Create a $250,000+ / Year Coaching Business (Certified Manifestation Coach)
Written by Scott Haug on February 20th, 2023
Create a $250,000+ / Year Coaching Business (Certified Manifestation Coach)

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Full Transcript

Hey Scott Haug here and welcome on to our live for this beautiful Thursday, September 16th, 2021. I hope all of you are doing very well. This is our first live in our brand new group here on launching, creating and Scaling your $250,000 per year or more coaching business, your manifestation coaching business. So if you are here, let me know that you can hear me loud and clear by just putting a number one into the box there. Let me know that you could see me and hear me perfectly, and I'll just wait for a couple people to join on here and then we'll get started for today. Today's topics a fantastic one. It's how to run a highly profitable coaching business in just one hour per day. It's absolutely a done deal possibility, and listening to today's live is going to provide you the tools, the guidance, support needed for you to do that. So that is awesome. All right. I see Ali, Kelly, Jeremy, and a few others throwing a number one in there. Looks like Tisha, hopefully I said your name correctly there. Okay, again, if you can hear me loud and clear and see me good to go just throw number one into the common box if you're just joining in. See Ash. I see Mark. Hey Mark. Hope you and Sandra are doing real well.

Ash does 11. 11. I like that one. Ash. Okay, Merinda. Hey Merinda. Hey Ted. Good to see you on here as well. Chantel. Hello aar. Hopefully I said your name right and you are kicking it. You're on the YouTube channel. You did 20 days in a row of accountability. I saw that come through. So excellent job on your side. Sharon. Looks like Yvette. Hopefully I said your name right as well. Throw number one. Okay, great. So let's get started for today. Again, the topic for today is how to run a highly profitable coaching business in just one hour or less per day. All right? And if this is something that intrigues you and you would absolutely love that, throw a number two into a com box or just say, heck yes, something like that would be very awesome. You know, a lot of people getting into coaching businesses, they first feel like, man, I'm already busy, right?

I got a full-time job, I got a full-time business. You know, I got something where I got family. I gotta feed the family. I got kids, I got this right. You know, quite frankly, we're all busy. We all have a lot going on including myself. You wanna believe sometimes how much I have on my plate with running everything that I run, right? But it's a very awesome thing cause I'm living the living my purpose, right? So it's okay that there's a lot going on. So, you know, a lot of people get to that stage and they calm themselves out. Like, I can't really get started with coaching right now. Maybe it should be next month, next year in 2022, right? There's always like something there that's preventing them from really running their business the way they wanna run it. And it's usually that time feeling, right?

There's not enough time. I feel overwhelmed by how much too much things to study and all this stuff right Now, I was there at a certain point in my life where it seemed like I was doing personal development study for like an hour, two hours, sometimes three hours a day. Cause I thought that was what it took to be successful. Then I'm going to the gym as well. Then I'm trying to have some family time. Then I'm also on top of that trying to build a business and have multiple businesses going on because I wanted multiple streams of income and all this stuff, right? And it seemed very overwhelming. Like it couldn't actually move things forward. Now, when you're at that stage, the emotion usually is overwhelmed. It's like, man, how am I gonna do all of this? And even if you are you know, having time open to yourself right now, sometimes it's like, do can I really do this right now?

Can I really run a coaching business? So again, today's call, you're gonna absolutely love it. I'm gonna give you some great tips, have notes in front of you as we get started here, make sure you throw a like or a little heart on the post because it's gonna send out to a lot more people in the group. That's how the Facebook algorithm works. So if we can interact as much as we can today, it's gonna get out to more people and we can serve more people. And that's the ultimate, that's why we're here. That's why, you know, I have myself and my team here is to serve you and give you the best value you can and all the greatest things that we've learned. Give them to you as well. Okay? So definitely throw a like on their help, the algorithm. Alright? So let's get started with point number one here.

Okay? Point number one is remembering that your results are all based on your energy and inner belief, not on the physical. Okay? So time really has no bearing on how many results you're gonna get or if you can have client enrollments in a coaching business. Okay? So if you start to believe something different about your life, if you start to disconnect hard work from money and sales and enrollments, you're gonna have what looks like magic come into your life. It's what we call being in the flow. Okay? So first note for you to have is disconnect, hard work time and everything with money it doesn't associate, okay? That's why you can earn a and bring and build a highly profitable coaching business in just an hour a day. Because if you're doing the right things with the right energy, you're gonna produce the right result.

