Success Story - Larry (Manifested Winning $27,000 In The LOTTERY)
Written by Scott Haug on February 6th, 2023
Success Story - Larry (Manifested Winning $27,000 In The LOTTERY)

Watch this Certified Manifestation Coach success story from Larry Williams!

He manifested winning the lottery for $27,000!

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Full Transcript

All right, Larry, grateful to have you on this interview here today as we talk about some of the amazing things that you've been able to accomplish as being a certified manifestation coach, winning the lottery, and having some just amazing dialed in alignment work that you've been practicing. And it's been hard, you know, it's not always easy, easy work to do, but you got through some trials and tribulations to get you up to a higher level here. So let's talk about it. How you doing today?

I'm doing pretty good, Scott. Thanks for having me on.

Yeah, absolutely. All right, so let's dig in right away into this when they ahead and then we'll talk a little bit more about how you did it. But tell us about this lottery win. You know, when was it and how much did you actually bring in from this lottery manifestation win that you had?

Well, it, this took place about 30 days ago, just over 30 days ago, and it was $27,000 was the win. And this came about, I, I, I only began thinking about it because I, I don't normally play a lottery or any of that sort of thing, but being in the program listening and reading, and there was a couple things in there that suggested, Hey, you can sort of do this. And I put those practices to work and it, it came, it, it, it just came about and I won. Yeah.

And that's amazing because if I can remember before you got started, you have been studying law of attraction for a while, right? You've done some of the YouTube videos, you read some of the books and things. So what was kind of the difference between before the program and during a program, like kind of doing that YouTube, you know, information stuff and actually getting an organiza organized system out of it. What was the difference there? What was kind of a different study that you were doing?

Well before? It was kinda a hit and miss, meaning I would, I, you know, I, I look at something here and there, you know, every three days or maybe two weeks, big gaps in between looking at YouTube and that sort of thing. Until I got into your program, and it was a constant, every day there's a, you know, there's like a schedule and some things to follow, some suggestions that you should, as an individual that's looking to become a coach should follow. And I followed those things and it put me into the system every day. I was looking at something every day. I, it was a, it felt like I was attached to it. And as I began to move through these the practices of what's in the, in the program, it just stuck.

Yeah. Yeah, that's right. So essentially it was like you had the routine and that allowed you to apply it rather than having like all these stuff and not the exercises to do kind of idea. Is that right?

That's right, exactly right.

Yeah. Really good. So walk us through kind of this lottery win, because when we had spoken about it, I know that from what I can remember, you had some doubts beforehand, like, not about the lottery, but just about overall life. Like you were kind of in a down spot for a, a little while. Just a lot of challenges going on at one time, which a lot of people encounter. It's like a lot of chaos breaks out, right? And then you got to a spot where you started to carry yourself with more faith and belief and just feeling like, Hey, if, if other people can do this, I can do this. And start practicing towards that and practicing that vibration of alignment of having money come in. And it just so happened it was a lottery. So tell me a little bit of like, what happened there? What, what brought you from where you were challenge wise, and what was that click point? Do you remember any click points that set you off in a different way?

Well, in, in, in the program there was there was some things that you suggested in terms of procedure or steps that you should follow. And one of my big things, and it may be a big thing with a lot of people, is once you put your mind towards something a a sort of a, a wish or a desire or sort of affirmation of something that you want to bring into your life, you kind of sort of think about it all day long in, in terms of what, that's where I was. And in your program, you know, one of the things is, hey, you set it and forget it. You know, you, you, you say what you're looking to do and you kinda just, just let it happen. And a lot of times you just get in the way, and I was getting in the way a whole bunch, and when I started utilizing that particular item out of the checklist, just let it be and it'll flow back to you.

And I, I, I've, I've never experienced that, never heard that sort of analogy on letting things come in and out. You just worry, worry, worrying and looking for it and looking for it. But when I followed that process and just, you know put it together, put it in the universe and just allowed it to flow back to me, it did. And that's one thing that I remember specifically on that particular day, I played the lottery and I didn't think anything about it. And a couple hours later when I looked at the ticket, boom, that was it, 27 grand.

