This is why understanding your self-concept thermostat is so important
Written by Scott Haug on February 22nd, 2023
This is why understanding your self-concept thermostat is so important

Do you know how to use this exercise called 'The Self-Concept Thermostat' to create more belief in yourself?

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Full Transcript

<Affirmative>, very important. It's a thermostat. Okay? So if somebody loses some weight, okay, they weigh 300 pounds,


And they wanna lose weight. Just trying to look if a's in the color here a's not on the co, but some of you know fitness very well, okay? Okay. So they 300 pounds. I used to do this cause I used to do a personal training and my, as some of you know, that my parents own a local fitness gym, they'll go down to 2 85. Hell yeah, they may go down to two 50. Really? Well, and then they stop the personal training and three months later they're up to 310 pounds and then they're back to 300. They average around the same thing. Is it because of physical activity? Sometimes? Is it because of diet A lot? But why would it contr, why would it do this though? Why would the diet change If that person knows this is working, why would that person go back to eating the way they used to eat?

Why would that person go back to only going to the gym once a week, walk down the treadmill for five minutes? Because they're program self-image wise to feel the concept that they are. Fat happens with people smoking all the time. Number two, if somebody wants to increase their sales, you see it in sales all the time, okay? Especially when I was with all the consultants in Toronto. You see it all the time. A hundred thousand dollars per month, then they go down to 80, then they go to one 50 and have a record month. But they're always balancing around. That average happens with people's income. Somebody loses their job, they're making $55,000 per year. Most times that person gets 55, 50, maybe 60,000 hours per year in their next job. It's a thermostat. It's where they're programmed. The paradigm south is part of the paradigm. Picks up deviations, brings you right back to where it is like the thermostat. Now, this is in lesson than six. So many of you are not there just yet. So many of you are okay? But this is all covered in lesson six. So you know exactly where this information is. You're going to get there in the program. We're just taking a little jumpstart for some of you and some of you just piecing together this stuff very, very deeply. Okay?

All right.

Now just before I go to last slide here, how many of you have a self image written out?


And if you don't, that's okay. If you've already been through less than six though, you should definitely have already written that one out.


So some of you do,

Okay, I'm gonna lower the hands. Now gonna say, how many of you have that self-image script written now and affirm it out loud every day? Both. Okay? A lot of you, excellent. And if you don't, if you're not on less than six yet, don't beat yourself up. If you've been through less than six and you're not doing that, you shouldn't beat yourself up. But you should say, hold on, I gotta make sure I'm applying this information. It's already in the program. It's here, Bob. Put it there for a reason. Let's make sure we apply this stuff for sure. Okay? All right. I'm gonna give you an example. So the last 10 minutes of this call is gonna be all about application. Okay? I have some more to talk about. So I want, I want really stay tuned in here. Even if you already have a self-image script, how can you make it way bigger?

Most times we didn't stretch far enough on our self-image, so I'm gonna give you a few paragraphs here on, it's very minimal. My entire self-image is over a page long, okay? So this is very minimal. Giving four little paragraphs about income, lifestyle, that type of stuff as well. But you want stuff for your business, how you want to feel and your lifestyle, your body, your energy, your mind, your focus, everything. Okay? And I encourage you to one, if you already have one review and add a little bit more detail to it, maybe bring it up to a next level. Two, if you don't have a self-image, you wanna start creating one. What's your higher concept of yourself? See yourself in two years. No limitations. Where would that person be? You? Where would that person be? Two years. And write that out. You could do it in the first person or third person.

Either one is effective. I prefer the first person. Cause I'm affirming I am. Third person can be effective because where'd your old self image come from? All the people telling you about who you, who they think you are. Okay, so let me get the little list out here. <Laugh>. Larry, you're this person. Lee, you're that person. Nate, you're this person, right? He used to say Scott was a little bit more quieter. The hell with that. I was never quiet. I never had the feeling that I was a quiet, shy individual, but it was like first grade, second grade that they started. Oh, maybe Scott's just a shy kid. Well, maybe I just didn't want to talk that day. Okay? So many times your self image is nothing. It's not even true about who you are. It's somebody else's thoughts and beliefs about who they thought you were. How's that for a paradigm shift? Okay. All right. So we wanna do this higher concept of ourself, okay? As we go forward, okay? No limitations. Where do you wanna be? Your imagination will carry you to the highest levels. Okay?

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