What would the Universe do?
Written by Scott Haug on January 27th, 2023
What would the Universe do?

Do you know what would happen if a large percentage of the population realizes that they can manifest anything they want and create their own reality?

Do you know what the Universe would do?

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Full Transcript

What happens if a large percentage of people realize that they can manifest the reality, and I'm guessing, and with that, use these principles in our, in a harmony of laws universe, what does the universe do? Responds exactly like it always has. Think about the last one. It's already happening. Good question, bill. Think about our world in the last a hundred years on how much more advancement we have compared to the last thousand years. We've had so many more significant advances in the world's, waking up to these ideas and understanding that they don't have to be born into a rich person, where they don't have to be born into a person that works the farm. You know, 500 years ago, whatever it was, our world has so changed, so dramatic in the last a hundred years. So it's actually happening as, as we speak, when a large percentage of people are finally waking up.

It doesn't mean like, oh my God, how the universe doesn't ever like freak out like, oh my God, how am I gonna get all these people what they want? It's an infinite source and it, we can't fathom what, what, how this world operates on how these things can all be put together. Right? We don't have to figure that out though. It's a mystery. It's cool to think about. However, we don't have to get lost in that. So universe will give you what you want as the answer is that Walter's so correct. There's no lack. Whenever you think about lack for just a second, just think about it. It doesn't even exist. Fly over a major city and you will say, holy, there are so many buildings and so much light and so many cars and so many people. It's unfathomable.

Look at Amazon and just look at how many products they have on their website. There's no lack. They never, almost never have on there. Okay? We only have one of these, we have two of these. No, they have hundreds of thousands of things. They never run out and they produce more. There was a, you know, there, many of you have lived through the years, so if they say there was a supposed gas shortage or this, that, the other thing, it's all BS now. We are already though, influencing a new world to live on. Renewable energy and things that I believe so much in, I I definitely do so much the renewable sources and recycling and doing the best for our world. Absolutely. I think that's the most impression increase that you could ever do to our earth. I believe in that very, very deeply. So you can tell that as things never run out and they're, they're not. You'll find, because you'll find ways to do it way better than you're doing. Money's not gonna run out. Jim and Lars have magnetism. Love it. Magnetism isn't gonna run out. Electricity doesn't run out. The sun is not gonna run. Or maybe in billions a year, whatever they say is gonna run. Okay, well think about all the stuff around you. The power sources within you and around you never runs out.

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