Master Law Of Attraction Visual
Written by Scott Haug on March 6th, 2023
Master Law Of Attraction Visual

In this visual teaching, you will learn how to master being intentional towards your manifestations..

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Full Transcript

Let's start helping you master the wealth of attraction through this visual diagram where you can start understanding your intentions and how to manifest.

So we're gonna start with these lines here, as you can see in front of you. And in the top line we're gonna write. Number one, you can write down an intention that you want to manifest. So we'll do an example here on money. I just now manifested $10,000, but you can write down any intention, doesn't matter what it is, any area of life and any amount that you want as well. Make sure that's in present tense. Draw a line from the circle in, write down number two. Now number two is gonna be all about the feelings. So if you did manifest the $10,000 or whatever you wrote down, what three main feelings would you have in this case? If we did have $10,000, we might feel relieved, supported, and excited. So number two is all about the emotional side, the feeling, which is the vibration as if it was already done.

Now number three is a crucial component of this entire process, and that's actually the identity work. Now we're dipping into more of this deeper on our channel here, but I want you to think about what identity would you have if you were manifesting money or any other intention. So for this example, the identity would be a money maker, right? You're able to create money in the ways that you want. Number four line, there is also a really important part of this entire process and we wanna go ahead and start seeing any of the resistant thoughts that are coming to play and write down the main one that comes to mind. So for example, you may have a recurring resistance coming in your life. You have a lot of money coming in, and then you have a lot of money going out, right? It's a recurring challenge.

I want you to write down that recurring challenge and write down clean resistances cuz we need to clean up so that we can let and allow this goodness into our life. And I'm gonna talk about that more later in the video. Now, number five, on that bottom line is all about aligned actions. If you have a business, for example, you could say, I'm gonna reach out to 10 new people every day about my products and services, right? If you don't have a business, you have a full-time job, it may say, I'm gonna reach out to 10 new prospective job offers daily to get a better job. Number two, you might find ways to provide more, five times more value to your audience if you have one or clients or even to your company that you work for right now. You wanna ask yourself, what problems exist?

What could I solve in exchange for money? In what ways are there for side income? How could I generate an extra $500? So you're putting your mind on a money frequency. So action is absolutely a part of the process and you're allowing yourself to take aligned actions towards your intention. So as you could tell, there's the five steps, intention, feeling, identity, the resistances, and then also aligned action. So within the feeling and the identity here, we need to mix these two together. And then you need to clean out your resistances. And then finally, your aligned action part of it. Find three to four actions you could start taking on a daily and weekly basis and it's gonna move you towards your intention. Really, really important. Now, for step number two there, the feeling, this is what we call unattachment work. Okay? And essentially what unattachment work means is we're unattaching from an end result, needing to happen, panicking, worrying, concerns, all of that.

And then number five in our aligned action step is you need to get uncomfortable. And by getting uncomfortable, you're gonna shift your frequency to a higher level or a new place you'd really like to live. Okay? So the unattachment part number two, and the aligned action number five are really important. Now, number four, we're gonna go ahead and do in another video as well, if you haven't already, throw a like on the video if this was helpful to you and subscribe to our channel. And also if you want to teach this or you just want to master manifestation in general, like in the description below, become one of our certified manifestation coaches. Help the world grow in a lighter way or just messier results. And we do one-on-one mentorship for that as well. So, you know, take into consideration what we talked about today, all five steps, start working the system out, replay this video every day, work through all your intentions and use all of our special edition videos to clean up your resistances. And again, link in the bio. We'd love to work with you.

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