Should you keep your desires a secret?
Written by Scott Haug on December 30th, 2022
Should you keep your desires a secret?

Do you or someone you know tell others your desires or dreams? Or do you keep them to yourself?

In this really short video, Scott shares with you if it's beneficial or detrimental to keep your desires a secret!

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Full Transcript

The more enthusiasm and faith you are able to put into your picture, the more quickly it'll come into visible form. And your enthusiasm is increased by keeping your desire secret. The moment you speak it to any living soul, that moment your power is weakened, your power, your magnet of attraction is not that strong and consequently cannot reach so far. The more perfectly a secret between your mind and your outer self is guarded. The more vitality you give your power of attraction, one tells one's troubles to weaken them, to get them off one's mind. And when its all is given out, its power is dissipated. Talk it over with yourself and even write it down. Then destroy the paper. So a question here is keeping your desire secret The moment you speak to at any living soul, the moment your power is weakened, the section I find interesting, the idea of telling someone of a goal or desire dissipates it.

Please explain. Absolutely. This is something I actually asked Bob Proctor a long time ago during our like inner circle pin holder meeting, our million dollar round table talking about do we actually talk about our goals out loud or not or how's that all kind of come into play? What we're talking about here, the main thing that he has always mentioned, he's experienced as well as my experience as well from this, is giving your goal out to somebody or your desires to the right group of people actually energizes your idea. If you give it out to the wrong, that's when it's dissipated in essence. Okay? So to the group of people here, Raleigh Elite Thinkers, we all have a lot of encouragement in our v i P family here. A lot of support. We encourage the idea, we give the idea life, we provide that energy to the thought it will grow.

If you're around somebody that immediately says you're gonna do what, how are you gonna do that? Right? Those ideas, certain way you're gonna do that, who do you think you are, right? Those kinds of people with those kinds of thinking will zap the energy. It basically pushes that energy in and that's what we call dissipates the energy more for your goal. So keeping your goal secret is absolutely what you wanna do for about 99.9% of people all around you in, in this world if you will. But to the people that you know that will encourage, that will provide vitality to the thaw energy, it's absolutely okay to share and put the intention out. Cuz also it creates accountability, creates liveliness within the Mastermind that we're all connected in, which is kind of all these batteries hooked up together. It's like when Napoleon Hill talks about and thinking our rich as well, he says, absolutely tell the world what you're about to do, but first show it, but first do it right, because usually the world is a lot of people that might not believe in a dream that they cannot see. It's only your job to believe in it, right?

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