Okay? So great equation for you. The right things plus the right energy equals the right results. Okay? It's very important to remember that because you know the whole thing of idea of I don't have enough time or there's too much on my plate or something. What is really coming from is a feeling like I don't have enough time to do the hard work. And that's really not true. What happens here is we are connected to this infinite source, okay? You call it whatever you want. Call it the divine, call it God, call it universe, whatever it is, okay? And as we get into harmony with this divine substance, this, this feeling, this substance, this universe, whatever it is, and you accurately, accurately activate what it is that you want in your imagination, it's all the things, all the energies, all the people, all the opportunities around you will come to your aid to allow you to actually get the result you want.

So how does this pertain to a running a coaching business, right? So maybe you want two clients a week or just maybe even starting out one client a week so you can reach 10, $20,000 a month, right? And this is why I teach all of my certified manifestation coaches. We have an immense training on all this stuff, okay? So say you have a client coming in every week, every month, that's what you want, okay? How are you gonna get the client? Where are they gonna come from? When are they gonna come in, right? You see all these questions, it's coming from a logical standpoint and we need to get away from that. So the mind when you wanna manifest, if we're not retraining our mind, it'll go, how's the client gonna come? Where are they gonna come from? Because I can't even figure out where to get a client.

Okay? And when are they gonna come? Are they gonna come tonight? Are they gonna come tomorrow by Friday? You know, whatever it is. Let me know in the chat box by just saying yes, if you've ever felt that way before, right? You're ready to manifest. But it's like this logical overthinking starts to step in. How, where, when? It's always the same questions, okay? It's basically the ego saying, you know, physically I can't see where the client is, so there's no way it could happen, right? Since I can't see it yet, where's it gonna come from? Right? So the mind will want to go in this chaos. It's very important to realize this is the logical minds, the masculine energy that has very good things to it, okay? It's very good. You can focus when you're in this energy, you can figure things out, you can puzzle piece things together.

It's fantastic. But when you come down to manifestation, you need to switch from the logical to the emotional. And that's the feminine energy. Don't worry, it's not male, female, gender. We have both, whether you're male or female, gender, you have both energies and you wanna integrate both. So what that is, is stepping into your heart, okay? Now let me really explain what this means. It means getting into why you want what you want and getting into the emotion of having it done. Now, if you've been one of my students for a while, you've heard this stuff before, okay? But we're pertaining it into client enrollments and getting a lot more money into a coaching business and developing that lesson than an hour. Okay? So again, it comes down to now shifting our mind into I have one hour per day. And if I could tap into the right energy, the client will come in ways.

I have no idea. Because the universe want to become your best friend. It's your buddy, okay? The universe is formulating all these cooperative components, things that seem impossible, things that seem out of the ordinary for you to actually attain and attract in what it is that you want. Okay? So you wanna really see in your mind that like there's this universal butler, this universal side of you, this higher side, the highest self that actually knows how to get what you want, knows where that client is, knows when they're gonna come, knows how they're gonna come in, right? The different channels, okay? And as long as you stay in faith in the emotion and you don't try to control, you go into non-control. That's what we call Latin. Allow that client will find you. Okay? So that's why we talk about opening a channels up in your coaching business or in any business because when you open up channels, the client will reach out.

I'll give you a quick example. There was about three or four years ago, I had reached out to somebody organically here on Facebook. Okay? That's why I teach again my certified coaches. Well, how to go out there and how to reach out to people to build your following, build out stuff literally from scratch, from zero people. Cuz you don't need any people following you to get a client literally within seven to 14 days if you're in the right energy. So usually it takes a little bit longer, but it really depends on where your belief is and your energy around manifestation. So I reached out to this particular individual, very genuinely, very heartfelt offering, my coaching, okay? Person never responded. They saw my message, right? You could see when you see somebody's message read on Facebook, never responded and just never reached back out. So no, no big deal.

I had no attachment to that individual responding. And I moved on, okay? I moved on, I did my own stuff, did my coaching, serving and helping as many people as I could. Okay? This person, about two and a half years or so later, okay, this was many years ago now, but two and a half. So years later after I sent the direct message, they reached out and literally said, Hey Scott, I know you messaged me a few years ago, I wasn't ready then and I know I didn't mention anything. I'm ready now. I've already saw your stuff and I like it. How do I get started? I got my credit card ready.

