Manifesting ANYTHING Using Past Revision (THIS WORKS!)
Written by Scott Haug on February 24th, 2021

Manifesting ANYTHING Using Past Revision (THIS WORKS!)

We often self-sabotage our own success away by our own limiting thinking. We think in terms of the past, rather than the future.

In today's video, you'll discover one of the easiest and most powerful techniques you can follow today to manifest ANYTHING you want!

Today, I encourage you to focus on changing your inner mental chatter.

Your inner mental chatter is the key to your brighter future.

Are you chatting with yourself about the past?

Or about your desires?

It's your choice.

The "Past Revision" method is about changing your outlook on the past, so that you can free yourself from your own mental limitations set by yourself.

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Full Transcript

Do you know how many people plague themselves from the past and having those thoughts dominate their mind. I mean, when people try to manifest it is nearly 90% of the people trying to manifest any desire or anything into their life that they have past experiences and past results dominating their thoughts. And I don't want you to be one of those people in today's video. We're going to talk about past vision. One of the number one manifesting methods that have helped myself and my clients and customers allowing them to finally free themselves from the past to actually manifest, let go of the old stuff to actually have the desires come into play. Just before we jump into the technique today, throw like on the video, it's going to send it out to more people and we're going to raise the consciousness of this world together. As that gets sent out to more people, click subscribe on the channel and then click the bell icon to get notified.

When we sent out more great manifesting content right directly to you as a channel is all about helping you actually get results that you actually desire in want using manifestation. Let's jump right into it. Many people have this past results that dominates their mind. If I asked you right now, could you manifest an extra $10,000 this week? What would you say now in your mind, you might say, yeah, I think that that's possible. Or you might have a little more certainty and say, absolutely, I can do that. Or you might be in the boat of saying, I really don't think that's possible. Where's that going to come from 10,000 hours? There's no way. Why do you think you answered the way you did at least in your thought? Cause obviously I'm not talking to you directly. It conversating with you, but when you said this in your thought, why do you think you said what you said?

What was your answer? And why was it your answer? Most people's answer is based on their past experience. They've never done it before for the people that said, there's no way how's that going to come, right? That person in case number three, might've said 10,000 hours in a week. I've never done that. I have no idea how that would come. Therefore it can't work for me. Another person might say, well, I've met yeah, festival 2000 hours in a week, $10,000. It's a stretch. But I do believe in possibility and manifestation in the universe. I know it's possible, but I don't have that certainty. So again, they're basing it on past experience. Now the other person that had certainty has said $10,000, absolutely. I can manifest this in this week. Most likely they've already done it before. They've earned, say $40,000 in a month or something close to it.

They manifested $10,000 a week and say, of course I could do that. I don't know how it's going to happen this time, but I've done it before. Therefore I can do it again. Right? Yeah. So many times our answers on what's possible for us. It's just based on the past. Again, another quick around money is can you manifest a quarter million dollars in a year or a hundred thousand dollars, six figures in here? The answer is usually dictate on. Have I done that so far? If we change our thinking and we change our outlook and we start looking through what we desire to manifest through spiritual eyes or possibility, we're going to start to see that our world in the future is limitless. And how do we do that? What's the method to actually do that past revision. What you do is you actually sit down, close your eyes and remember a time when you had manifested a certain amount of money in a week, $500 thousand dollars, whatever it is.

And you wish it was a lot more, you see that result in your mind, then you replay the memory, revising it. So you literally take the memory that you have of manifesting a certain amount of money and you revise it and see yourself actually manifesting the desired amount of money. Everything in your imagination, you see that revise the memory, uh, with emotion, your senses, you start to really sense that you have changed. The result you use all five senses. You have conversations with people that were from that memory, but with the new memory. So instead of saying, yeah, I just manifested $500 who tell that person I manifested 10,000 hours and you see their reaction. So basically you live the experience and you change your perception on how you can manifest in your ability to manifest. So again, we're not plaguing ourselves with past memory.

We're not looking through the future through memory. That's a losing game. We're looking through the future through spiritual eyes and possibility. And we revise our memory. I would go through this exercise every day, once a day for seven days straight. And I would take one memory that you have in every area of life and revise it, change your outlook. If you want to manifest a soulmate, you want to manifest that specific person or anything like that. Go into your past and change your perception and how you have had this area of life satisfied so far. See yourself with love. See yourself with happiness in a loving atmosphere with your partner, right? So revise memories, not as people, but your revised memories of concepts, love, goodness, that kind of stuff. Do it in terms of money, do it in terms of your health. If you've always been somebody a little bit overweight, start revising your memory and start thinking of yourself as somebody who's always been able to release weight and lose the weight that you want.

Right? So take any area of life and revise memory, not of specific people, but revise and bring forward your results in every area of life. See yourself as the person already there. Okay. As you do this, you're going to start looking through the lens of the future, that spiritual possibility you're going to free yourself from your own mental limitations, through revising these past experiences. Ultimately, what you're doing is you're revising the energy that you're attached to because right now that's all we have is power of now. And that car totally book and saying, right, that's all we have is the power right now in this awareness. Yesterday was yesterday. Tomorrow is tomorrow, but it's not happening right now. It's all happening in the fourth dimensional side or our energetic side. Yes. But right now you can only be right now. So instead of looking yesterday, results look at tomorrow's results through your spiritual possibility today, things will start to change.

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