This is what “controls” the experience you are living in right now (Law of Attraction)
Written by Scott Haug on February 10th, 2023
This is what “controls” the experience you are living in right now (Law of Attraction)

If you are experiencing an unfulfilling reality in one or more areas of your life and you want to know why this is happening then you need to watch this.

In this video, you will find out what is "controlling" your experience that you are living in right now!

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Full Transcript

You will observe that as long as you remain faithful to this assumption, what you just did here. Now, as long as you remain faithful to that assumption and you don't go back to your physical reality with all the worry and the doubt and all the, okay? You remain faithful to believing this is coming into fruition. This is here and now. Okay? So long will your attention, your thoughts be confronted with images clearly related to that assumption. Okay? So I'm sure if you were thinking about your lifestyle and you were on the sandy beach and you had your family around, your kids are running around all happy. Maybe you're tossing the ball to 'em, okay? And you can feel your feet in the sand and the warm sun on your body, and you're in Hawaii, okay? You're making a hundred thousand dollars per month. You have businesses all over the world, right? As you get into that momentum phase in imagination, you start to think in images according to that state. You think all ideas, events in accordance with that assumption on the surface of your mind. No physical circumstances is playing a role. Only in imagination is where you are. As long as you remain faithful to that assumption, as long as you remain in that focused attention state. Okay? Hopefully this shouldn't make a lot of sense so far. Just gonna divided this off too, cause we're going to a little spot here. Little example.

I'm gonna put this down there. Here, great. Now he does a beautiful example. For example, if you assume that you have a wonderful business, you have a kick business, it's going very well, it's growing substantially. You just assume that things are happening very well, whether they are physically or not. You will notice how in imagination your attention is focused on incident after incident, scenario after scenario. Relating to that assumption. Friends congratulate you. Oh, you're doing so good at business H how much money are you making? Oh my God, I never would've thought that was even possible for anybody, let alone all of us that grew up in this man, you're an inspiration. Tell you how lucky you are. You're just the luckiest man on the face of the planet and you're muttering inside your head. Well, if you saw what I had to, you know, go through to get there, you wouldn't say, I'm so lucky.

And if you knew the laws of the universe, you would say, I'm, anyways. Oh, there's our ous and critical, you can't, you're gonna grow too fast, right? I don't know if, Nate, you're on this call, I can't see the participant list yet. But maybe you know, that thing that you brought up on Friday, you said can I grow too fast? People sometimes say that they said others may be envious and critical saying you're earning a hundred thousand dollars a month. Why are you taking it all? You know, whatever. It's from there. Your attention goes to larger offices, more buildings. If you're in a company atmosphere, bigger speaking gigs, if you're a speaker, bigger bank balances, you can see that in your mind. Am I any similarly related events? Persistence in this assumption every day will result in actually experiencing in physical reality.

That which you assumed you don't get what you think about, you get what you think about most times. Okay? Bob said that over the event list or in Toronto over a week ago now, we don't get what we think about. We get what we think about most times, right? So if you think about your goal for five minutes, it doesn't mean it's happening, but when you're intensely emotionally involved with this attention like we're talking about, that's when it happens. Okay? Okay. Now this should make a lot of sense so far. Let's wrap it up. Okay. Here at the very bottom, the same is true regarding any concept, okay? If your concept of yourself is that you're the one that always has trouble paying bills, that's going to be reality. If you're the one, like he says that you believe your failure, that's what you're going to encounter in imagination, and you'll find images, feelings associated with that thing, okay?

If you're always the one that doesn't have enough money, you're always that guy. You're always that girl. You feel frustrated, lack, you feel these images in your mind. You worry about your bank balance. You do all these things and imagination before anything even happens. If you're always the one though to do miraculous things, you will find an encounter, an imagination. These ideas constantly popping up on your mind. Thus, it is clearly seen how you, by your concept of yourself determine your present determines what you're experiencing. That is the particular portion of creation, which you now experience and your future. That is a particular portion of creation, which you will experience.

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