce Lee had a quote a long time ago that said, I don't fear the man that kicks a thousand times in one day. I fear the man that kicks one time, a thousand days in a row, right? So it's not about just doing something today. It's also about consistently work in that money mindset work in that manifestation mindset, working that soulmate mindset, that love mindset, all that stuff on a daily, weekly basis, instead of trying to figure it out on your own, we built a really, really awesome course that allows you to have that path and you get guidance and support along your journey.

So it makes it a lot easier. It makes a lot more effortless. I would try it right now. We did a seven day free trial. There's no risk to you. You don't have to spend any money. Just go ahead and start the free seven day trial. If you love it, continue forward. And, uh, w go out and invest into the course. If you don't feel like it, you don't resonate with it. No big deal. You just cancel. You know, it makes it really easy decision on your side. So no brainer. Try it out, see how you like it if you don't no big deal. Okay. So, uh, but I really think that you're going to start to see big changes happen as you have guidance and you have the path to work from, all right. Really try this infinite harasser riches, exercise out, see where you take this.

And if you feel called to join in the accelerator here, now, the links in the bio or in the about section below the video, just go on and click the link and then sign up. It's putting in your name, email, it's really easy process, sign up and make sure you started like on the video again, to throw it out to more people, subscribe to the channel so that you get more notifications on when we send out more great manifesting content. I look forward to hearing your results, throwing the comments after seven days of trying the storehouse or riches concept. Let me know in the comments below on where you're at, you know it, did you get results? Did you feel differently? Did you shift your thinking? Uh, I would watch this video every single day over and over and over because as you keep doing the exercise every single morning, you're going to be aligned. You're going to be really tapped in tuned into who you really are. You're going to be zoned into your higher side and it's going to make all the difference. Yeah. Right. I really look forward to hearing your results here. Scott signing off here. I look forward to seeing you real soon. And if you join in the accelerator looking to see you in there as well, and hearing about your great results, then manifests forward.

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