I mean, getting a message like that everyone wants, right? It's just an amazing thing that says, wow, this is, it's what a divine timing for this individual to get started. We got any phone call and sure enough, within five minutes decided you don't need to tell me all about the coaching. I really get it. I love your energy. I know intuitively you're gonna help me. Here's my card. Let's just get started. As soon as, as soon as possible. Basically, person got started, became one of my best clients. Okay? So that's, that's an example of, you know, that week I was in harmony with that activated client, right? I was in harmony with getting a new client in with ease with Afro listens and with fun, right? Cuz that was fun. And as long as you stay in that energy and you remaining gratitude for the things that are not yet here physically, but are already yours energetically, okay?

Serendipitous, random coincidences, coincidences will start to unfold to get you to that client, to get you to that sale, right? And it is just, it's awesome. It's like, you know, when that person reached out, I didn't feel surprised. I didn't feel like I was overly excited. I felt really like this. I already knew, right? Because funny enough with the manifestation is you reached the feeling before you even get there. So when it actually happens, you're not surprised. That's the art of this stuff, okay? Because you're fusing with it vibrationally and as soon as you fuse it with vibrationally, it's already yours energetically. And it's just understanding, wow, it's mine, it's gonna come into fruition. It's just a matter of time. Too many of us wanna control, you know, and it's just a paradigm society. We need to control things. We need to control how it's gonna happen.

We need to control where things are gonna come from, right? I'm using my logical mind to figure out how things are gonna come, right? But when we practice non-control and that's all we control is how we think and feel, that's when things really motor forward, right? If you want something similar, you can have it, it's possible. Just follow the training that we're doing here in the video and it's going to allow you to open things up. All right? So if you want something like this, throw easy capital letters into the common box. Keep yourself actively engaged, and again, throw a light on the video to make sure it's getting sent out to a lot more people in our Facebook group here, okay? This pro easy in all capital letters. All right? Now you can do the same thing. All right? So let's go through a couple of things that really matter here.

Okay? Component number two is focusing on the only four things that matter. This is the main thing I teach in my certification with all my manifestation coaches, because too many people that are coaches, I, I've been around thousands, tens of thousands of coaches because I was also certified under Bob Proctor. I had a lot of you know, friends in that area where, you know, I got to know a lot of people because I became one of his number one coaches in a year and a half, right? And I was blessed to have that opportunity to really get to know a lot of the other coaches, get to know people in other personal development niches, Tony Robbins coaches, all these different people, right? And there's a difference between how people become highly successfulness and serve and unleash their purpose. And then there's another way that people don't serve.

They never get clients. What's the difference? The people that I saw that weren't actually getting the clients in there's not as many enrollments, okay? Two things. Number one is internal, their internal belief. So with all my certified manifestation coaches, we are honing into that belief all the time. We're actually doing healing every Monday to heal any money traumas or wounds if you call 'em. So we can release the olds the resistance, if they're a big Abraham Hicks fan, should they talk about resistance a lot every Monday, what we're doing together is releasing money resistance. So we can have better come in, better flow in letting and allowing, okay? So it's internal. And then the other thing is they're busy doing busy work. They're doing all the things that really don't matter. Creating a website, getting the perfect business card, starting a YouTube channel being on five different social media platforms doing all the household stuff while they should be doing some business work like laundry because they're procrastinating cooking cleaning up.

So essentially they're doing all of these things that don't really matter. Building a funnel, okay? Funnels are very, very important. I have many funnels, but those come later because you don't need them at the start. Okay? So they're all focused on this busy stuff. You know, why they're focused on the busy stuff is because internally their belief isn't there. They're very uncomfortable, right? They have a lot of uncertainty if this is gonna work or if they have the ability to coach people, right? So they lack the confidence, lack the belief, and that causes all these behaviors that don't really matter because you know, it's more scary and more uncomfortable getting on their first sales call, their first hundred sales calls, right? Getting out there and actually marketing, getting in front of people, right? So there's a very big difference here. So then the people that are winning and highly successful, and we called it, you know, like an inner circle, and people that are just highly successful, what they're doing, they're focusing on four things that matter.

