Manifesting New Beliefs And How To Crush Mental Limitations
Written by Scott Haug on February 19th, 2021

Manifesting New Beliefs And How To Crush Mental Limitations

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Sometimes it's just a matter of clearing old limiting thinking from your mind.

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Full Transcript

Manifesting new beliefs in how to crush mental limitations here. Now in this video, we're about to go through a process that you can utilize right here. And now on this video to allow yourself liberation from the stuck thoughts you might be having, allowing yourself to be a little bit more empowered. And as you already I'm sure know, if you change your beliefs, you're going to change your results. Just before going into the process for today, throw like on the video, it's going to send it out to more people and we're going to be able to elevate the consciousness of this world even more, uh, click subscribe on the channel as well as click the bell icon. So you get notified when we send out more great manifesting videos, tips, tricks, techniques, all that good stuff delivered right into your notification box there. So you can see when we put out new content, let's get right into it here.

So basically why are many people not getting the results that they want when they're trying to manifest? They've been trying to manifest our intentions for many days, weeks, or even years, you know, what holds them back stuck thoughts. Okay. They are thinking in terms of limitation almost every day, all day, right? And they visualize and do their affirmations maybe in the morning, uh, for 10, 20, 30 minutes. And then for 16 hours rest of the day, they are thinking in terms of the opposite, they're thinking in terms of the opposite of their affirmations, visualization, all that stuff, they're stuck in their own mental thinking that stagnant thoughts, not so good thoughts and different things. I've certainly been there many times. I'm not sure if you're like me, but I've been there and it is very frustrating, irritating. So how do you clear yourself from these mental limitations that might be holding you back or these limited beliefs?

We're going to go through a three-step process here. The first part, part a of this three-step process is realizing most people might be you. I don't know. You have to really think and say, is this me or not? Is looking through the lens of the past or looking through the lens of the past. Now, when you're looking through the lens of the past, you're basing on what's possible for you in the future, based on what you did a year ago, 10 years ago, whatever. I have many clients I work with on a daily and weekly basis, and many times I'll ask them, do you actually, what do you want first? And they might say, well, I want to have a quarter million dollar business, $250,000 business. And then I say, do you believe that you can actually earn $250,000 a year? And they say, well, I believe I can.

I say, well, do you really believe it? How much have you made in the past? They say $50,000 a year. Right? So I say, do you really believe he could jump five times your income, 50,000 to 250,000 a year consciously? They say yes, but then they say, well, I think I can, and I know I can consciously, but I feel like that's going to be really difficult. Why would they say it's going to be difficult because they've never done it before. Right? So they're looking in terms of, well, $50,000 a year is now easy. For me, $250,000 is a lot more money. That's five times more. That's going to be way more difficult. I've never done that before all that stuff. Right? So they only believe it's difficult because they've never done it before. Right. I get them to shift their thinking around this. And that's part of the process that we're going to be going through here.

We have them start to think through the lens of a spiritual being, if they believe to their core and they thought I am a spiritual being, would they really think it's that difficult to multiply their income by five times? They'd probably say, well, not really a spiritual being, as I know it is, has all possibilities, eh, uh, you know, it can do anything. Uh, there's no limitation, right? So I'm guessing multiplying the income by a factor of five in a year. Wouldn't be that difficult if I was really being a spiritual being. So I get them to change the way they're thinking from looking through what they can do and what's possible for them. Instead of looking through past experience, looking to in, through spiritual eyes, that's something I encourage you to do or eat during this video here and now component B is writing down the basic empowering belief that you want to think.

Now this is not new news. If you will, for many people in personal development, writing down the opposite of the limiting belief, but how do you destroy a limited thinking mind and install a new belief? The second part here, let her be aspect B of this is getting crystal clear on the feeling that that new belief is going to produce. So they might say, well, I feel it's difficult to multiply income by a factor of five or to manifest, uh, five times the amount of income they want to write down the opposite. It's easy. According to being a spiritual, being that multiplying the income by a factor of five, it's easy, it's doable for me. And it feels good. It feels like it's possible. It feels like blank. So not only do you write down the opposite of your limiting thinking pattern, that stagnant thought, but you add an emotional [inaudible] word because that's how we manifest.

We have to feel what we want in our imagination as if it's done here in now. So as you start to write down that feeling word, you're going to get involved into the energy of that thing. And it's going to really produce a better belief if you will, within you automatically by writing down how you would feel as if your new empowering belief was actually true. Let her see. Here's what almost everybody misses. It's not enough to write down the empowering belief and then think the new beliefs in the old stagnant limited thinking, it's just going to disappear. Letter C is you actually imagine yourself in a scenario or end scene of you already having that belief. So you might visualize a mental conversation with your partner, with your loved on with, uh, somebody that you know, with a mentor and to conduct a mental conversation with them about the new belief you would say, maybe to that person, Hey, you wouldn't believe how easy it was for me to multiply my income by five, it was easy.

It was progressive progressing, you know, in a very fast way. It felt possible for me the entire time, I would have never guessed. I'm not doing that out loud. I'm doing that in my imagination. I'm having a mental conversation with somebody indicating that my new belief is already done deal today. You feel it to be true. And then you let it go and you do this on a daily basis. You can change up the unseens change the mental conversations that's okay. But on a daily basis, you start to move your energy in that direction. Take these three components. You do this on a daily basis for all the different beliefs that you want to start installing into your life. And things are going to start to progress and rocket forward at a great rate. The people that I've given this process to my clients, I actually work with them on calls.

I work with them in our manifestation accelerator program and accelerator or manifestation courses and allows them to actually get into the process and actually apply it. And I encourage you to do the same in the comments below. I encourage you to write down the three steps so you can actively learn and actually stay accountable by doing the exercise at the very end of this video, and then type in the comments section done or confirmed. I did it. I stayed accountable. Something like that. Again, it's going to help you, not just keep binge-watching personal development or this or that. It's going to actually say here, and now I'm ready to step up my level of thinking. I'm ready to elevate my consciousness. I'm ready to really implement what I'm learning here. So in the comments below, if you feel good about it, I feel called to write down the three steps.

So we just went through, write down that after you've done the three steps for you Mark down, that you stayed accountable, done, confirmed whatever it is. I love to hear about your results and what happens with your new elevated thinking from this place. Again, look through the eyes of a spiritual being, not from past thinking, be in the essence of that, just like a kid, riding a bicycle, right? If they fall down one time and they say, I can't do it right, the parent would say, yes, you can get on the bike. Why would you say you can't do it? And the kid says, well, I just fell down. I fell down yesterday. When I tried for the first time I can't do this, right. The parent would say, of course you can try again. Right? Don't look through yesterday. Yesterday you fell. That's a learning lesson.

Look through the possibility of actually riding today. Cause there's a lot of fun. Same thing goes for us in a manifestation. Same thing goes for you. Instead of thinking about yesterday's failed manifestations from coming through. Think through the eyes of it's possible for me, let's refresh it right now. Let's get back into the energy and keeping the encouragement that I can do this. I can shift things I can move forward. After that, write down the empowering belief with the feeling part, see there, imagine yourself having a mental conversation as if the belief is real. You're going to start to impress that energy upon your subconscious mind in the universal part of you. You're going to manifest things in alignment with that new belief and it will become true. I encourage you to do this for at least seven days straight that's when you're going to see the results as you continuously put out that good energy, that good belief, all of that good stuff as well. I look forward to seeing your comments as well as your results that come through from this reset process.

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