How your internal conversations can help or hinder your reality [NEVILLE GODDARD]
Written by Scott Haug on January 18th, 2023
How your internal conversations can help or hinder your reality [NEVILLE GODDARD]

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when aligning with the Law of Attraction.

Scott shares with you how your internal dialogue with yourself can either help or hinder your reality and manifestations!

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Full Transcript

Right. All that could be observed would be a higher or lower form or variation of the same thing. I wanna underline that one. All that could be observed would be a higher or lower form or variation of the same thing, a higher vibration or a lower vibration of the same thing. In other words, if your consciousness is the only reality, it must also be the only substance. Consequently, what appears to you as circumstances, conditions, and even material objects are really only products of your own consciousness. Nature then is a thing or a complex of things external to your mind must be rejected. Nature, your environment, your circumstances are not separate from you. You and your environment cannot be regarded as existing separately. You and your world are one interesting one, hope some of you got some good notes written down.

It happens all the time. I don't, I don't know if if everyone's fully, I hope you're fully aware of you seeing things in your world. It's being very calm, very relaxed. You see things happening all the time. When I was in Huntington Beach with a couple of buddies in things every single month for the last, well, two or three months here, so 12 weeks or so, every day I say out loud, I'm getting closer and closer with some of my old friends new friends that I have around the world and family. Okay? So what I mean by that, why I desired that was I wanted to be closer to the relationships I have in one of my relationships to grow better, stronger, better than ever before, okay? And last two months, it's, I've seen probably every person in my world and they've all come to me, almost all of them.

And so the way we talk to each other and every relationship that I have is miraculously empowered compared to some of the conversations I used to have. Okay? But I took the time to say this out loud every single day, over and over and over feeling in visualizing as if all these people were coming to visit me, doing great things. And we're on just on a beautiful wavelength. So I hope you see these things happening in your life. It, every time when you don't wanna get on a call with somebody, you have a self inner talk, you're almost arguing internally and almost every time it actually doesn't happen. And you're like, whoa, that's kind of a relief. Or maybe you didn't wanna go to an appointment and day after day you're kind of battling internally like, man, I don't wanna do this. And you almost, almost talking to the person, they don't wanna do this, almost visualizing and feeling expectedly, that they're n actually gonna tell you and reach out to you. They can't do it anymore. And you get to the day of the appointment and that person actually tells you, sorry, I can't do it anymore. You're like, what a relief. That's crazy that that happened. Is it crazy or is it just happening within? So same thing goes with your money, your business, whatever it is, your inner conversation is what's manifesting constantly in your life.

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