And the four things that matter is your energy and alignment, clearing out the old, releasing the old resistance in with the new. Because literally the, what's happening is a source is trying to reach you always, okay? It's coming to and through you, but you have like a doubt, a worry limiting belief. I can't do this, right? You're saying no internally, like it's too good to be true. All this stuff, right? And basically the source is squeezed like a, like a hose and you don't have as much flow and you have a lot of resistance, right? So we need to clear that stuff out so we can in, you know, have results come in a lot easier. So we have that first thing. Second thing is generating strategy sessions or generating calls with potential prospects, okay? So getting on a phone call with somebody and talking through your service, talking through how you might be able to help them, okay?

Number three is doing those sales calls. So, or doing those, don't call 'em sales calls. Just doing those discovery sessions or strategy sessions or doing those calls with those people to help them. Okay? So whatever you call those things. So we got the mindset, we got the actual generating the calls and we got doing the calls. Those are the main three essence of what we have going always forward with us. And then the fourth one is serving your clients. Okay? So actually coaching our clients, getting on group calls, getting on one-on-one calls serving them by creating new value, creating new videos or whatever it is. So these four things that matter, if you just focus on those four things, building a business, it's gonna take off like a rocket. And that's why you only need an hour a day, okay? Because take about anger an hour, okay?

You do some inner energy alignment work, you go out there and send maybe five contacts, five messages, five something. I encourage all my certified coaches to actually contact 10 people a day. But you know, if you don't have that much time or it's taking a lot longer, okay? Within an hour, just contact five people. One of those people during time will, will respond usually at least one out of five at least, and they'll respond to actually get on a call. So you get on a call and then you serve your client. That's it. I mean, it doesn't take more than that. If you work on those four things, you're really gonna start to soar things, okay? Now I'm telling you, that's all I did was zone in. I got to zero to $10,000 and 60 days starting a coaching business. And I had never sold anything before.

I had never marketed, and I've never done online coaching, okay? I had already taught some martial arts, so I was used to teaching a little bit, okay? But during the 60 days, it was actually 58 days, zero to $10,000. Okay? Now, how do you do something like that? You focus on the things that matter, not the things that don't, the website wasn't gonna produce any money, okay? Any clients. The funnel was to get produce cuz you gotta get traffic to the funnel and you gotta figure out paid ads and everything else, and it's just, you're gonna throw money out the door because ads are a lot harder than you think, okay? Then you're gonna focus on all the business cards and hand 'em out to the wrong prospects cuz you're just handing 'em out to people in the mall, which aren't your ideal prospects.

They don't need help right now, or they have no idea on how to or what personal development even is, right? So you're in the wrong audience, right? So you're wasting time, okay? If you go with your targeted audience, the people that you know you can help and serve, and you do these four things, you'll blow it outta the water. Okay? Then during that time period, I went in 12 months, I went to $20,000 per month. And that was without really having a clear mentor and clear direction, everything else was just figuring things out and starting to figure out how to scale things, right? So that's really focusing on those four things. Let me know if that makes sense by throwing a, like on the, the live here and then also just put make sense in the comment box as well, okay? Those four things that matter. And you know, this is gonna be also this a replay posted right after I'm done here. So you can always go back to this and, and rewatch those four things if you missed it. Okay? Let's throw it in the comment box. Let me know if it makes sense. There's a lot going on here, you know, during the 20 minutes that we've been on here so far.

Okay? So you're practicing. So let's go through this. Number one, you're letting release all this resistance, right? You're, you're healing these internal things, you know, these internal chain of beliefs and everything else. You're starting to clear yourself out. You're starting to be in harmony with a higher level of belief about yourself and about your capabilities and skills, right? So you're starting to get in a line, you're starting to practice non-control. Stop trying to control how it's gonna come, stop trying to control where it's gonna come from, from stop trying to control when it's gonna come, right? So you start to practice non-control, letting and allowing by remaining into the feeling remaining into your heart, not the logic, okay? You're starting to do that. Then you're focusing on the only four things that matter, which are the mindset and energy alignment, generating calls, doing the calls, and then client service, right?

