3 Steps To Manifest Money INSTANTLY | Exact Formula
Written by Scott Haug on February 22nd, 2021

3 Steps To Manifest Money INSTANTLY | Exact Formula

We are in the final week of February!

Make it your best.

Remember, money is an energy game. That's it.

Change your energy by changing your inner thought patterns.

Your inner speech is the ticket.

Change your inner speech around money.

It will change your energy and "activation" around money.

I put out a new YouTube video around money today. It's 3 quick steps around manifesting money you can use today.

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Full Transcript

Three steps to manifest money instantly how to get your money game going in a great fashion. So you can start pouring in the money and manifesting what you want. Just before we jump into the video content for today, throw like on the video, it's going to send out two more video and together we're going to be able to raise the consciousness of this planet, click, subscribe to the channel, and then the bell icon to get notified. When we send out great more manifestation content, it's gonna be delivered right to you all the how to you could ever need, or why in manifestation to actually bring in your desired result faster and faster, let's jump right into it. Then step number one of this entire process here in manifesting money instantly fast within 24 hours, all that good stuff is to understand who you are at a fundamental level and understand what this universe is at a fundamental level.

If you've ever saw the matrix movie, this sign is from that movie, no thyself. This is a Latin, okay. Knowing thyself for manifesting money is the prime principle. You have to really become aware and become the idea that you are an energetic being, living this physical body with a mind. Most people have a very big challenge manifesting money because they're trying to get on the physical plane. They are trying to figure out how's the money going to come because they're thinking in terms of physical only, right? They're thinking in their business, where's the next client gonna come from? I don't know where it's gonna come from. Where's the money gonna come from? I don't know where it's going to come from. Seems like everything over here is lack or poor or whatever it is, right? So their mindset when they're trying to manifest is through the physical eyes.

It's through physical scenarios. We must manifest with the awareness that we're an energetic being, living in this physical body. Furthermore, we want to understand that this world that we live in is an energetic world. That's how manifestation can happen anyways, in the first place, if I'm an energetic being and I'm living in an energetic world, I can actually put out what I want through my imagination. Feel it to be true today. And that's going to actually impress itself on this outer physical world. We call reality. So coming from this place, we really want to become the idea that I am an energetic being. Therefore I'm connected to the universe and therefore I have all the money possibilities there ever will exist. When you come from that place, then you'll go one step further and realize this money, this, this money that you want to manifest, whatever it is, the new sales, the new money, the new bank account, whatever it is, it's all energy.

Money's an energy game. So I'm an energetic being. The universe is an energetic place. Money's an energetic game. Therefore I just have to play with energy in order to manifest money, very different scenario than most people say, I need, I need $2,000 in 24 hours. I'm like, Oh my God, where is it going to come from? Where's it going to come from? Right? They get into a place of constantly thinking on the physical plane, rather than the energetic plane, to get the money, to try to force something to happen instead together, you and I, what we can do is actually put out the intention of what we want match the energy of that. And we'll get the manifestation of who we want put in simple terms. Cause that sounds like a lot of stuff. What do you do with it? Right? What do you do with that knowledge?

You want to look through the eyes of a spiritual being when you're visualizing. You want to literally tell my tell yourself I am a spiritual being. I'm an energetic being. Money's an energy game. I live in an energy based universe. And as I become in harmony with money, it will come to me. So stop working on the physical plane, work on the energetic plane. That's step number one, I'm going to lead you into step number two here, which is the followup visualizing actually being there in imagination. So what you really want to do here is you want to sit down and close your eyes and not just visualize you see an end scene of you already in possession with the money. So if you want to manifest a thousand hours within 24 hours, you want to manifest $5,000 within 48 hours. You want to manifest whatever amount of money it is that you want.

You see yourself already in possession of that thing, go to your imagination. So you see in the screen of your mind, imagination, construct an end, seeing your view already being in possession of the money you want in your checking account, you see the extra money in your investment account. You see the extra money, your savings account, whatever it is. Okay. You see the extra money in your bank account, you already in possession of that thing and feel it to be true. So you feel it by matching your inner speech as well as really increasing your breathing rate, to match that image that you have in mind. So in your thought to would say, I now have in my possession, an extra $2,000. Thank you universe. Okay. So he matched the inner speech with your imagined and seen, and you're going to link up with that.

Okay. So again, what we're dealing with here in step, number one is an energy game. What's an energy game. It's actually in your imagination of being in the energy before you receive it on the physical. Because we work from the higher plane, the spirit to the mental, to the physical, we work from high to low top to bottom, not bottom to top, like most people, they work from the physical to the spirit and it just doesn't work that way because he worked from the hot, the top here to the bottom. You see it in your imagination of what you want. You feel to be true today. Boom. You start to activate that into motion. Step number three of the process is actually letting it go. Now, most people are overwhelmed over thinking, where's the money going come from? How's it going to come? And we mentioned that already at the very start of the video, right?

