Steps on how to let go of the past in an empowering way
Written by Scott Haug on January 6th, 2023
Steps on how to let go of the past in an empowering way

Do you sometimes wish you can erase some unwanted actions or situations from your past?

These are some steps you can learn on how to let go of the past in an empowering way!

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Full Transcript

Let's go through it. How do you let go of past bad decisions that you made or interactions where you let others down? First and foremost, make peace with it. Number one is make peace with it. How do you make peace with it? Go to the memory and think and say, I'm move this over just a bit. I bless this situation and I bless the goodness of God within this situation.

Man, that is miraculous. Put peace to this situation. I bless this situation. I bless the goodness of God within it. Extract the good cuz there is some good from that, Julie. Now there's some things that sure, there might be challenging in the situation and all that stuff that's coming up. But also at the same time, there's a lot of good, there's learning lessons. There's things that you did differently the second time around, right? Bless the goodness within it because there is goodness activate that. And that's a great way of how do you make peace with it? Say that in mind. Send love to the person involved. You can even say in mind, I did the best I could. They did the best they could with the awareness at the time.

We're all doing the best we can with our current level of awareness. It's so easy to look back and say, oh my God, I should have done it this way. I should have done this instead. Right? But we can't. We can't do that. We can't beat ourselves up because we have a different level of awareness than we did a month ago than we did a week ago, or two years ago, or 20 years ago, right? We're in a very different stage of e evolving our being. So you send love out to a person who say, you know, I did the best I could. You did the best you could with the awareness at the time while sending love if needed. You can forgive, apologize, let out anything needed. And you do that again, this is all within. So within that memory, you forgive. You say, you know, I forgive you, or whatever it is. And remember, forgiving is not meaning that person was right for what they did. It means letting go. Forgiving again does not mean that person, situation or yourself was right. It just means, I don't wanna think about this and drink my own mental poison anymore. I'm gonna let this go. You can apologize if you feel like that's needed or let out anything needed.

Take a breath and then follow your intuition externally, like in person, you may write a letter, a call a meetup, eliminate old stuff associated with the situation, et cetera. You go through that and you write, say a forgiveness letter, an apology letter.

You can send it or you don't. I mean it, if you write the letter, that doesn't mean you need to send it, it just means you're gonna write your thoughts and feelings on paper. You could call up somebody if you feel like you really need to call somebody up and make make amends, then you do it. But that it's not always necessary. If you can make amends within, it's usually dissolved. There's an energy thing that we're dis we're, we're making clear, if you will. If you have old stuff, like old paperwork from the situation, you have a cabinet full of stuff from the situation. Get rid of it. You eliminate it. You eliminate things associated with that to clear the energy and you should feel full of life after that entire scenario

And your final part there. Do I need to make things right where I can or let go and realize that it's a lesson we both learned? Okay, so your question kind of answered in, start with step one, start with step two, then go to step three. You may need to, if it feels right, do something on the external to let it go or maybe talk or whatever that is. But again, a great process to keep in your notes. This is making peace with the past. Many other ideas attached this so we can add in. But these are really the three main points. Okay? Take a screenshot of this.

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