So you're focusing on these things, okay? That's gonna be one hour per day. Okay? Last part here is very, very crucial and very, very important, okay? Is the outstanding gratitude, not a brain buster, okay? Especially if you have listened in the YouTube videos, personal development, self-help, think you go rich, whatever it is. Or you've been one of my clients or one of my students for a while, you've heard gratitude, okay? But there's a difference between knowing about gratitude and actually being gratitude on a daily basis. I want you to check in with yourself just a bit and say, you know, am I really complaining more that I don't have sales and enrollments, or that I can't get a coaching business yet because I don't have money or I don't, can't do it yet because I don't have time. You know, any of those things. Am I saying that more often or am I thankful more often?

I want you to look around your, your room right now and just start giving thanks. Give thanks all over the place. Bless things. Give gratitude, right? All this stuff. Give gratitude for the water, okay? Give gratitude that you're connected to all people around the world with a simple device. Be grateful to be in this group and getting tips and support and guidance. Be grateful for the laptop you're viewing from your phone or whatever it is. Be thankful we have the technology where I can, you can hear my voice simultaneously, almost through this microphone, accurately hearing through your speakers, right? You want to be in such profound gratitude for the higher side, always blessing you, guiding you, giving you things that you do have now and actually are coming into your life, right? And as you do so, you're gonna be coming a lot more. So how you become gratitude is your thoughts more of the time.

Become gratitude thoughts. So it's not about knowing or doing a gratitude pad. You know, a lot of people do it in the morning and that's perfect. That's a great exercise. If you're feeling genuine about it, done deal, do it all the time, okay? You want to just really make sure that you are doing it more consistently without actually writing in a gratitude. Like in the afternoon, you're just thankful in the evening, you're just thankful while you're on this live, you're just thankful and you're just gonna feel like you're vibrating at a different plane. You know, you're just gonna be vibing. And, and what that vibe is, is actually being in harmony with the regular stuff, right? So being in harmony with the idea of being thankful for what already is and being thankful for what's coming into your life, thankful for the vibrational alignment you are with these wonderful things around you, right?

So again, what do, what do we talk about? What's the topic of today's live is how to run a highly profitable business in just one hour per day. So there's no excuse for that. I don't have enough time. I can't do this right now. I don't have enough money. You know, I'll do it next year. There's, there's no reason for that because if you got started right now, producing what you wanna produce. So if you're a brand new person to this coaching world, okay? Starting your business today, there's no, there's no sense in waiting anymore because every day you wait, you're actually waiting on your higher purpose and your soul is screaming at you. That's the truth, okay? That's why I want people say, well, I don't need to live my dream now and they're 50, 60, 70 years old. You know, they're getting older and older and older and they say you know, I just don't feel like, I feel like, oh my God, I have this calling, but I haven't done it.

Right? It's because even if you decline the calling, it keeps coming back, it keeps whispering to you, okay? It keeps saying, you need to this, this, this is what we want, right? And it's your heart. It's what you love to do. That's what you are meant to do if you believe it, okay? If you believe that you were born here with a purpose that you're higher self, your inner child wants you to go and do, and it's going to make you more fulfilled and more content than ever before, right? But we said no because of outside reasons. That's ego, right? So the ego saying, not enough time, not enough, it's not enough this, right? So it's not about, you know, if you're just starting out, it's about starting today, just saying, I got, I got it. I can raise my frequency right now and I can actually go out there and get enrollments right now based on, I know this energy stuff works, right?

And then you got guidance and support doing it. Now, if you're somebody who's already in a coaching world earning 5,000, month, 10,000, 50, a hundred thousand dollars already per month, okay? Whatever that might look like, or maybe you've been a coach for years by earning very minimal cause it's just, it's not working out, okay? The use of principles here to start scaling and start making it work even greater, okay? You can earn a hundred thousand dollars in a month or in a day faster than you can actually working hard all month, okay? I remember when I had earned $125,000 in one day. I did less work that day than I did for three months. Okay? It's all about your energy alignment. Now, that took many years to get to, okay? That was not an overnight thing. I told you my story was your 60 days.

I did $10,000, then I formed within a year 20,000. And you see, so it's a process. You know, I've been coaching for many years. I've been mentoring for many years. It doesn't just happen, okay? So getting into something like this, it doesn't mean you're just gonna have a million dollars in your back pocket tomorrow. It's not magic. You, you have to go through the evolutionary process of your consciousness to get to where you wanna get to. But I promise you, if you start today and you just start to say, it's me and it's now, and I can do this, you're gonna start to involve that consciousness way better. Okay? I don't care if you've been in the same spot for the last 3, 4, 5, 20 years, right? There's, I believe I've talked to thousands of people now. There's a lot of people there in that space. Okay?

