3 Unexpected Manifesting Things You MUST DO: What To Do After Imagining and Before It Shows Up
Written by Scott Haug on February 10th, 2021
3 Unexpected Manifesting Things You MUST DO: What To Do After Imagining and Before It Shows Up

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Full Transcript

3 Unexpected Manifesting Things You MUST DO: What To Do After Imagining and Before It Shows Up. Now in this video today, you're about to learn what to do in that waiting period. You know, when you send it out to the universe, what you want and before the results show up, what are you doing in between there while you're waiting for the actual manifestation to come in as a physical result, just before we jump into the three unexpected things to do. So like on this video, click the subscribe button and also the bell icon. So you can be notified when we send out more manifesting how to videos, literally helping you actually apply this content to get the results you want and results in the name of the game. And I want to help you do that just so much more. And when you throw like on the video, it's going to send it out to more people and want to help more people enlighten and fulfill their potential.

Let's get into it. Three unexpected signs. Now, most people, what do they do after they visualize after they do their affirmations? What happens afterwards? Their mind is overthinking about when the manifestation is going to come, where's it going to come from? And how are we actually going to receive this thing that we want in our life? So in the mind, their mind is in this chaotic thought circle. If you will, this cycle, they visualize. And then in their mind, they're like, where is it? When's it going to come? Is it going to come by tonight? Is it going to come by tomorrow morning? Is it going to come by the end of the week? Oh my God, when's it going to come? Right? And then a few hours later, maybe they wanted to manifest something in 24 hours, for example, and then the deadline's coming up, right?

So maybe they visualize at 10:00 AM in the morning in 24 hours will be tomorrow by 10:00 AM. And they're getting to the afternoon and the evening time at 6:00 PM, 7:00 PM. They have yet to see their manifestation. Guess what? Enters doubt and worry. They're saying, there's no way I'm going to manifest this amount of money or this sale or whatever it is in 24 hours. It's already 8:00 PM. How am I possibly going to get this by the morning? Right? So their mind is constantly asking, when's it gonna come? When's it gonna come? When's it gonna come second thought that's always chaotic and doubtful is how's it going to come? How is it going to come in 24 hours? There's no way I can receive a new client. There's no way I can receive $5,000 in 24 hours. How is that going to be possible? How's that going to come?

So their mind is an overthinking. And if the mind is in doubt and worry, thoughts, induce feelings. So they're going to feel the absence of what they want. So again, if you have doubt and worry, you feel doubtful and worried. You feel the absence saying, I want this thing, but it's not here. It's not here and that's not here. So quite literally what people do is visualize what they want or do affirmations around. It sent out to the universe. They're confident around it. They might've felt it. That was maybe four to five minutes in the day. But then for four or five or six hours in the day, they are literally quite sending out the same energy and feeling. But at the opposite to the universe, it's not hearing universe. It's not hearing universe. And remember the universe doesn't victimize anybody. It just responds to the energy.

You give out the feeling. So as you say, it's not here universe in the feeling level, the universe responds, okay? It's not here. Okay? It's not here, right? So we're constantly in this battle. We really want something. But then we're literally quite sending out to universe. It's not here. We need to change gears. We need to start feeling the presence of the thing and staying in that presence. So not only am I saying it's done, right, I'm visualizing what I want. I put some intention in, look at our other videos for some visualization techniques as well. But right. When I feel it, I actually send out to the universe. It's here, here, it's here. It's here. Now, physically, that might be a lie, but it's a spiritual truth. It's a vibrational truth. It's an energetic possibility of you receiving the thing. So as I'm sending out the feeling of it's here, it's here after I visualize.

And after I do my affirmations, I want to follow three of the unexpected things here. And I call this gig. G I G G stands for the first G. Here is gratitude. So it's not just about writing down what you're thankful for. It's actually looking around you throughout the day and actually saying thank you all the time and becoming gratitude. Not just thinking it, not just writing it down on a pad, but actually calming gratitude. Now, what is that? It actually mean? Well, when you actually think about what you want, you visualize what you want. You set the intention, right? You're feeling it in the presence. You want to walk around your home. You want to walk around to maybe you're outside. Maybe you're going to work. Maybe you're going to your business, wherever it is your office, maybe it's home-based business, whatever it is right now.

You just want to go around your place and say, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So basically, basically everything in your life, you're starting to be thankful for. What's the difference here. The other person was doubtful and worried. They're sending out the absence of what they want. We can only really think one thought at a time. So they're either thinking don't worry or we mean you can think gratitude. Thanks. So the mind, instead of being filled with doubt and worry, creating the feeling of absence, we're going to have our mind obsessed with the feeling of presence, by thinking, thoughts of thought a thank you and gratitude. So as we think these thoughts, we're going to feel it. That's unexpected thing and key. You want to follow here. Number one, number two is I intuition. You're going to want to follow your intuition as well after you visualize.

So instead of thinking, how's it going to come? When's it going to come? Where's it going to come from? Follow your intuition. Your intuition is that warm, heartfelt feeling. It feels like inspiration in spirit. It feels like the next logical step. It could be something like a new marketing technique or campaign in your business that you feel empowered to do, because you're about to give to your audience into the world. It could be something like if you're trying to attract and manifest your soulmate, it could feel like I really want to go to this yoga class. I really want to go do this thing. Right. It feels good. And might still feel uncomfortable. And that's the key to it as well, because uncomfort just means you've never been there before energetically. Okay. But it feels good. It feels like possibility. It feels like certainty that something new can happen.

