How I Manifest Anything EASILY Using RAMPAGING: Manifesting Methods
Written by Scott Haug on February 17th, 2021

How I Manifest Anything EASILY Using RAMPAGING: Manifesting Methods

Manifestation is all about the "feeling it to be true today" ⚡️

Feeling the presence of what you desire, not the absence.

The key is to match the inner thoughts with your desired outcome.

How we do that is through one method you might have heard before or not called "Rampaging" or "Total Faith Talks".

This method helps you to align with the feeling of your desires, which will help you impress your subconscious mind with your desire.

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Full Transcript

How I manifest anything easily with rampaging and how you can too, on today's video, I'm going to go through a manifesting method and technique. That's going to allow you to produce outstanding results is soon as you're finished with the video today, just before we jump into the content throw, like on the video, it's going to send it out to more people and elevate the world a lot better in a lot greater place. This year through a subscribing click, the bell icon to get notified. When we send out more manifesting tools, techniques, videos on helping you gain more results through the manifestation process, let's jump right into it. Rampaging you might've heard before, uh, as became popular from the teacher, Abraham Hicks might be a big fan of Esther Hicks in the work that they do. Uh, it's a technique called rampaging that allows yourself to really get in harmony with the good that you desire.

And ever since I discovered this process through the teachings and learnings, it's allowed me to really generate a lot more good into my life. In essence, rampaging is about changing your feeling and your relationship with an area or desire that you want in your life Alliance that I coach and I've coached over a thousand clients now in manifesting more money and results and sales and everything in their business and success. And personally as well is they want more money, but their dominant feeling is frustration. Their dominant feeling is irritation. Why? Because money seems to be always hard in their life. It always seems to be challenging. It always seems to, uh, evade them. If you will, they, they want more. They've tried the manifesting techniques. They visualize they do the affirmations, but money's still hard to come. So it causes enormous amounts of frustration. And they take this feeling and associated with money.

Money is frustrating. Money is irritating. Money is blank. You can fill in the blank as well. Instead of money, it could be love is relationships. Our business is right, and all these can fill in the blank with negative emotions, frustrating, irritating, hard to get whatever that means. And to we ultimately manifest through our feeling. That's what we're sending out to the universe as an energy. And then the universe is sending it right back to us. So if I ultimately feel around money, I want it. But it's so frustrating for me to attain into, to get I'm going to constantly manifest more and more situations that prove that fact that money's hard to get. The best thing that we could do is change the way we feel. We got to change the way we feel around money. Before money can enter our lives. We want money to feel easy.

We all money to feel like home. We want money to feel like effortless without money, to feel like contribution. We want money to feel like balance. We want money to feel like goodness, right? We want to have money. Be associated with a good feeling before it changes in our life. And that's a big kicker. Most people want to win the lottery. Then there'll be happy, right? Well, it's really the opposite. Be happy. Then you win the lottery. That kind of idea right now, we're not talking about manifesting lottery winnings in this video, but it get with the premises, right? Most people say, I'll be happy when no it's, I'll be happy. Then things are going to change, right? We need to change ourselves first. So same thing goes with money. I need to feel good around money. Before money can enter my life. I need to feel good around love and relationships before they can enter my life.

I need to feel good around business success before they can enter my life. So this rampaging technique is all about talking about how good it feels, a topic, a situation, whatever that might be an example would be money feels good to me. Money is becoming easier for me to manifest while money does feel effortless to come by. And I've had situations in manifestations where money was easy. Ooh. While I'm saying out these words out loud, I am feeling better around to money. I am a spiritual being, living this physical body. I do know I have limitless power here and now in this physical time-space reality in the world that I live in and the reality I live in, I know that money is just an energy. I know that it can move into my life faster and faster. I know I am progressing in my results.

I am so happy that I have an awareness and I'm growing and I'm progressing in this manifestation process and around money. So I'm going to stop the rampage there is see what it does. So basically I take a topic and I just start talking about how good it is. And I use feeling words effortless, easy to come by. Balance home vibrational, harmony, resonance. Yeah, you, you can even just go on Google search and click positive emotions, type it in click the first search result, and then see what positive emotions have a list in front of you. And then just go through and choose some of the happy words, contentment, goodness, whatever it is from that place. You just start talking about the subject about the area from a place that it's starting to feel good. Now, basically you could start with hope belief, right? You could say, I hope things get better.

If things, the area they're talking about is very difficult, very frustrating or anything like that. You could start with hope. You could start with an easy thing. I do hope things are getting better. I do hope that things are going to progress. I do hope that money's going to come my way in a big chunk in the next week or two, because hope it's a little easier to believe than absolute certainty and maybe something. And that's okay if you're there. So you could start there. Then you want to rise a little bit higher than from hope to happiness. Say things are happier. I do know something. I do know I'm progressing. I do know I'm growing, right? So you kind of go your way up to certainty and expectation and he can mix in any sort of phrase that you want. You can mix in a spiritual truth.

Like I'm a spiritual being, living in the physical body with a mind, I have limitless potential. All things are possible to, and through me, the universe is on my side. Good things are supposed to happen to me, right? So basically you can mix in these good affirmations, these good ideas, mix it in with positive emotions. And then just time yourself, two, three, four, five minutes, put a timer on and go through the ideas in the things that you desire to manifest them, change the way you feel about them. Find something good about money. Money is useful. Money just paid my electric bill money, put food in my refrigerator. Money pays for the place that I live in. Right? So basically, instead of finding all the negatives about money on a heart, it is frustrating. Whatever it is, change the way you feel by looking for the good, okay.

And talk about the feeling words. Now, again, that can go for money that could go for business success. That could go for health. That could go for so many love relationships, whatever it is, you just interchange the feeling and the positive thoughts and finding the good for the area that you want. Again, the objective is to change your core, feeling around the area, change the core feeling. You can send out a different energy. The universe is going to react by sending you the energy back and ultimately in your imagination where all things are created, you're going to start constructively, forming mental images that are positive on the screen of your mind. You're going to start to form ideas and feelings within yourself that equal your goal less. So part here is remembering for things to change. I have to change, right? So again, if we want to manifest something and it's not happening, realize the manifestation process, it's not working or not working for you.

It just means I have to work it better, or I have to be better. I have to raise my consciousness. That's the idea here, change the feeling around the subject. It'll start to become more effortless in your life. Use this manifesting method, comment below. If something like this helps you and write down maybe, uh, one of the feeling words that you can use towards your desired manifestation or desired area, write down maybe two to three feeling words that you can start associating with. The area that you know, would be a better outlook, a better perspective, whatever it is, comment those below. I'd love to see those. And I love to interact with you. And if you need any help with coming up with any feeling words, also write that down in the comments below. And I'd love to help you out with finding that feeling, getting in, stepping into that for the area of life you choose. Scott, how care signing off again. I'll look forward to seeing your comments below and try this process out. Let me know your result.

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