That's okay. There's no judgment. You are where you are today because that's where you are internally and that's where you're meant to be until lessons are learned. The lessons learned are the change in beliefs and change in energy. Okay? Learn the lesson, it will never show up again. Okay? So it's very important, and as we cover all the time, like I said, when you become a certified manifestation coach every Monday we're, we do healing work to release this stuff because a lot of us are carrying things from childhood into adult life. Things around money, things around sales, things around marketing. I'm not good enough for this. If I said you can have five enrollments by tomorrow, Friday, a lot of people say too good to be true, right? Not too good to be true. I can't do that, right? They're saying no.

They're literally activating in their minds. No universe, not for me, can't do it. Too many clients for me. Too many sales. Too much money, right? Isn't it bonkers? It's nuts, right? So, but we understand that's how this stuff happens until we wash ourselves out, until we refresh until we're in the essence. All right? Let me know if that makes sense on kind of getting yourself renewed and all the energy stuff that we're talking about here by throwing a number. 11, maybe 11, 11. Let's 11, 11 into the comment box right now. All right? Just remember, today is your day. There's no reason to ever really hold back on your gifts, your skills, because also when you start to say yes more to your purpose, you ask more to your meaning, yes, to serving more people and going out there, I promise you, the universe helps you and aids you more than any other time period in your life.

I felt it. I've, I've been there. It's, it's like the universe gets on your back and helps you. You know, you need something. It's not always instantly there, but you ask for it and you're divinely guided within an hour, a couple of hours, couple of days, couple of weeks to get to where you need to get to, right? You need help with this. Help will show up, aid will show up, right? So you start to live now by accepting and saying yes more, you start to align more with your meaning and purpose and things start to really move. So that's really the core of it all. We talked about all the things here in an hour a day today though, you have to start with saying, yes, I'm doing it now. I can do more and better now. Not more work, more alignment with self.

Now it takes a lot of guidance with this stuff because sometimes your loss of like, well, how do I, how do I heal those energies, right? You know, maybe your family history is all about limiting energy around money. Okay? Maybe your ancestral chain and the people that came before you, there's always a limitation around money, okay? So you have the calling right now. Now that's why you're here on this live. That's why you are where you are in your life to break the chains, to break the bonds you in your, your own way, your own service, your own message, your own purpose. Were called to do the work that nobody else has done yet. They did the best they could. They're doing very good things on helping the family line and the family things and, and the way they live their life so far, they did things to get you to where you're at, okay?

But now it's your time to do even greater things as well. So you build off the work that's been done before you and you can do even more work. You call, you know, everyone here is a light worker of some sort, or you, you wanna have attracted this live, you wouldn't have been here, right? Or watching the replay, it doesn't matter, okay? It's your time to actually shine your light more. It's your time to actually go out there and serve the world and be in the essence of where you want to be, okay? And it's gonna make all the difference to this world, okay? I can't wait till you live more of your purpose because it's gonna benefit me too. Because it's gonna benefit your neighbor. It's gonna benefit the person you have no idea who is down the street. Because every single time one of us, just one of us increases their belief increases and changes their energy and shifts.

It affects the whole world. Whether you believe that or not, it's amazing. So thank you for being here on the live, right? Because you're actually investing in yourself mentally, spiritually, physically allowing yourself to actually transform the world even better. Not just your life, not just your family's life, okay? It's miraculous. So thank you for doing great work. Thank you for doing the hard work sometimes, okay? It's not always easy, it's not always easy to change your thoughts and you know, it's like man, how come I didn't have an easier childhood or I didn't have an easier way of going about this stuff and I feel like I'm the only one changing all these beliefs and it's so hard sometimes, you know? And sometimes we can get to that place, but you wanna be so thankful because your soul's evolving bigger and faster and growing more than you ever possibly imagine.