Yeah, that's right. So, so it's like, when you were thinking about it all day long, it's kind of like that quote that we all hear about, whatever you think about all day long you're gonna become, right? So you're thinking, oh, I need to think about this thing all day. But if you're worrying about and concerned, you're just sending out that absence feeling, right? And this overthinking is a very, very usual chronic thing that people kind of witness in this manifestation game. So essentially setting and forgetting it, it sounds like it allowed you to open up the letting and allowing the submitting to it, allowing it to come through. What do you think the timeline was when you had that click point and then when you actually won, what do you think happened there?

About a week, about a week's time? Yeah. It wasn't long. It was just like a few days, no more than a week. No more than a week. It, it just happened when you, you just, you set it and forget it. I mean, it's kinda, it's easy to say, but sometimes when you really are looking to do something or looking to achieve something and you're kinda thinking about it a great deal and it to get out it easy, isn't it? Just, no, just doesn't app, you know? Yeah. But forget it. And it worked. You allowed the energy to draw to you, and that's what happened.

Yeah. Amazing. 70. I mean, think about what that is. You know, probably years ago Larry had been like, that's impossible. You know, just to think about something and then set him forget in seven days you have 27,000 come in. I mean, it probably at some point in your life you're like, this is, that would be ridiculous, right? So yeah. So anybody listening into his video, you may think like, well, Larry can do it, or Scott could do it, or somebody else can do it, but can I really do it? So can you talk upon that a little bit? Like, do you feel like anybody can do this process even if they don't have the belief right now about it?

Yeah, it, it, it's, it's all process. I, I firmly believe it's all process. If you follow the steps, it'll happen. You know, but there, there's been an issue, or not necessarily an issue, but there was a time where, you know, you hear about people winning a lottery and here and there and say, Hey, I wondering, could that be me? That could never happen to me. You know, you have, you don't know what your ideas are, but if you set in intention and follow the process, it'll happen. It happened to me. Yeah.

Yeah. That's right. That's right. It's all about the process in the system.

That's right.

That's right. So tell me, tell me a little bit more about, I mean, you've become one of our certified imagination coaches. You're working at your certification right now, building your business up and all of that. What sparks you to want to help teach others this, right? You, you have examples of wins and everything else, but this is part of what you want to do. So tell me more.

Well, for, for, for, for a great long time, I've always helped other people. I feel as though me helping other people is a help to me. If I can teach an individual how to utilize this program that will, there will be more blessings that will roll back to me. I'll be putting out help to others and then help will come back to me. So I've always been that way through my employees. You know, I've had a, a great deal of employees and my companies and, you know, I've always looked out to help and be a leader in helping individuals. So this is another area that will allow individuals to help themselves, not necessarily because this stretch out to anything. You don't have to follow the program that I'm doing, you know, as long as you following the steps, you can accomplish any goal that you have.

Yeah. Quite amazing. So you've always had this natural ability of leading, helping others, and this is part of your passionate work maybe that you wanna do because you love it. Is that true as well? You just love the, love the work.

That's right.

Yeah. Perfect. As a whole, I guess being in the program now for a couple of months, what have you found most helpful? I mean, we got the mentorship to, the accountability to the system, to the, you know, all of it. What do you think has been most helpful?

Most helpful has been the weekly calls, the calls that we have weekly with you. And then there's the the, the, the, the practice sessions that we have in later in the week. Those are, those are just amazing. I think it, it kind of gets you back on track, you know? Cause a lot of things are going on. I got a lot of business going on here and there. And then to, to get back in with you guys a couple times a week is really special because it allows you to get back centered into the program.

Yeah. And I always say that consistency is everything, right? And we talk about all the time, like, don't strive for perfection, strive for progress, you know, and, and having that weekly call, even for myself when I was really getting a lot of things moving in my life, it's like having that weekly dose of some coaching, the ideas, it's everything. Or else you go back to physical life, you just think about this, you know, this physical wall, everything's physical around you until you get back into constantly talking about energy work, then you start to believe it more on a consistent basis. Do you feel that way as well as that consistency

Is right? That's right. The more, the more you'll come around it, the more familiar you'll be, the better you operate Absolut. Exactly. Yes.

