A key to manifesting your desires (Feeling)
Written by Scott Haug on December 16th, 2022
A key to manifesting your desires (Feeling)

In the previous video, we talked about perfecting your end scene which is a very important step to manifesting your desires.

In this video, Scott will be sharing a SUPER crucial key that you need to manifest your desires!

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Full Transcript

We're gonna go in step number three, and of course that is activating that feeling. What feelings would you have as if you manifested or desires? Okay, write down five feelings, or we'll say three feelings because we're gonna do three scenes. Write down three feelings, examples, love of gratitude, alignment, balance, serenity, thanks, kindness, success, accomplishment, home, excitement, enthusiasm. Write down all of the feelings that you can think of. Asar is a great question here. Should you see yourself through your own eyes? There's many, many, many speakers who say one, and there's many, many, many speakers who say the other. Okay? Now, what you really wanna understand here is the principle behind it is maximizing the feeling of now for you. I wanna maximize myself feeling like I already have the results.

Always. It's when you feel that way, that's gonna be best for you. We always teach seeing myself through my own eyes looking outwards because what it's going to induce is a feeling of me. I'm doing this, and it's now, sometimes when you see yourself, you're seeing it in the future, you're seeing yourself like, okay, in time I'm gonna get there. Okay? It's gonna be a different feeling. It's gonna be like, okay, in time I'll get there, but it's not now. Now we wanna make sure it feels. Now. That's what Assumption does in the moment, as now talked about in this chapter. So really you could use both, but what we always teach is actually first person seeing through my own eyes outward, because that's going to allow us to feel the presence. Hope that makes sense? Yep. You mentioned, got it. Awesome. Okay, beautiful. As you already know, step number four is bridge of happenings or a bridge of incidents unfolding, letting and allowing by focusing on gratitude, helping and serving, following intuition, et cetera. Directions here, every day after this class, give a thank you card out, thank you, text, thank you, email, et cetera,

And we're gonna be talking about that as well. Okay? Every day you wanna be the beacon of light though, okay? These are some advanced techniques. I teach all my VIP clients as well, okay? Basically what you're gonna be doing is you wanna actually send out as much gratitude as possible. If you get a new client in, bless them. If you have an Uber driver, bless the Uber driver in your thought, how do you bless somebody? Remember, in the accelerator, we teach this, okay? You just think proper thoughts about the person. You think you're doing a brilliant job. I hope you do so well with everything from here on out. After this car ride, I send you to your highest good. If you have a great server in a restaurant, give them an extra tip, leave them a thank you note. What you're gonna do is you're going to focus less on where my results and more on helping, serving and increasing people. Guess what's gonna come back to you? Increase. Now, all of you're in the accelerator, you know this five step process, but it's said in a different way today from this book. This is not just a five step process. You are literally giving love the first thing that we talked about today, love to the things you really want in your imagination, not hate to the things you don't like in your life and results today.

You're gonna grow this field, you're gonna grow this, and you're gonna shift your energy. And who knows by being on this call today and thinking through and actually writing down what you want over the next 40 days, might have you earn an extra five, 10, or even 20,000, maybe just a thousand just by being here today, because you're being intentional. You're shifting your energy, you're gaining awareness, and ultimately you're changing what you're seeing within your imagination. Brilliant job. Let's get to applying. Okay? So go ahead and take a screenshot of this. Remember step five, I'm not gonna put it on there, but it's repeating. Actually, I will, I'll put it on the bottom before you take a screenshot here, just so it's all filled in completely. Okay. Repeat every day.


And El, should you start over and seeing the unseen when an opposing thought shows up? Yes, if, if it's easy to do, if it feels like you're battling that opposing thought, open your eyes up, move around, do something good, and then sit back down to visualize the unseen, because sometimes we get stuck in a momentum of not having proper thoughts. All right? Definitely take a screenshot here. Amy says, is that the difference between thinking the end versus thinking from the end? Absolutely. Thinking of the end, I'm thinking I'm here, but I'm thinking about that outside of myself. Thinking from the end means I'm gonna go to the end and I'm gonna assume that's already me today. So thinking of, I'm away. That's on me today. That's tomorrow. Thinking from the end is I am that right now. It's now not tomorrow, or even in the past. Could also kind of flip that as well. Amy, great question.

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