What you want to do is you want to let go after you see it in your mind and you feel to be true. You've activated it. You to let it go. And I'm going to give you an expression, write it in the comments below the expression. I'm about to say, so it activates in your world as well is my money. Progress is so fast. My money progress is so fast. Okay? So write that down in the comments below so they could capture that in your mind and activate it for yourself as well. Okay? You want to really have a dominating thought in mind that I am a master manifestor. I am very good at money. My progress around money is very quick. It's very fast right now. That might be a physical, why you might be trying to manifest money all the time and it's never working out for you.

Right? But that's okay. You don't want to believe in that. You don't want to say like that's who I am. You don't want to accept that as your reality, you want to change it into a spiritual truth. It might be a physical lie right now. They might not be very fast and manifesting money, but you want it to become a spiritual truth. You want it to become an idea that you're starting to believe in. You're starting to accept about yourself. So you start to accept this about yourself. That I am really good at money. Manifesting my money. Progress is very fast. It's very quick, right? So you just have this in your mind all day. What I would say, I would say it out loud, maybe a hundred times in the day. It sounds like a lot. So that really should only take you about three, four minutes.

But you say that in the morning, you say it in the afternoon. You say it early evening. You say it at night consistently throughout the day for seven days straight. And you just keep your mind on the good on things are working out for me. Money progress is working out for me, right? Instead of looking at your current results. So you go through these three steps here. It's inevitable that you're going to manifest a lot of money and all my students are a great attest to this, that they put out there. The good that they want. I've seen people manifest two to three to four or $500 within literally six to seven hours of doing this process. I've seen some of my students manifest upwards of 60 to $70,000 in one week just by doing this process, letting it allowing. And they rarely had to do a lot of work for it.

Maybe they did a couple of things in their business and move it forward. But it was really an energetic game. They let and allow. And they mastered that process by going through my course. Right? So really the idea here is you have to believe you're in an energetic world. You have to believe that you're an energetic being and you'd have to believe that money is an energetic thing. This is all an energy game. Okay. You have to believe that. Number one, not just know it here now in this video, like yeah, I know that no, you have to become it. How do you become it? You got to really think about it. You really gotta be the essence. That's why I would repeat this video, have it on like a downloaded playlist or a watch later playlist here. I'm YouTube where you just, you just hear this over and over and over and over.

You'll become a believer, right? That's one of the things that has helped me so much as you just engrain that this manifestation stuff is possible for you where you, it in your mind, one of the greatest ways to do it is it repeat it over and over every morning you listen to the same video over and over and over so that you really believe in this manifestation process. So remember Tuesday, got you got to see it in your mind. You gotta be in the possession of it before it actually happens so that you can actually impress your subconscious mind with the seed of the thought that you want. Right? And you do that by getting emotional. And as you get emotional, you feel to be yours today. And that's going to make all the difference. Some of them is you've got to let it go.

You can't overthink it. It's one of the greatest plagues, a manifestation for most people is they overthink and there they're thinking, where's it going to come from? And all that stuff, right? Realize you're connected with the universe and in your universal side, you're connected to all people, energetically, not physically energetically, right? So if you need a new opportunity, you need somebody to call you up for the money. Somebody needs to call you up from Europe or from this place, or from that place, you, the person will be connected to you energetically to send you the money so that you can receive it. Right? So you just want to realize dominate my mind with my money. Progress is very fast, right? Something sort of thought that gets your mind off of searching and how it's going to come and puts it onto something a lot stronger and a lot more empowering.

Okay. Again, come up below your affirmation and also comment below. So you can activate in your world the amount of money that you want. Say something like I just now received blank. So it could be a thousand dollars, $2,000, whatever it is. I do this in all of my member groups as well with my students is once a month or a couple of times a month, I'll put out a phrase. I just now received blank amount of money. Thank you, universe, everyone comments on the actual posts. If it's on some sort of social media and what it does is it starts to activate all of this giant energy together as a whole consciousness and sends out that energy. So comment below, what is the amount of money that you desire to manifest instantly within 24 hours within this week putting in, I just now received $500.

Thank you universe. Okay. So you're going to put the affirmation on, come up below to activate it for you. Then you're going to put the amount of money that you want to receive down below in the comment. So what it's going to do again, is it's going to activate this. You're literally getting, send the intention to the universe, not just think about it, but you're actually going to put in written word what it is that you want. All right. Let me know if you have any questions about this. Those three steps will absolutely help you try it out for seven days and you should see a result come in very quickly within 24 hours or less, but really don't think about when to kind of come think in terms of letting and allowing dominating your mind with my money. Progress is very fast. Keep your mind and thoughts on a good place rather than lack of it. And you'll see the result attracted and try it out. You're going to love it.

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