Yeah. Amazing. Couple of the final questions here I wanna ask is about your feeling overall. So before the program, most people feel really frustrated with this whole game and it's like, you know, even if they're doing well in life, they just don't have all of the points put together just yet, you know, and then they get into the program, they feel more relieved and liberated and free. How would you say your difference in feeling like before entering the program, how'd you feel? And then now that you've stepped into this awareness, how do you feel today? What's the difference there?

Well, and before the program being that we had this covid and all these things that are going on in the world yeah, just a lot of, lot of death going on, A lot of just a lot going on. And so you gotta deal with that. So I wanna say things were kind of on the, for me, were a little down, just a little bit bit. But since joining the program, things have been great. I like the community that we have and the channel there. Some of the other students have been reaching out to me for help <laugh>, I don't know how to, they chose me to call help, but they, they've chosen me to call and help and it is, it is been great. So I love a community, very higher spirits being involved with the program. So I love it. Yeah, I would recommend anybody. I love the program

And those, those individuals reaching out to you, they're reaching out because they love your light, right? So, so that part of you, that's just something resonates with them, your frequency and the way you are dialing in and becoming a living example of this material, that's what they're attracted to. Because a lot of people, you even hear a lot of people out there, whether they're teaching and preaching on YouTube or other channels that really, when it comes down to it, they know a lot, but they haven't really always lived it by example. And that's a difference maker for you, Larry. You're, you, you're a dedicated student, you're open-minded, you're willing to put in the effort, you're willing to follow along, willing to participate and get on the calls. And that's what makes you so great at, at living this by example and seeing that when happen, right? So that's a major difference between somebody who kind of knows a lot of this stuff and somebody who does it, the one who actually implements is going to be the, the winner, if you will. So, right. So I guess last question overall, and you kind of already alluded to it just a bit, but it sounds like you'd recommend this program to anybody. So if anybody was listening in, they wanna become a certified man station coach, or they really wanna dig deep into the energetics, they want to master your manifestation. And would you recommend it? Would you suggest it? What do you, what do you think overall?

1000%? I would recommend the program. Absolutely. Yeah. Anyone who's looking to travel down this path to gain more information will the benefit the, i I, and it's just so hard to say. And sometimes a person may look at, you, look at me in a bad way for saying this, but I get so much joy from learning this information and then being able to teach it to someone else or show someone else to lead them in the direction of this. It's amazing. So I would recommend the program to anybody.

Yeah, absolutely. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. Well really good. Larry, I appreciate your time so much on the interview and just sharing your lottery win. Again, I've already told you this a couple of times, but a huge congrats on it because most people go this a whole lifetime and number one, they don't know any of this information. Or number two, they do start to know it, but they can't really get a grip on how to use it properly. So for you utilize it, utilize it properly, and see that win. It's huge. And I hope you'll remember this for a lifetime, this is like your prime story. You can provide your own clients so much so like, hey, this is exactly what you can do. And I've lived it, so I know the feeling from experience. Right. Which is a huge, so if anybody wanted get in touch with you a little bit and things and ask you more questions about this, could they find you on social media or where could they find you?

Absolutely. They can find me on Facebook at Larry Williams.

Awesome. Perfect. Alright, Larry, any last minute comments you wanna say here? Or do you wanna go ahead and wrap it up

Now? What I just wanted to say, I, I like to say thank you for putting the program together and you know, because it's an extension of you, you're helping all of the people like myself. So again, thank you for putting the program. It's a great program and I, I I wish we both have so much success with teaching others.

Yeah, absolutely. And we're just getting started, right? We got so much more time for you in the program and everything else. We just got that one win. I now we're ready to go up here.

That's right. We gotta keep it going.

Yeah. Alright, Larry, thank you so much. I appreciate your time and we'll talk to you soon.

All right. Thank you buddy. Take care. Thank you.

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