And that is superb. So take advice from the guidance here in this video and I would implement it right away. I'm also opening up two spots for those who wanna become and called to become a certified manifestation coach today, okay? And I'm gonna give them a special gift of having a 30 day game plan to get their first two enrollments, high ticket clients charging between $3,500 and upwards of $10,000 within the next 30 days. Okay? Brand new game plan. I have not given it to anybody, but I will give it to those two that are ready to fulfill their purpose, transform people's lives, earn an outstanding income, and really give themselves into the full alignment of who they were born to be. Okay? If you're one of those two people, email me right now. Okay? Scott Scott, you know my last name, h a u g, okay?

Scott And go ahead and email me right away. Okay? Becoming a certified manifestation coach is one of the most prestigious things that you could do in your life. It's one of the greatest things that you can fulfill in your lifetime is going out there and helping people. And in the training, don't worry about if you've never coached anybody before, because I have all of the training on all the skills on how do I coach somebody. Don't worry about if you're not going at manifestation, even though it sounds completely backwards. Why? Because a consultant, mentor, and coach are very different things. You're not teaching material, you're running people through our proven manifestation accelerator course with my mentorship, okay? So I'll show you all the ins and outs of how to actually do it. I teach you how to set the business, I teach you how to market, how to do all the sales calls, all that stuff.

And best yet, you master manifestation, you master the healing process, you master cleaning out this stuff, cleaning out this consciousness so you can have a lot more money and a lot more good coming into your life, okay? So, you know, it's really, really an extraordinary experience and you know, anybody can do it as long as you feel the calling, as long as you feel in your heart like you are meant to do something bigger in this life, that's the only prerequisite and the other prerequisite really. So there should be two, not just one. The only prerequisite is you have to say yes to life. You have to say yes to getting through on comfort. You have to say yes to saying, you know what? I'm gonna live my purpose today. I am there, I'm in a higher frequency and I, I am in bliss right now in order for me to align with my higher side, I will do something today that will allow me to actually have this journey unfold to do a greater plan for myself and this world.

Right? That's the only thing. Okay? Those two ideas just there. Alright, go ahead and throw a number nine into the comic box there. If you found this why very helpful. I'm gonna be doing this bookmark calendars every Thursday at 3:00 PM Eastern every Thursday for 30 to 40 minutes. We're gonna go through various topics every Thursday and also stay in the group and click the notif. Be notified by all posts. There's a million Facebook groups out there, there's a million things going on. Top right hand corner. Make sure you have the dropdown arrow, dropdown arrow there and click be notified with all posts because the other Facebook groups say you're not like, it's just tons of people in there. Not really, nothing's really happening. It's just busy work and noise and just stay in the groups that are really actually gonna be impactful to you. But be notified.

Or else like when I go live or get actual posts out there, you won't see it, okay? Because the algorithm is only gonna give you what you actually notified for. Okay? Every Monday and Tuesday, somewhere around there, I'm gonna actually do a, an image post. It's gonna give you a list of great action items and great support as well, okay? Because I want this group to be the most valuable thing you've ever been in. I want this group to give you so much goodness that you can't help but succeed a lot faster and a lot greater and accomplish a lot more while living more in your joy in your heart center and who you are, your whole soul, your merged soul together being who you were truly born to be. All right? So that will certainly help. So just make sure again, you're notified as well.

And then just check into the group daily. That's what I do with my mentor group as well as every day I just jump in there, see what's going on, throw some lights on, posts, engage just a bit. Good to go for the day, you know, whatever that looks like for you. All right? All right. Thank you so much for being on the live here. Again, those two individuals, send me an email right away, Let me know that you are one of the ones that are ready to start this wonderful prestigious journey of being out there and recognizing who you are and being aligned with your soul. Samuel Elaine blessings. I couldn't be more blessed to have you on my group. You are a light in this world, and I love having more people in this group that are light makers and sharing the service of this world in a greater and greater way.

You're born to be great. I don't care where you are right now. You can win. It will happen. Okay? Same with you, same with me, same with the world. Okay? So really grateful to have you in this group. I look forward to sharing as much value into this group as I possibly can every single week from here on out. Thank you so much for being here. I look forward to seeing all of your comments when I review a lot of them coming through as well as I sign off here on the live. All right? The replay also will be available right after this, okay? It's gonna be posted right into group, so feel free to go back through or take some notes if you missed anything as well. Sending link prosperity to all of you. Have a great rest of your day, and I'll talk to you real soon. Bye-Bye.

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