Right? So intuitively I follow my heartfelt feeling. I follow my bliss. I follow where I want to go. Instead of thinking where, and when's it going to come ask yourself? What exciting thing is the next for me to do today? What new ideas are about to enter my mind right now for me to follow so that I can actually attract what I want, because we want to remember our subconscious mind, the universal side of us is connected to all people right now, energetically. Right? So intuitively you are linked up to the universe and that's how the universe communicates with you. What to do next. It feels right. It feels good. Okay. So intuition is connected to all people and all things in the universe itself. And it's, we're literally quite providing you urges to go and do something. So you follow your intuition. And the last G of G I G gig here is given now, most people in manifestation are focused on their own manifesting troubles.

Are you like me? Have you ever been there where I were submerged with our own troubles and problems of life? I don't have enough money. I need this money. I need more sales. I need this. Right? So we're quite self-absorbed with our own problems. If we would just switch that and we'd focus on giving and helping others solve their problems and challenges, we would be quite literally in the light, in the receiving, letting and allowing mode to attract what we want in flow. Now in the resistance. We'll talk about that in another other videos, while resistance and flow for now, what we really want to understand is that when I am giving, okay, and that just doesn't mean giving some time or giving, you know, donations away to salvation army or local donation center, Goodwill or something, right. It really, what it means is increasing people.

So in your personal life, how you could do this is you take an Uber or you take some sort of transportation somewhere where you can tip the driver or tip the waitress and you know, wherever you are. And it gives just a little bit extra. He give an extra $10 that you normally wouldn't have, or if you've ever done this before, match the bill. So if you paid $50 for lunch, try and throw a $50 tip out there. Now, if you're in an uncomfortable financial position, you don't have to do that much, but you can do something small, do something that you normally wouldn't do to give alright, personal life. Also in personal life, you could go to your local store, okay, somebody's checking you out, uh, you know, your groceries or a target or best buy or, you know, wherever you're at. Okay. They're checking you out, actually ringing up all of your items that you're gonna get.

And then you give them a thank you card. You give them a thank you card. That's generally just saying something like I thank you for your service. Thank you for being a light in this world. And I appreciate what you did for me today. Do you know almost no worker in this world received no notes like that unexpectedly. Now, what if you did that, you're going to make that person feel like the most special plan, special person on the planet, and you're going to make your yourself feel so good. And so divine and aligned with the universe, right? So you're focused on not when's my manifestation going to come. You're focused on what can I give? How could I increase somebody today? And if you're acting in the increasing mode, you are the universe of self. You are aligned with the higher power, okay? And alignment is everything.

And actually receiving and manifesting what you want. Now, if you're in business, you could do the same thing. It could be giving something to your clients and customers that you would have never given before. It could be a new marketing plan, but something we are about to give to your audience, something for free, something that's going to increase their lives. Right? So basically again, instead of focusing on our doubts, our worries, our troubles or problems and manifestation, we focused on increasing somebody today, follow these three unexpected things, GI, GI, and they're unexpected because most people are in doubt and worry. Self-absorbed self-sabotaging themselves. When's it going to come? Where's it going to come from? Right? We don't want to be there. We want to be in a G I G being in gratitude. I being in the intuition and following that and G being in the giving, as you do that, you're going to start to increase all that you come in contact with and things are really going to move.

And they're going to move very quickly. Now I hope this really helps try those out right away. Make sure you have those in your notes, comment below on your results afterwards. What does that look like for you? Did you start to increase people and you started to see changes. Did you do this? Did you do that? You know, whatever it is, where are you at in that? See how well you increase people and where you're at in terms of actually going out there and spreading more light and more goodness. If you want to follow a little bit more in depth process, we have a course called the manifestation accelerator. I really encourage you to get involved with as well. It goes through a breakdown, a module a week, every seven days, I take all this manifestation content and I've put it into a systematic process that you can follow literally on a weekly basis.

Now, for me, if you're like me, I mean, there's like no course out there that actually has helped people apply the knowledge, right? It's like, what do I do with all this stuff? And I was in that same boat and it would frustrate me so much. So I finally discovered the system. I'm like, what do you actually do with this knowledge to get results? What do you do to elevate your consciousness? What do you do to manifest large amounts of money? What do you do to manifest great business success and what that might look like for you? How do you manifest your soulmate? How do you manifest all the good that you want into your life? Right. I discovered a system for that, put that system into a course. Again, they could follow on a daily and weekly basis. It allows you to have a visual idea of the manifesting technique and method.

Then from there helps give you exact action items of what to exactly apply, to get the result you want. So it's an outstanding way of actually getting an in-depth process to follow it. It's very easy. It's very doable on your time as well. Take a bite size chunk as information, apply it, take a bite size chunk and apply it. And that's what we do in our manifestation accelerator course. You can try it for free. See if you'll like it, seven day free trial click on the link below to allow yourself to enter the trial. Try it out. If you love it, you can continue onward. If you don't just cancel it. You're good to go. But at least you tried, at least you tried something different than normally what you're doing here in now. And it's going to allow you to express a new possibility into your life.

It feel the calling. I would absolutely try this program out right away. It will really help you take everything, your results, your manifestations, the law of attraction method and techniques to a higher level beyond almost anybody else studying personal development, because you're actually being the material. You're increasing consciousness, where results come in, changing thought patterns, changing beliefs, and allowing yourself to actually change your core energy, change your core energy. You change your life. So try it out right away. Again, click the link below. Hope you really enjoyed this video comment below. If you have any questions about the letting, allowing processes, waiting period, what to do after imagining, and then also what to do before the results come in. If you have any questions on any of the process here, the gig gratitude, intuition and giving, let me know by commenting below. So I can help you navigate this manifestation process as we move forward together, you and I allowing yourself to really experience your full financial and manifestation potential as we move forward.

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