How to transition into a new identity (Your Invisible Power)
Written by Scott Haug on December 23rd, 2022
How to transition into a new identity (Your Invisible Power)

Are you tired of living in your old identity? old habits? unhealthy relationships?

In this video, you'll see how you can transition into a new identity from the book Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend. It's time to make a change!

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Full Transcript

Okay, great. Let's go through another paragraph here as we start to understand more about who we are. So, remember, this is understanding what your imagination actually does.

You want to freedom in your affairs as well as in your consciousness. And it is natural that you should, it's a great remembrance about you actually having a lot more money, a lot more health, a lot more goodness. It's natural that you should have that. It's unnatural to not have it always with this progressive, progressive wish. There is a faint thought picture as your wish and your recognition grow into an intense desire. This desire becomes a clear mental picture. For example, a young lady studying music wishes she had a piano in order to practice at home. Understand that there's a why here. This is very important for your desire. She wants the piano so much that she can mentally see it. In one of her rooms, she holds the picture of the piano and indulges in the mental reflection of the pleasure and advantage it will be to have the piano in the corner of the living room one day. She finds it there, just as she had pictured it through, through the process that we're gonna cover. I would absolutely circle underline whatever it is. These key ideas here,

When you view your mental picture, when we do our five step process, we do our visualization, all those great things. What we're talking about here is not thinking about how's it gonna come? Is this possible? Where's it gonna come from? Like most thinking is right. What we're mentioning here is, that's all we have to do is get the clear picture in mind and really want the thing. And when you're seeing it in mind, you start to actually have the two words here. Pleasure. And what it will do for you to have those things. So you remember the step number three of the five step processes. You emotionalize it, you feel that it's real. The more pleasure you can put into the picture, the more fun it is to actually view it. It's, it's good, it's aligned, it's, it's happy. When you see the picture, that's when it comes and it's gonna come rapid. And I know my picture froze there. My wifi is actually at the base model right now until we get it upgraded in the new condo. So bear with it. If there's any little pause, just let me know if anything cuts out. So,

So again, you see your mental picture with pleasure and that's gonna make all the difference there. Any questions on that? Does that make sense? Okay. So we're gonna go right into some application here. On Al, I see your hand raise. Hand raise.

Hi Scott. Good afternoon, everyone. So when it comes to, with, when you have the thought of pleasure, but if, let's say you get a scared emotion that arises, is that something that you just completely say, okay, like, that's not for me. Or is it, is that scared emotion supposed to be a part of the pleasure? I sometimes feel like there's this contradictory emotion that comes abo about when I'm visualizing the goals and I get scared because I'm like excited about it. But at the same time, there's this, this emotion that comes over, like, is it really not, is it possible, but like, there's this scared emotion. So is that something that you just, you just you recognize it, right? You, you get yourself aware and you move on because that is a part of the process. Or do you just completely start to question like, is there something that I need to omit in order to stay aligned with that particular goal or thought?

It's a beautiful question. That part that you're scared with, you can actually see an end scene in mind that covers it. Hmm. So for example, if I'm scared the fear of success, like I am, like I, I have no idea how I'd handle a seven figure business. I have all these people, I have all this, I have all, I mean, how is that even possible? Yeah, you wanna go in mind and see yourself in a scene that you're handling the seven figure business flawlessly. Well, and you tell yourself in that moment, I now have a seven figure business. Wow. It wa I don't know why I used to be scared. I feel so good right now. I handled it so well. Everything is smooth, everything is flowing. This is awesome. This is tremendous. So you go to another scene where you start to see yourself in the opposite side, basically in ease and goodness and flow. And that will help you cover that. Scared usually comes from an ego. It, it not, not that anybody's egotistical. It's the op it's, it's the ego side. The ego doesn't wanna let go of its current identity. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And that's where the scariness comes up. So you let your ego aside basically say, it's okay. It's okay. We're expanding to a better living, and you go to that place. Does that make sense?

Yeah, absolutely. It does. It feels good to hear. The expectation doesn't come from having this complete alignment, you know, immediately, immediately in the beginning. It's a process. And I think that it's that's the scary part, but also the enlightening part as well.

Yeah, that's right. That's well said. That's the thing here, it's very comparable to a child riding a bike for the first time, right? It's all crazy. It's all wobbly. It's a, I mean, they don't really know what to do, right? But as you keep doing it more and more, it becomes more and more comfortable with the idea. Same thing goes with our mental picture. The more and more we start to see a lot of different end scenes associated with the very end result, we see many situations at that end result. The more and more we're gonna feel comfortable with the idea I that, I mean, that's a big thing for everyone on the call today. So if you can really grab that idea again, you're gonna become more and more comfortable with the idea you have in mind as you keep seeing different end scenes within that goal, within that ending. Hope that makes sense.

Yeah. Thank you Connie.

Yeah, I know a beautiful question. I mean, that was, that was really great. All right. So if anybody else feels a little uncomfortable or there's a scary feeling, keep seeing end scenes and you'll start to be used to it. You'll start to own that identity and basically really be there in a essence. All right. Really beautiful. Now I know we didn't go through a ton of the reading so far, and we've got a couple of paragraphs still on this one page, but what we're gonna do is go ahead and implement right away. If we have a little extra time, we'll, we'll brush back into the paragraphs here. Remember, what we're trying to do is get better and greater, easier, faster, and bigger results. So it's not about just getting through the whole chapter in one day here. We wanna take this now, we want to actually apply it and be there in spirit, if you will.

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